August 21, 2014


Me and an eyeliner related post, whowouldathunkdat? I never thought I'd live to see this day. But somehow, I knew it in the back of my head that if I really wanted to get into the whole beauty blogging world, I would have to try and conquer my fear of eye liners at some point. I think I may have reached that point right about now.

The Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner is a liquid eyeliner that comes in a lightweight pen-type packaging with a black plastic tube body and a golden cap. The packaging is actually a bit off for me but I don't have anything to compare it with. I just thought for a slightly higher price tag, it could have been better than just a lightweight plastic tube. It has a 0.01 mm ultra thin brush tip that resembles like a pen only it's made of fine bristles that can reach even the littlest corners of your eyes. The key to a precise application lies on the angle and pressure of your strokes. I start from the middle with short strokes towards the outer corners then go back in with more thinner but slightly longer strokes till I reach the inner corners. I carefully guide and glide the tip onto my lids. The closest you can get to the lash line, the better. Of course I can only reach up to the simple then eventually the smooth wing eyeliner kind for now. It's only been a couple of weeks so I couldn't get cat wingin' drastically, even normally just yet but I think I'm getting there. If I can find it in my newbie heart to post a how to, as some of you already asked me to, then of course I'll let you guys know. I just need to practice a bit more and this one from Maybelline isn't so bad for beginners like myself. Considering how liquid eye liners can be a pain in the butt to use/apply/remove, it's fairly easy to use/apply/remove and very pigmented too! One thin line can already make a difference in the fullness of lashes. It doesn't smudge and can last me the long day without budging or transferring. And that's saying a lot coming from me! Very affordable too as I got mine for Php 399 in the beauty section of Robinson's Department Store. 

I was never a Liner Girl, my face can be wholly made up but you will never ever see me wearing an eyeliner. In fact, none of my monumental portraits so far would show a trace of eye liner on them. I have extremely hooded lids and very oily type of skin, a combination that isn't really ideal for eye liner application per se and then there's my shaky, fidgety hands too. But I had to try and get one for myself to practice with because if there's one thing I've learned so far, it's that there's no better way to master the art of applying an eye liner but to practice till you make it. And despite knowing it wasn't going to be an easy feat, I was even expecting the worst, I'm so glad I finally took the plunge! After getting a grip on its how to, I am coming clean - I am a total eye liner convert! But not after literally testing every single one the make up isles in the nearest mall has to offer or almost running out of eye make up remover after practicing way too much the first time or one too many eye poking and panda eyes incidents. True story.

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