August 01, 2014


Be still, my beating heart. I kept on telling myself these set of words while we were given the liberty to have a look around the MAC Cosmetics Boutique in Glorietta 3 as part of our activity for the day. We booked an appointment for a demo with the senior make up artist, Ms. Frances, who happens to have the kindest heart with the most soothing voice ever and mad make up skillz to top it all off. We had all the time in the world to be nosy so of course I made the most out of it. Except for the part of a drained phone battery so this is all I have to share with you folks, so sad. Because I would've wanted you to be there if only to witness all my dorkiness - pretty things have that power over me! Ms. Frances walked us around the whole place while talking through most of the products on display. MAC takes pride in having an incredible range of products per category and gearing away from the traditional make up approach. Take the lipsticks for example. They are categorized by the finish look of the lips they give off - lustre, amplified, cremesheen and frosted to name a few. With not less than 10 shades under each category. Insane!!! Also, the black bricks are permanently pinned inside of my head for future bedroom wall reference. Just saying.
For a brand as big as MAC, it's safe to assume they have got everything covered for you so I expected no less. I really took the time to check out every counter, tried on every sample product that tickled my fancy and asked about every single thing that popped into my head. Seeing as I have coined some of their products as my "pangarap na produkto" (dream products but it sounds better in Tagalog, haha) even before coming to the store, you can just imagine how it must have felt like to finally check them out in detail and have Ms. Frances do the demo of the same products in front of you! The make up look is a simple day make up face demonstrated by Ms. Frances and modeled by Ms. Fritzi. Which is basically my Pangarap na Produkto Make Up Look because she asked us if there's something we particularly like to incorporate and there goes all of mine. Here's what I've managed to put inside my imagine shopping cart...

Foundation. I have to say I have been wowed by their Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. The formula is divine! It will instantly make you feel confident about getting the best version of your skin upon application. It's a mix between a matte and dewy finish with enough coverage that lasts long with minimal touch ups. Aren't you sold yet? That's your every foundation concern covered! Most of their foundation gives off light to medium coverage and contains SPF except for the Face and Body. In order to match your face perfectly with a shade, you need to pick 2 colors you think will be closest to your natural skin colour. Swatch them carefully onto your cheek/cheekbone area and then let it set for a couple of seconds. Tilt your face towards the light, better if towards a natural light and you'd be able to identify which one from there. Plus MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush and believe me, you'll never look at foundation and brush combo the same way ever again.

Concealer. I would have to go for the PRO Long Wear Concealer. Creamy in consistency and will really cover even the tiniest possible line without creasing. I've also learned about the difference between the NC and the NW. NC is more suitable to cover the redness of the skin while NW caters more of the grayness of the area particularly those under our eyes.

Highlighter/Blush. Easy peasy. I have to go for the Mineralized Skin Finish Highlighters - anything from the range will do because it's just that amazing I wouldn't even care about being particular! It gives you the natural glow that lifts up the frame of your face and lights up your aura. I'm not really particular about their blushes, I have yet to find my 'not buying you is not an option' for this category.

Eyes. Let me just wrap this up by saying All That Glitters and Layin' Low Paint Pot, I'm coming for 'ya, loves. You both will be mine soon. All That Glitters is like a walking, glittering, fluttering billboard of MAC eyeshadows, together with the MAC 217 Blending Brush. Layin' Low Paint Pot can be worn on its own and can be used as an eyeshadow base as well. It's a warm shade of brown that just gives your eyes a warm finish or a flawless base for your shadow application. Ms. Frances said she's never without a Paint Pot in her makeup bag and I can see why! This just works wonders to your eyes, particularly the eyelids!

Lipstick. I saved the best for last. This is my fave part and yes you've guessed it right!!! Like what I said on this post, I am a lipstick wearer amongst other things so this is basically my turf. The greatest irony of it all though is that I have yet to own my first ever MAC lipstick. I can't seem to wrap my mind around the one deserving to be called as My First Ever MAC Lipstick before. But that claim's now rightfully taken because I've finally done it guys! IT IS DONE! I am finally a one happy owner of my first ever black tube beaut. Can you guess which one I picked up? I'm doing a cheeky little post coming to you next so watch out for it!
Aaaaaah, just talking about them makes me all giddy and snappy happy all over again! Thank you for being so accommodating and all kinds of awesome, Ms. Frances and MAC Team Glorietta 3 and to Divad for making this day possible by coming up with this activity for us. I get it now - in my true late bloomer of a woman fashion - when they say, once you go MAC, you'll never go back. And contrary to popular belief, all that glitters isn't gold... it's most definitely MAC. THAT. IS. ALL.

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