August 28, 2014


I wish I knew how to pull off an everyday face back in college. During those times, I took the no make up look at its truest sense - I literally go frolicking around our university in my all white uniform with no make up at all. My old self will probably end up defending her case by saying she doesn't have the luxury of time and sleep back then to even bother putting on makeup so early in the morning. But my current self would tell her otherwise, even that is not an excuse. Because this everyday face will literally cost just a few minutes off your early morning time and would've probably raised your confidence on a whole 'nother level, too. You ready? Here we go...

The main thing here is to use as many and as much multitasking products as you can and for my daily face, I have three. The base I used for this not only comes off as a foundation but it's also a sunblock and moisturizer too, the IN2IT Sheer Natural Gel Foundation in Rose Beige 01. Another one is the Benefit Lemon Aid Eye Primer, I would normally not consider using an eye primer for daily use but since this works in more ways than one,as a concealer and eye brightening product as well. And lastly, the Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss me in First Kiss which is very much true to its claim of being a lipgloss, a lipbalm and a lipstick in one. Just look at that color payoff, I cannot recommend this product enough! 

The next thing is to try and incorporate the easiest and most practical products into the routine, I think you wouldn't be surprised who made the cut. Yes, the Etude House Eye Brow Drawing Pencil for the easiest eyebrow routine - draw the shape, fill in the gaps, brush trough and... voila! And then the Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara because it holds the curl in place for hours and while it works best when used properly, aka curling the lashes prior to application, it will work just as fine even if somehow or by any chance you ain't got no time to curl them, aka when you're already running late. Lastly, this tiny little tube of pink glitters, the Avon Simply Pretty Rollerball Eyeshadow in Karat Rose which has a rollerball tip so the application is as easy as one two three! With the Lemon Aid as base, this will give your eyes that pop of pink color with a hint of shimmer for a subtle day time sparkle!

And the last thing to consider is to inject a couple of your favourite products. For some reason, nothing feels quite the same like wearing at least one of your favorite make up on. It's an instant pick-me-upper that will somehow leave you empowered and inspired for the day. And for me, that's the Get Cheeky with Me in First Kiss which I have reached pan on - how crazy is that! And the Bourjois Java Rice Illuminating Face Powder which is now looking battered beyond belief so you can guess how much I really love this.

And that's all for my everyday face! It only takes a few minutes off my morning routine, I had no idea why I had to put it off all college long. So please do yourself a favor and do not be like my poorly old self. Look out for yourself by making an effort to look good before leaving the house in the morning because trust me, it is life changing! What's your everyday face like? I'm a curious cat like that. (That rhymes!!!)

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