August 28, 2014


I wish I knew how to pull off an everyday face back in college. During those times, I took the no make up look at its truest sense - I literally go frolicking around our university in my all white uniform with no make up at all. My old self will probably end up defending her case by saying she doesn't have the luxury of time and sleep back then to even bother putting on makeup so early in the morning. But my current self would tell her otherwise, even that is not an excuse. Because this everyday face will literally cost just a few minutes off your early morning time and would've probably raised your confidence on a whole 'nother level, too. You ready? Here we go...

The main thing here is to use as many and as much multitasking products as you can and for my daily face, I have three. The base I used for this not only comes off as a foundation but it's also a sunblock and moisturizer too, the IN2IT Sheer Natural Gel Foundation in Rose Beige 01. Another one is the Benefit Lemon Aid Eye Primer, I would normally not consider using an eye primer for daily use but since this works in more ways than one,as a concealer and eye brightening product as well. And lastly, the Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss me in First Kiss which is very much true to its claim of being a lipgloss, a lipbalm and a lipstick in one. Just look at that color payoff, I cannot recommend this product enough! 

The next thing is to try and incorporate the easiest and most practical products into the routine, I think you wouldn't be surprised who made the cut. Yes, the Etude House Eye Brow Drawing Pencil for the easiest eyebrow routine - draw the shape, fill in the gaps, brush trough and... voila! And then the Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara because it holds the curl in place for hours and while it works best when used properly, aka curling the lashes prior to application, it will work just as fine even if somehow or by any chance you ain't got no time to curl them, aka when you're already running late. Lastly, this tiny little tube of pink glitters, the Avon Simply Pretty Rollerball Eyeshadow in Karat Rose which has a rollerball tip so the application is as easy as one two three! With the Lemon Aid as base, this will give your eyes that pop of pink color with a hint of shimmer for a subtle day time sparkle!

And the last thing to consider is to inject a couple of your favourite products. For some reason, nothing feels quite the same like wearing at least one of your favorite make up on. It's an instant pick-me-upper that will somehow leave you empowered and inspired for the day. And for me, that's the Get Cheeky with Me in First Kiss which I have reached pan on - how crazy is that! And the Bourjois Java Rice Illuminating Face Powder which is now looking battered beyond belief so you can guess how much I really love this.

And that's all for my everyday face! It only takes a few minutes off my morning routine, I had no idea why I had to put it off all college long. So please do yourself a favor and do not be like my poorly old self. Look out for yourself by making an effort to look good before leaving the house in the morning because trust me, it is life changing! What's your everyday face like? I'm a curious cat like that. (That rhymes!!!)

August 27, 2014


One of my favourite ways to keep nail things interesting is to try on nail arts and trends every once in a while. And this week, that's what I have in store for you! Nothing big or groundbreaking, although I did try and brave a Collar Me Maybe nail art before, but what I always find myself trying out is the Accent Nail Trend because it's the simplest way to get your nails game on. It doesn't require so much effort, time or mad skills but it sure does prettify your tips and give them a refreshing look so why not! You are supposed to pick out the accent nail of your choice, the usual picks are the pinky or the index finger. And then pick your colors which can be any two shades from your nail polish stash which that will make a coordinated look when clashed together, the color combination is endless, ie. a light and dark shade of the same color gradient or a solid strong color such as \monochrome black and white. Lastly, pick your accent style either by playing with colors, mixing textures and adding a bit of glitter or shimmer to name a few.

This time around I chose my ring finger as my accent nail. And then for my colors, I went with the neon and pastel combination from the Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine Nail Polish range. Their shades are very spot on, vibrant pink and subtle pastel which appears and applies on your fingertips the same way they look on the bottle. So while the rest of my nails are painted with the dark almost neon pink shade (Rose imaginaire), my ring fingertips are washed away with a light salmon almost pastel peach shade (Abricot ouate) and together, they make a good contrastI would usually just settle for the two-toned color for my accent style and leave them at that, which works for me just fine. But like I mentioned before, ever since I've got my hands on the OPI Matte Top Coat it makes me want to mattify everything so I played with the textures as well. From the name itself, this nail polish range has an ultra shine effect which is glossy by default even without a default top coat. That's why I went on accentuating my ring finger some more by applying the matte top coat over it just to really put the accent on that accent nail. That gives me a glossy neon pinkish nails with the matte pastel peach shade accented nail!

See? Nothing too fancy but really catchy and pretty, if I do say so myself. Have you tried on this trend yet?

August 26, 2014


When it comes to foundation, I don't have much history going on here. It's one of those products that I am not very experimental with. If I find something that works for me and sits well on my oily skin, I tend to automatically put them under the forever repurchase category and do exactly that. Take this L'Oreal number for one, will you be surprised if I tell you it's the same foundation I used for my uni graduation and oath taking in 2006? Yes, L'Oreal True Match Foundation and I, we go way back!

The L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation is a super-blendable liquid foundation with SPF 17 and moderate protection (PA++). Its new formula is combined with hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated all day. It contains ultra fine-pigments for an even more precise match with your skin tone. It provides outstanding coverage for a flawless, natural make up result. Your skin simply made perfect.

I got matched with the shade G3 Golden Beige. I am generally warm-toned so this is more on the yellow/golden side of things. But if you're in between shades, I think you can get away with picking the one shade lighter than your skin tone and just warm the look up with a bronzer or pick up the two shades you're closest with and just have a little mix of the two. The liquid formula is actually slightly runny in consistency and quite streaky when you start blending it out at first so make sure you shake it well before using. Although you don't have to worry about that since the claim says it's super-blendable anyway. Fortunately for you and me, it actually is. You just need to work your way out through blending and buffing it onto your skin until it's all even out. The coverage is buildable from light to medium coverage. When I did option 2 though, my mother actually thought I had too much make up on! I think it's just because I rarely ever do medium coverage on a normal basis. It can surprisingly last all day without too much shine going on (that's maximum of 8 hours for me) but will require a few bits of powder touch up since I am a very oily kinda gal. Also, for some reason and even with SPF and all, it doesn't feel sticky nor greasy at all! As for the packaging, it's the classic glass pump bottle with a plastic cap. A pump dispenser is always a good call since you can be in control of the amount you'd get every time, very practical. And with a clear glass body, you'll be able to see how much of the product you have left and that's always a good thing too.

