August 05, 2014


I'm that type of girl right now. The non-messy bun kind of girl having non-messy bun kind of everyday. If you've been recently with me in real life, you've probably noticed how I have been looking practically the same way for the past days. Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on.... Mostly just the hair tied bit but you get the picture.

I have the weirdest hairline in history. I have so much hair going on all over my face and they vary - baby hair, baby bangs, I've got it all going on up there. I think it's effortlessly messy by default already and the real work starts by trying to make it look the opposite. And for that, I always reach for a few reliable tools to get the job done in about 10 minutes tops. First off, the sock bun hairstylers. The one I prefer using looks like this. After tying your hair up in a ponytail using an elastic, you put the ponytail ends through the hole in the middle and lock on the tips by tightening the grips of the sock bun tool. Then you will have to roll upwards till you reach the higher end of the tail. You're now left with only two sides to bend so do that - bend the sides downwards following the shape of a half circle to eventually form a bun. You can scrunch it up by loosening the formed bun until it is of even proportions and adjust the hair to cover the tool's ends. Secure any loose ends with bobby pins. But since I prefer a sleek finish, I leave it at that and reach for a hairspray and taming brush next. I am currently using a L'Oreal Playball Cosmo Spritzer which is a hair product that I have so much love  for because it works in 3 ways perfect for me. It has an extra strong hold and gives off an anti-frizz action, which is exactly the combination I need to hold and tame even the tiniest baby hair I own, while still managing to reveal the shine of my hair. It doesn't thicken nor stiffen, or make the hair look dull and well, stiff. It is light and feels light on the hair. I spray it all over and then brush my way though using a taming brush. It's bristles are slightly harder and textured so it feels like you're mowing your hair and it gives you the perfectly frizz-free look. And then onto the last final sweep using my own pair of hands to achieve the smooth, sleek finish.

See? My current hair routine is nothing less of a common knowledge already, nothing remarkable going on here. A classic pulled back, sleek and smooth bun. But I thought I'd share it anyway because when something works for you, you stick with it for a while until it doesn't anymore - true in life, true in hairstyles.

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