August 10, 2014


It was the weekend and it was time to change my nail colors for the week again. Difficult times, eh. Anyway, as I was browsing thru my nail polish selection to pick a shade, it just occurred to me that I don't know the names of my OPI ones yet when in fact I've only got four. So that's what I did first, I pulled them out to one side and turned them all upside down to check their names. And what do you know... I'd love me a good anticipation for an occasion, it excites me more than the event itself. This time around it's the Virgo Season. It's fast approaching! Which also means that September, le birthday month, is just around the corner. So I guess it's a no-brainer why upon learning the name of this shade, I picked this one up among the rest.

OPI Birthday Babe Nail Lacquer is a frosty shade and with a metallic silver finish. For some reason this nail polish reminds me of my laboratory classes back in school where I've seen way too many thermometers, barometers and sphygmomanometers. Because oddly enough, this OPI number right here looks exactly like the mercury liquids found on those machines in color and appearance. But let's not get all geeky here, back to the nail polish. You need to apply 2 coats to get a decent coverage but if you really want the opaque finish, you have to do 3 coats, honey. Which is an extra pain in the butt because the formula of this one is highly streaky. It's a bit of an effort to apply as it is, with very evident brush strokes on the surface no matter how carefully and controlled your application is. Now imagine coating your nails thrice? Exactly my point... Just the same, try to apply the brush as lightly as possible. With a fading stroke when you get to the tip. Be sure to rest your mobile hand on something concrete and limit movements and strokes as much as possible too. When you somehow get to do all that, then congratulations! You'll get yourself pretty silver tips to go!

I've been using this silver number for a while, only not on my nails. I'm using it on my mother's since she's fallen in love with it before I did. So I know how messy the whole application can get. I find the consistency very runny therefore creating a mess all over over the nails' surface and even the skin surrounding the nails sometimes. Given this experience, I don't even know how I will succeed in applying them on my own nails so I never tried. Especially for someone like me who's got the the most fidgety hands ever. Also, it seems like every imperfection, from the strokes to your nail beds, will be made extra visible with this shade. So I generally thought it will look awful on me and trying them on will just be a waste of my time. Until today! I'm so glad I picked this one up, in true Joys Camille fashion of judging things by either its cover, look or name. Because the weird thing is with all that mess and ugliness that comes along with it, it's surprising how it will still end up looking pretty on you! Because when you get to the bottom of things, it's actually a gorgeous shade. Shiny, metallic, silver tips that will make you look modern and polished. It reflects well with the light and somehow, the reflection takes away the focus on the imperfections. Plus it's called Birthday Babe. Done deal. September nails, sorted.

Have you tried this shade? How do you like it?

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