Seriously, for a drugstore aka "every day use" foundation - this is a good 'un. Now that may be a bit biased since I've been in a long time relationship with this beaut but on second thought, I wouldn't have repurchased if I wasn't impressed by this at all. It's not one of those foundations that will make you like you actually have one on. Even with medium coverage, it feels light on the skin. It sits in between a matte and dewy finish and creates an even and flawless base for any make up look. It blends well with the skin especially when applied using your fingers or a brush like this flat angled kabuki brush. You can find me wearing this on this make up look I posted a few days back. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's my skin made perfect because that's far too much of a claim even for me but I'd go about and say it's my skin but better instead - and you can quote me on that.

You can find the L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation in all leading departments stores for Php 899.

August 23, 2014


I don't think I'd be able to pull off an intense all black smokey eye just yet since the weather is being as unpredictable as August can get - sitting awkwardly between the summer and the rainy season. But in the spirit of coming up with a proper daytime smokey eye look, here's an alternative. So much make up on the menu  no? Then we better get started with the rundown...

The base. Anyone would want a flawless base to start with and for that I used both the Maybelline Skin Pore Eraser on my T-zone and highest point of my cheeks since I find these spots more problematic pore-wise than the rest of my face and L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation in G3 Golden Beige which is a light-weight, super blendable foundation with just enough coverage for a daytime look and buff it all over my face using this flat angled kabuki brush. To further cover imperfections, especially the dark circles under my eyes, I picked up a creamy concealer, did the inverted triangle trick and just blend it all in using my fingers. To set all the base products in place, I grabbed the Collection Lasting Performance Ultimate Wear Powder in Medium Shade and apply it using a sweeping method all over my face with a face brush.

The eyes. Now onto the eyes, where all the magic takes place! Since I'm going for a daytime smokey look, I picked out the UNE Sfumato Eyes Shadow in S23 as my main eye shadow shade. It's a purplish eye shadow that gives off a subtle smokey finish when blended out. I just packed it on all over the lid then blend it all out until I reach the subtle and sheer smokey end using the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Eye Brush. Since I've let the all black shadow slide for this look, I picked up a black liquid eyeliner to get a more dramatic look without being overboard. I went on with the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner and got cat-eye wingin' finally! I go back to the UNE S23 and just line the 3/4 of my lower lash line with the same shade to balance out the look. Using my Inglot Freedom Palette, I take a bit of the AMC Shine 46 to highlight both my inner corners and brow bone. Lastly, I give my lashes a good curl and how else can I get an even more dramatic and full on lashes than by using the Benefit They're Real Mascara

The brows. I've tried a different eyebrow routine for this look since I've used all my Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil at the moment and I wanted a fuller and more defined brows. I used this eyebrow brush instead and the eyebrow powder and wax included in the ELF Clutch Palette. And then gave them a good brush through with this Avon Super Shock Max Mascara in black brown to lock the color in.

The cheeks (and nose). For a subtle and slightly flushed cheeks, you just need a hint of flush since the main focus should be on the eyes, I got a small amount of the pink toned blush from the same ELF palette and do the sweeping motion with the Duo-Fiber Face Brush on the apples of my cheeks. For a bit of contouring, I used this LOL Bronzing Powder in 01 and the bronzer powder from the ELF Clutch Palette too. I've just discovered how gorgeously bronzed up you'll look after using the same face brush with the LOL Bronzing Powder! A few sweep through your cheeks, your forehead and jawline gives your face a warm, flawless glow. 

The lips. Same rule applies, since I wanted the main focus to be on the eyes, I went for the nude lips to complete this look! I've layered the two nudes I have in my kit and that's the Rimmel for Kate Moss in 26 which is a very washed-out nude and Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in 12 Tea Rose which is a more moisturising, creamy coral-toned nude.

Aaaaaand that's a wrap! So much make up for a look as simple as a daytime smokey eye but we all know we love a good rundown every once in a while, don't we? It's not as flawless as I hoped it will turn out to be (sorry if ever but I really tried my bestest!). But I hope it's not too shabby either (if I do say so myself) since it made the cut and its way to this blog. I hope you find this helpful and let me know if you happen to give this look a try some time soon, I'd really love that!

August 22, 2014


Unlikely place to go make up shopping but department stores are proving to really be a haven for make up fangirls like myself. Here's my unexpected loot from my latest trip:

1. LOL Cosmetics All Bronzed Up 01 | Php139. It's a bronzing powder that appears matte on the pan but when applied, there are traces of shimmer in it. It's just my first product from the brand and I'm excited to try the rest. Next on my list is the other bronzing powder shade, Brown Sugar.

2. Blush Brush/Contour Brush by Robinsons Department Store | Php199.75. I know it's called a blush/contour brush but this somehow reminds me of the Louise Young Super Foundation Brush. Its brush is very dense and the bristles are so soft. It looks and feels more expensive than it really is!

3. Eyebrow Brush by Robinsons Department Store | Php79.75. A finely-angled brush for filling in and contouring eyebrows. The flat angled top is very precise for outlining and the bristles are softly packed together for blending in. The grip is sturdy and the length is ideal for easy application. I personally think this is a steal for its price.

I love it when I find alternatives to high-end products without sacrificing both my savings and their quality. Well, who doesn't really? And as far as first impressions go, I'm fairly impressed with these department store gems. If you ever find yourself inside one next time, give the make up isles a go and you'll be surprised there's a lot of beautiful things waiting to be found out there. It's also the closest experience you can get from a guilt-free make-up shopping and I'd say yes to that every single time!

Have you tried looking into department store for your make up fix? What are your recent department store finds?

August 21, 2014


Me and an eyeliner related post, whowouldathunkdat? I never thought I'd live to see this day. But somehow, I knew it in the back of my head that if I really wanted to get into the whole beauty blogging world, I would have to try and conquer my fear of eye liners at some point. I think I may have reached that point right about now.

The Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner is a liquid eyeliner that comes in a lightweight pen-type packaging with a black plastic tube body and a golden cap. The packaging is actually a bit off for me but I don't have anything to compare it with. I just thought for a slightly higher price tag, it could have been better than just a lightweight plastic tube. It has a 0.01 mm ultra thin brush tip that resembles like a pen only it's made of fine bristles that can reach even the littlest corners of your eyes. The key to a precise application lies on the angle and pressure of your strokes. I start from the middle with short strokes towards the outer corners then go back in with more thinner but slightly longer strokes till I reach the inner corners. I carefully guide and glide the tip onto my lids. The closest you can get to the lash line, the better. Of course I can only reach up to the simple then eventually the smooth wing eyeliner kind for now. It's only been a couple of weeks so I couldn't get cat wingin' drastically, even normally just yet but I think I'm getting there. If I can find it in my newbie heart to post a how to, as some of you already asked me to, then of course I'll let you guys know. I just need to practice a bit more and this one from Maybelline isn't so bad for beginners like myself. Considering how liquid eye liners can be a pain in the butt to use/apply/remove, it's fairly easy to use/apply/remove and very pigmented too! One thin line can already make a difference in the fullness of lashes. It doesn't smudge and can last me the long day without budging or transferring. And that's saying a lot coming from me! Very affordable too as I got mine for Php 399 in the beauty section of Robinson's Department Store. 

I was never a Liner Girl, my face can be wholly made up but you will never ever see me wearing an eyeliner. In fact, none of my monumental portraits so far would show a trace of eye liner on them. I have extremely hooded lids and very oily type of skin, a combination that isn't really ideal for eye liner application per se and then there's my shaky, fidgety hands too. But I had to try and get one for myself to practice with because if there's one thing I've learned so far, it's that there's no better way to master the art of applying an eye liner but to practice till you make it. And despite knowing it wasn't going to be an easy feat, I was even expecting the worst, I'm so glad I finally took the plunge! After getting a grip on its how to, I am coming clean - I am a total eye liner convert! But not after literally testing every single one the make up isles in the nearest mall has to offer or almost running out of eye make up remover after practicing way too much the first time or one too many eye poking and panda eyes incidents. True story.

August 19, 2014


Painting my nails is something I look forward to doing during weekends. It's like my way of welcoming the week that's upon us. And choosing a shade to represent my week is something I'd rather be caught thinking about on a Sunday night. This time around I picked out something from Bourjois Paris to take a break from the OPI-themed nails post of the past weeks.

"I Like To Mauve It" is what it's called. When I saw this shade, I instantly thought of pixie dusts and that if they would come to life and burst into colors one day, this will be the pale purple version of it. This is from Bourjois' 1 Seconde Nail Enamel range. You'd think 1 Seconde means it'll literally take 1 sec to dry after application isn't it? How I wish... But it doesn't work that way. 1 Seconde actually means getting the perfect angle before making 1 single stroke resulting to neat nails all in 1 seconde. This whole process is made possible by the brush applicator as it is fan in shape and effect therefore it's the easiest to spread it all out in one stroke. One coat is enough for me as it's thick and opaque enough already, thanks again to the fan-effect brush applicator. Quick, easy and pretty. If I may also add, it's not that hard to remove by a good quality nail polish remover given that its got some heavy glitter game going on. That part may not take one second but I've experienced worst with other glittered numbers. Unfortunately, the photos do not give enough justice as to how this pale purple with uninterrupted sparkles look mighty fine in real life. The light keeps getting in the way and this is the best I managed to come up with. But trust me, it looks beyond magical!!! And that's exactly how I'm hoping my week would turn out to be.

Have you tried any from this Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polish range Bourjois? What's your favorite shade?

August 18, 2014


image from Martine de Luna's Facebook Page
One can never ever fully grasp the power that lies behind the social media culture these days until you've experienced its power for yourself. That's exactly what happened to me when I found out about Martine's blogging workshop thru Cheska Kramer's IG account. (That's a lot of namedropping right there.) You see, had I not been browsing her IG page for a daily dose of her very adorable kiddos, I never would've learned about this workshop at all and totally missed my chance on meeting such beautiful people bonded by one beautiful purpose.

Meet Martine de Luna, the person behind Make It Blissful, known as the Blog Coach to the whole blogging community and our workshop director for Blissful Blogging 101. If you told me I'll be meeting the legend that she is a month ago, I never would've believed you. But for some reason, our paths have crossed along with a few more like-minded women I chanced upon meeting through her workshop, and it's easily one of the highlights of my year.

I have finally come to terms that if I want to claim myself as a blogger, I have to deserve the right of being called a blogger first. I have so much respect for bloggers, the amount of work they put into each blog post, the effort they make to produce creative contents, the time they allot to make sure they are on schedule - it's real hard work and there's no easy formula to it. So I don't throw away calling myself one until I've deserved every right to be called as one. And that is why I signed up for this workshop, I saw it as a new step one towards something I've always wanted to be and fortunately for me, I will soon find out that it was all ever meant to be.

Meeting Martine through her workshop enabled me to focus on what is essential to me as a blogger and what is the purpose of my blog. Whether you've made it for personal, passion or profit purposes, attending her workshop has made it easier for me to come into a conclusion on why I've come up with mine or why I've decided to maintain it for years in the first place. It was a crash course but it didn't feel like it was rushed or it was lacking of anything just because it was a speedy approach to a topic that could've lasted us for days if only for brainstorming alone. There was an interactive atmosphere the whole time and all the participating ladies are very welcoming and very open to each other's thoughts and insights. The exercises given were so helpful, it was conducted in a way to get you really involved. Martine herself will also motivate you to get crackin' because she was there hopping from one group to another, discussing ideas, making sure you're on track and not missing a point or two. So Martine, if you're reading this, nice meeting you doesn't even to cover it, but I'd take that, it was nice meeting you and thank you for hosting such a fun and informative event!

And as a result, I'd like to think I was right to take on that new step one when the opportunity presented itself. Because now, I'd like to believe that I am relevantly equipped with a lot of things I was obviously lacking before, or maybe I've had them but lost them somewhere in the middle of it all. The confidence in myself that I am capable of doing great things including creating opportunities for my personal growth, for one. An actual plan on how to actually get to that place I've always wanted to be rather than just imagining getting there someday. A new-found purpose for The Girl and The City as a beauty blog. Which also means I will be blogging intentionally about beauty and everything else in the spectrum - product reviews, make up looks, newest beauty trends and all that jazz from here on. And then you. Now I've got you. This is my way of saying Hello there! to all of you lovely lot who's taking time in reading my little space in the internet. You guys who's probably just as obsessed to know what's up with the newest lipstick shade as I am and who's always dying to get your hands to the newest Lorac palette, too. Thank you, Etude House Philippines for the shout out on your Facebook page. You probably won't even be here if you haven't found me through them and for that, I'm very grateful.

The power of social media justified in my life - the second time around. So um... Hello there, you. *waves*

August 17, 2014


I've finally managed to unbox my loot from Inglot (you can't blame me if I'm a bit of a rhyme sucker when it comes to blog post titles, eh) and I thought you might fancy knowing what I bought with a 10% discount courtesy of the lovely G5 Inglot Team - thank you guys!!! Like I said on this post, some of the things I picked up with my imaginary shopping cart that day weren't left there to stay until my next visit. A few items, mostly for the eyes, came home with me. Into my life and into my little make up bag.

If there was one thing I was certain when I entered the store for the first time that day, it's that I'm never leaving the place without getting the Eye Makeup Base 01 for myself. It retails for Php695 and you get a good 5.5g of this paraben-free formula of an eye primer in return. It comes in a sturdy black pot that once you twist open, you'll be more than pleased to know it's filled to the brim! This will probably last you for ages considering you won't need much of this product to get it going, a little can definitely go a long way. It provides you a flawless base to help you make the colors of your eye shadows pop out especially if you're doing the smokey eye, prevents the shadows from creasing or transferring and lessens the risk of oiliness on your lids. Quick tip: eye primers are supposed to prevent your shadows from creasing but when you get too excited and apply too much of this on your lids, you will get exactly that - a creased shadow. So try not to. I usually dip my pinky finger onto the tub then lightly rub them on my lids. Not even a circular motion, just a really quick dip to get the littlest amount possible. 

Then the Freedom Palette caught my fancy and a personalized eye shadow selection happened next because how can it not? The black tray with a glass cover palette for 5 single square eye shadows cost Php895 alone as it is sold separately. If it weren't for my love for prettier things, I never would've paid for an eye shadow case with that amount of money but I was far too weak to ignore it or even think logically at that time. You can find lots of affordable palettes in the market as an alternative but since I was looking into investing on a good one anyway, I figured it might as well be this handsome one.

Speaking of investments, given that I've already bought a palette for them, of course I'd purchase the Freedom System Eye Shadows next. I wanted to create a starter palette which will have at least 5 neutral and basic shades I can work with to come up with different looks by using them individually or altogether. So I picked up the shades Matte 391326330, Pearl 397 and AMC Shine 46 which you can get for Php425 each. This has been my go-to palette since I got my sneaky hands on it. You can go from subtle to smokey, dainty to daring, plain to powerful by mixing and matching these colors! They are highly pigmented with a satin feel to them and a silky finish. They also appear to have great color payoff and are super easy to blend. My fave combination at the moment is the Matte 330 as the base with the AMC Shine 46 on top for a subtle sparkle on my eyes for an everyday look.

And that's all of what's inside that little black bag out in the open! My little heart is very happy with these purchases but I'm afraid my savings account feels the opposite - it isn't smiling at all. I think I may have to stop myself from having to visit any make up store in the next few weeks or so... Uh-oh!

August 16, 2014


I am not going to lie, this was the first set of make up brushes that I've had and I've been using them for a year now. I know it's not wise to pick out a fancy set, a limited edition at that as opposed to a more practical slash functional one but that's just how I roll. Actually, I picked up this set merely for aesthetic purposes. There, I said it. When I got asked what I would want for my birthday last year, I instantly thought of make up brushes since I've started building my own kit and I don't have any tools with me. It was a tough battle between The Core Collection and The Travel Essentials Set and this at first but the LE Duo-Fiber Collection won simply and mainly because they look so posh and gorgeous and they're in black and white. And then I thought about it being a limited ed kind of thing so I had this sense of urgency that I have to have them before they become unavailable. A classic #JoysCamilleLogic right there. Now onto the brushes...

Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo-Fiber Collection is an exclusive box set of 3 limited edition brushes: duo-fiber face brush, duo-fiber contour brush and duo-fiber eye brush. The collection claims to create buildable color and add texture to look pixel perfect for any occasion and in any light. A true multitasker, duo-fiber bristles work with cream, liquid or powder for an unbelievably air-brushed finish. Ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free. They have extended aluminum handles that are light and easy to use.

Now, that's according to their website which is still very much technical even for me so let's try this again. I had to do my research about the difference between duo-fiber and regular synthetic brushes first because they made it sound like a big deal. Apparently it is and it means having 2 different synthetic brushes in there to help you create a flawless, air-brushed finish. I still don't know what that's supposed to mean so basically I started off with the trial and error technique with these brushes. And here's what I've gathered some twelve months and a lot of kapalpakans after...

Duo-Fiber Face Brush. Applying powder with this one feels so luxurious, it's addicting! I've gotten so much compliments of my skin looking really flawless when I use it together with the Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder. And that's also when I knew it has something to do with the brush because my skin isn't really that flawless in real life. I've also recently tried applying liquid foundation with this and surprisingly, I liked it too! It gives you that lightweight finish, barely there look as if you're not wearing anything on your face at all. Bit of a multitask brush for me actually with the usual swirl then pop and pat for powders if not the dip then blend technique for creams and liquids. It generally picks up the right amount of product onto its tips and magically blend them really finely. It feels nice and smooth on your skin that blending in is something you can definitely not have enough of.

Duo-Fiber Contour Brush. Among the three, it probably took me the longest time to figure this one out as I find it the most unconventional in shape and function - I rarely contour myself so there's that. But I find it's amazing to use for highlighting purposes. As for contouring and bronzing, these things do not require big amount of products so a brush that helps you just get the right amount is a huge help. Of course I had to use it for something else entirely too, just because. And that is this to occasionally blend and set my under eye concealer with powder.

Duo-Fiber Eye Brush. I've always fancied the MAC 217 brush and something inside me hoped that this will somehow turn out to be like one but it only took me one look to know that it's not. It's like 70% crease brush and 30% blending brush and I think that's where the duo-fiber claim comes in. Lining and defining my crease lightly and slowly with this brush works so well for me. Having flawless eye shadow is something I struggle with but this brush helps in blending them out, even the very pigmented ones.

You never forget your first. Seeing as this is my first set of brushes, Real Techniques ones at that, I'm quite happy with how the brushes turned out to be and the quality of these 3 did not disappoint me in any way. I've managed to figure out the ways on how to make it work for me and I can honestly say that it's a brush set for keeps. Its fine bristles are soft on the skin, not scratchy at all. It hasn't shed on me even after a year and using them on a daily basis. However, if you're looking for a proper proper set of make up brushes, then its probably best to consider other sets from Real Techniques first. This one is likely to give you a the modern dewy, airbrushed finished as opposed to a more traditional, dense and defined look you can get with their regular brushes. I personally just fell in love at first sight with how these brushes look like and I still am. So glad they return to their original color after every wash. I thought the products will leave a stain on the white bristles eventually but it's been a year and nothing like that has happened yet - thankfully. So to say that I'm impressed is probably an understatement of the century.

What's your first set of make up brushes like? Do you think you'll be picking up this set soon?

August 15, 2014


Before I start off, I think two #thisclaimers are just about in order. First one, this isn't a tutorial of some sort. Actually, this isn't a tutorial at all. As promised, this is just to show you how I fill in my brows on a daily basis using the Etude House Eye Brow Pencil. Secondly, that isn't normally how I look when I am filling in my brows. Actually that is nowhere near my actual look at all. The one I included on this post is definitely more likely me on a daily basis. But it turns out, some poses make you feel selfie ready and sometimes, a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do. That pout though, I gotta admit I've been having a good laugh myself just by looking at it. Anyway, now that we've got 'em out of the way, let's get crackin'...

One of the first things I can think of when I get asked about eyebrows is to advice girls to get theirs done. And the safest way to get them done is to let the professionals do it for you. Don't even try to shape them yourself unless you are 101% sure of your skills. Seriously, just don't. I had mine threaded a few years back and although I obviously need to get some threading done soon because they are looking slightly wonky already, I've managed to try and keep them in shape by plucking any hair that grows in excess every time. Having said that, if you haven't already, I say go get them done girl! You can thank me later. Have them trimmed, plucked, threaded or waxed. Have it your way but just get it done. I talked about the Benefit Brow Bar services in here if you're looking for options. Although I personally prefer having them threaded because I find that it gives me the perfect shape and more precised finished because the thread gets even the tiniest hair out of the way. Once you get the shape done, it's easier to maintain from there on. PS. All of them services ought to hurt at some point, but nothing a cuppa ice cream or a bar of chocolate can't fix. So now, onto the steps...

What I like to do first is to brush through my brows. This step works two ways for me. Using the spoolie end of the pen, I lightly run through my brows to give them a good clean up, get rid of any foundation or powder in excess. And then depending on my strokes, I help define its shape a bit more by directing the strands on where I want them to be, like lifting them up towards the high point of the arch and then combing them down towards the ends. And then I switch to the other end and retract the pencil tip slowly. Now, you don't need the get all the product out of the tip. You actually just need a small piece of it peaking through the end, just enough to help you be able to draw anything with it. Because when you go slightly longer, there's a huge chance of the whole thing breaking off once you start applying pressure on it. I've learned this the hard way, a little can definitely go a long way with this. Following its outlines, I draw a template of my brows caging the strands in. And then using feather-like strokes, I move on to fill the gaps in starting from the opposite way first. This way you can be sure that even the spaces in between gets filled in as opposed to going the right way from the beginning. Now onto the next step which is to blend them all in by brushing through following the natural pattern of the hair. Continuous blending and brushing through will help remove any harsh drawing lines and/or any excess deposit of the product in unwanted spaces. When I find an area darker than the rest, usually that's my base near the nose line, I tend to wiggle my way out of it using the spoolie end until I get my desired look which is a more natural looking finish. Once you're done, there will be traces of waxy powder or pencil lines around the area which you can clean one out with a qtip but for every day use, ain't nobody got time for that. I normally just go around the edges with my fingers to give them a good swipe

I know it looks like a bit complicated because of the slight word vomit at some point but it's only because I needed to do a detailed step by step guide for this post. But trust me, once you've gotten the hang of it, you'll find out it's basically the easiest way to get a natural looking eyebrow in a matter of minutes. Brush through. Draw the lines, Fill in the gaps. Brush through again... et voila! One last tip for the road, if and when you can, never ever leave your home without filling in your brows. It doesn't have to look superb, just fill them in so they'd look nice. It'll change your life, it definitely changed mine. And yep, those are velcro hair straps peepin' thru the sides of my hair, oops!

August 14, 2014


Although I am in no way an eyebrow expert myself, I still think it might be time to finally share with you the brow product that's been doing a good job in keeping mine looking filled and proper for quite a while now, at least by my standards. Also since I've mentioned them on my posts a couple of times already. I've decided to do the posts separately though since it'll be too much words and photos in one post if I don't. One will be the review and the next one will be the how I use. This first installment will cover the review part so here we go!

The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil is a creamy eyebrow pencil you can use to shape and fill in the spaces and gaps in between your sparse brows for a more defined look and framed face. From the outside, it literally appears like a pen with double-ended capped tips. It has a retractable drawing pencil with an angled tip in one end and then a brush spoolie on the other end. The drawing pencil is waxy in consistency making it so easy to outline the brows and even easier to blend it all in. However it takes a few strokes before the color starts paying off, especially if you have oily skin. The angled tip comes in handy since it already resembles the default shape of the brows. It's also retractable so there's no need to sharpen at all! Having the spoolie on the other end is very convenient as well. It may not be the best kind of a spoolie out there but it works anyway so that's okay. This way you can brush through your brows before and after the application without needing to grab another item for it. It's perfect to carry around inside your make up kit on a daily basis and for when you're travelling. I think the pen-like form is what makes it easier for everyone to use. I think it helps that the whole process is already a familiar one since it's just like holding an ordinary pen. Once you get a grip of the drawing pen, you can get a steady angle and take full control of the strokes you'll be making. As for the shade, I initially picked out the dark brown shade in 01 but I find it too dark for my liking. So when I repurchased one, I went down a shade lighter and got the 02 instead which I believe is the medium brown. When used alone, it only lasts me a good 4 hours before they start fading on me. I sweat a lot for a girl who's lived her whole life in a tropical country so this is somehow expected of me. That's why I need to retouch and fill them in again for the second time around. That or I just brush them through with an eyebrow mascara or clear mascara gel if I need them to last longer than usual. 

If you're looking for an easy peasy way of getting your eyebrows done, then this is your guy. It looks natural and rarely will you ever go wrong or overdone with it. Even when you do, you can simply blend it all over using the spoolie and erase the excess with a qtip. I highly suggest this one for beginners and outgoing girls who want to get the eyebrow job done without having so much of a bother and fuss while at it. Plus the fact that it retails for Php123.00* doesn't hurt at all!!! Although I can't wait to try the high-end products of the same thing, say the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil and Anastasia Brow Wiz. Because if Etude House can be such an amazing eyebrow product already, I can almost tell the grass is definitely greener on the other side, if not the higher side of things. But for the meantime, this works so this stays in my life and in my make up kit for as long as it takes.

And oh, that's me looking like my exceptionally dorky self after filling in one brow so you can get an idea of how it looks like when swatched on. However for tips and steps on how I use this product, I'll be sharing all that jazz in my next post so you might want to check back again tomorrow for that! Phew! Thanks for reading, just us girls with an incredible beauty obsession can get through 3-ish paragraphs worth of a post about an eyebrow product. I honestly can't think of anyone else who would, ha! So if you reached this far, thank you... and you and you.

Have you tried Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil? What's your go-to eyebrow product of all time?

*Etude House Philippines messaged me on Twitter that it now retails for Php143.00.

Etude House Philippines

August 13, 2014


The worst thing that can happen to a blogger after she's finished with the make up look is when it's time to take photos and she can't find a decent lighting even if she tried. I have been to every possible corner of our house in the hope of finding a spot to give me at least one decent shot for this look but ended up failing miserably. Upon transferring them to my desktop, I realized there's close to nothing worth uploading which is really upsetting. This is the only decent one I have and let's face it, it's not even decent enough. Ugh.

Anyway, at least you can see the lips clearly and that's the important bit because that's what I'll be sharing with you today. I wanted to come up with a simple everyday make up look using a lip liner I am close to finishing off. It's the L.A. Girl lip liner in the shade Cappuccino. And I know what you're thinking, yet another Kylie Jenner inspired look, eh. I can't lie, I somehow gravitate towards nude to neutral shades when it comes to my every day lips. My friend pointed it out to me during our day out visiting make up aisles since I absentmindedly recommended Happy Skin The Morning After to her. For the nth time.

I wanted the lips to be the center of the look so I just tried to come up with a flawless base and warm cheeks to compliment its shade. Seeing as I'm going for an easy and simple make up look, I'll be skipping the concealing, bronzing, highlighting part of my usual routine. So, here we go. 5 steps in 10 minutes, give or take.

1. Flawless base. I used Maybelline's Pore Eraser and Maybelline BB Clear Stick in Fresh as a primer and a base respectively. I think nowadays, most of us girls won't normally wear foundation on a daily basis anymore because we have loads of alternatives to consider with lesser cons. One of them is the BB cream, which is a blemish balm that will give you enough coverage, even out skin tone and blur out blemishes without being as heavy and full coverage as a usual foundation. This BB cream comes in a stick form with powdery texture and concealing properties as well that's why I thought a bit of a primer is necessary to hold it all together and prevent the skin from having dry patches later on the day.

2. Warm, flushed cheeks. I opted for the bronzer blush shade from the ELF Make Up Clutch Palette. I just took a blush brush and put them on the apples of my cheeks. And then swiped some of it over to my temples and jawline too, just to add some warmth into my face and to give out a little bit of dimension to it.

3. Filled in brows. Like I always say, the easiest way to get this done is by using my Etude House Eyebrow Drawing Pencil in 02. It has a a drawing pencil with an angled tip in one end and then a brush spoolie on the other end. Draw the shape, fill in the gaps, brush through and... voila!

4. Curled lashes. Never underestimate the power of them curled lashes. It defines your face and opens up your eyes which helps in looking more fresh and bright. It's super easy, grab a curler and pick out your favorite mascara then apply two coats and you're done! I almost never go non-waterproof. I just find it very convenient to use the waterproof ones. It holds the curl longer and it doesn't smudge. 

5. "Cappuccino" lips. Now onto the main part of the look. Since you'll be using a lip liner, prepping your lips with a lip balm is a must. You need your lips to be hydrated and moisturized to avoid looking dry and cakey upon the lip liner application. For this I used the Maybelline Baby Lips which has a mint flavor and scent but appears colorless when applied. I then line my lips with the L.A. Girl Cappuccino, this step will make your lips look fuller and more supple than they really are. After that I fill in the area by applying the lip liner all over my lips.

That's not so bad and hard, isn't it? Like I said, 5 steps in 10 minutes and you're good to go. I'm really loving these shades for my lips at the moment. So if you have any recommendations, then shoot them my way please. And if you ever give this look a try, I'd love to know what you think about it too!

August 11, 2014


Before I decided to focus more, if not entirely, on the beauty side of things, this blog is basically a passionate, fragmentary blog of a fangirl all over.  If you've been reading TGTC for quite a while now, you'd know what I mean. But if you just happen to come around recently, I talked about this bit a little more on my post called TGTC Who? and you can read it here. Basically, this is a one stop shop for all the things I am passionate about. The catch though is that I happen to be a woman, or a girl in that case, of one too many passions. So I ended up categorizing them to make it easier to navigate and one of the things I came out with is WWJS as in What Would Joys Say.

What Would Joys Say. Yes, I am that Joys. And no, I don't mean to brag. I, most of the time, only blab. And frankly, I don't know why would anyone care about what would say but I find it rather catchy for a category, don't you agree? The thought is to basically put all my beauty related ramblings and product reviews and all that jazz under this category. Like, What Would Joys Say about this foundation, that lipstick or those make up brushes. You get the drift... 

Now if that category can come with a face, this would be it. Glasses, chunky necklace and statement lippie on because that's my basic and default everyday make up look. This is a labor a love from my very good and extremely talented friend, Kamae. (If you're reading this, HI and THANK YOU!) She got bored one day at work, so she randomly decided to draw me. It was the weirdest thing ever and the closest I can get to being a model. She came up with the rough draft first, that's what's on the left and then after a day, she came to me and said she made me a legit drawing and showed me the finish look, that's what on your right. 

And for the sake of having a beauty side note to this post, if you're wondering what shade of lipstick is her inspiration for this drawing... That's an actual lipstick shade I have in real life. It's a Kate Moss for Rimmel in the shade Matte 101. It's a pastel pink shade with a blue undertone and it looks as gorgeous in real life, trust me.

So I guess a new blog tagline is appropriate at this moment. How about this? The Girl and The City. A girl who's currently obsessed taking glorious beauty bites from every city, one lipstick shade at a time. What do you think?

August 10, 2014


It was the weekend and it was time to change my nail colors for the week again. Difficult times, eh. Anyway, as I was browsing thru my nail polish selection to pick a shade, it just occurred to me that I don't know the names of my OPI ones yet when in fact I've only got four. So that's what I did first, I pulled them out to one side and turned them all upside down to check their names. And what do you know... I'd love me a good anticipation for an occasion, it excites me more than the event itself. This time around it's the Virgo Season. It's fast approaching! Which also means that September, le birthday month, is just around the corner. So I guess it's a no-brainer why upon learning the name of this shade, I picked this one up among the rest.

OPI Birthday Babe Nail Lacquer is a frosty shade and with a metallic silver finish. For some reason this nail polish reminds me of my laboratory classes back in school where I've seen way too many thermometers, barometers and sphygmomanometers. Because oddly enough, this OPI number right here looks exactly like the mercury liquids found on those machines in color and appearance. But let's not get all geeky here, back to the nail polish. You need to apply 2 coats to get a decent coverage but if you really want the opaque finish, you have to do 3 coats, honey. Which is an extra pain in the butt because the formula of this one is highly streaky. It's a bit of an effort to apply as it is, with very evident brush strokes on the surface no matter how carefully and controlled your application is. Now imagine coating your nails thrice? Exactly my point... Just the same, try to apply the brush as lightly as possible. With a fading stroke when you get to the tip. Be sure to rest your mobile hand on something concrete and limit movements and strokes as much as possible too. When you somehow get to do all that, then congratulations! You'll get yourself pretty silver tips to go!

I've been using this silver number for a while, only not on my nails. I'm using it on my mother's since she's fallen in love with it before I did. So I know how messy the whole application can get. I find the consistency very runny therefore creating a mess all over over the nails' surface and even the skin surrounding the nails sometimes. Given this experience, I don't even know how I will succeed in applying them on my own nails so I never tried. Especially for someone like me who's got the the most fidgety hands ever. Also, it seems like every imperfection, from the strokes to your nail beds, will be made extra visible with this shade. So I generally thought it will look awful on me and trying them on will just be a waste of my time. Until today! I'm so glad I picked this one up, in true Joys Camille fashion of judging things by either its cover, look or name. Because the weird thing is with all that mess and ugliness that comes along with it, it's surprising how it will still end up looking pretty on you! Because when you get to the bottom of things, it's actually a gorgeous shade. Shiny, metallic, silver tips that will make you look modern and polished. It reflects well with the light and somehow, the reflection takes away the focus on the imperfections. Plus it's called Birthday Babe. Done deal. September nails, sorted.

Have you tried this shade? How do you like it?

August 09, 2014


Since my love affair with Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional started a few years back and the sad reality that I have used up 2 tubes of them already, I thought it was time to try out something else. I've been on a hunt for a product that works the same way but if possible, wouldn't cost me that much. So when the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser hit the stores and I saw them on display, I had to do a double take. They seriously look the same at first. They even have the word PORE both on their labels, the tube packaging is basically twinning and the colors upfront isn't really that far off from each other as well. There's a word for it in the crazy beauty blogging world we're in - wait for it - a dupe! That's what we all call it, I had to cave in! And for Php299 as opposed to Php1700, I knew that I have to have it and give it a try! And that I did.

Baby Skin Pore Eraser - poreless, baby smooth, lightweight breathable. It is a translucent gel that melts instantly into your skin upon contact. It claims to erase pores, imperfections, lines and crease giving your skin a shine-free, baby smooth finish all day long. It says it also contains cherry extracts known for their antioxidant properties so it won't be a burden to your skin and suitable for all skin tones and skin types. No mirror needed since it's mistake proof. It also does not clog the pores, only applies lightly that you'll forget it's on.

I have to say, for a tiny bit of a face product, that's one too many adjectives. Although I haven't used it enough or for a long time to come up with a proper review just yet, I'll be back with one after a month's time perhaps, right now I'm all for that benefit-of-the-doubt-and-all-that-jazz here. However, I thought I'd share a bit more about my first impression on it as a potential The Porefessional 'Dupe' instead.

Dundurundunnn! My answer is no, it is not a dupe. But that is definitely not saying Pore Eraser is less of a product that it claims to be. It's just not a The Porefessional Dupe for me AND that's not a bad thing at all. And for the sake of the point I am trying to make, I'm giving you my why's. First off, Maybelline's claim is way bolder than that of Benefit's. Pore Eraser, as the name itself suggests, promises to erase the pores at once. The Porefessional only claims to help in minimizing the appearance of pores. Secondly, Pore Eraser is clear and translucent in appearance and applies colorless while The Porefessional is a tinted gel which applies colorless on the skin. When applied, Pore Eraser feels to have a slight moisture in it while The Porefessional shows off a matte feel to it. And lastly, Pore Eraser glides onto your skin like an invisible lightweight veil that covers the pores which erases their appearance while The Porefessional is absorbed by your skin and lightly clings to it that it somehow becomes a part of it as a thinner, smoother outer layer.

On that note, I think what I'm saying here is The Porefessional is a very great, established product of its own. It's one of my first primers and it has set the bar high for me which is why I'd definitely recommend it and eventually repurchase soon. In the same way, Pore Eraser is the new comer in the primer game deserving of a clean slate, unbiased outlook. And that is why I'm welcoming it with open arms -  no prejudices, no expectations and/ or comparisons. I can't wait to get back to you in a month's time to see if and when it's actually lived up to itself. And in my book, having an own identity is just so much better than being known as a dupe of something else. But that's just me...

Have you tried Baby Skin Pore Eraser, The Porefessional, or both perhaps? What's your take on its infamous The Porefessional 'Dupe' claim?

August 06, 2014


Inglot is a brand I never would've considered trying had it not been for a store visit we were scheduled to have. I know, I know... Not a very wise judgment on my part but I swear I have my reasons. First off, I have had no previous encounter with the brand. None of the blogs I follow or Youtube channels I watch have featured any of their products yet so you can say I was a bit of a snob. And then their flagship store in Manila is located down South and you all know how I feel about this being a North Girl forever. BUT WHAT WAS I THINKING. I wasn't doing any thinking at all, apparently.

So as per usual, the imaginary shopping carts have been put to good use. Here's my stash:

Inglot Creme Foundation. No kidding, this is love at first swatch. The creme is super rich in formulation yet it feels light on the skin and provides medium to full coverage with the littlest amount possible. The shade range is extensive as well so you'll find it easy to get a match. I have oily skin and I always look for a certain feel and finish that works for me with foundations. And I think this is one of them. It's like a cross between a matte and a dewy finish and without a cakey or creasing property. It just feels nice and flawless and provides a smooth base for your make up. Try the YSM Cream Foundation and Cream Powder and see for yourself what I mean.

Inglot Mattifying Pressed Powder. Because it says mattifying and it does mattify. It's like sealing your pores and your make up as well. A sweep of this gem all over your face and it's bye bye shine! Flawless and oil-free face in a whirl. It's like the cherry on top of an already flawless base.

Inglot Eye Makeup Base. I'm not sure if I said it enough but I have oily skin so it naturally follows that I have oily lids as well. It's always so sad to see a lot of work go creasing or transferring or smudging only minutes after application that's why primers and bases are my eye's best friends. And this primer does all that giving you a flawless base for a blank canvass. It also contains VitE and that's always a good thing.

Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel. It's one of their best sellers and I can see why. It's the blackest of black and yet it doesn't smudge nor transfer nor dry easily which is everything you'll ever need for a gel liner. It comes in a pot and you will need an angled eye liner brush to get wingin' that cat eye or just lining them eyes for a more defined eye and fuller lashes look.

Inglot 5 Eyeshadow Square. This is part of their Freedom System wherein you can pick 2 or more shadows of your choice for a personalized eye palette. I know I've said I am more of a lipstick kind of girl but I know a good eye shadow when I see one. The eye shadows are highly pigmented. It transfers, blends and sits well on the lids. They also have a wide range of matte, shimmery, pigments and the rainbow types, too.

Inglot is more on the professional side of make up things. Their products are simple and on point. You want a cream foundation, you get a cream foundation - as simple as that. That's why maybe their products do not appeal as much to some people who uses make up for personal use. Just a quick look at their signature freedom palette suggests a lot of what the brand stands for. And surely enough, when you check their Instagram account, the professional make up artists are usually the ones who's got these on their make up stash. I personally have had moments of just merely staring at it and imagining how beautiful it'll look on my make up spread in the future. Can you blame me? I am just girl with an endless fascination for pretty things. Inglot falls right smack in there, pretty with a dose of sophistication.

I'm taking everything I said back. Everything. Just because it is not out there as much it's supposed to be, it doesn't mean it's not any good. Serves me well for being such a snob, toinks. I don't even know why it's not taken the blogs and channels by storm yet. Or maybe I'm just watching the wrong channels for that matter. Also, the Inglot Team G5 is one lovely lot!!! Thank you so much for being so accommodating and patient and all around awesome with us. Sort of makes the travel down south worth it. I was able to go around the store freely, trying each and every product I fancy. I'll actually be posting about the ones which weren't left in the imaginary shopping cart - they actually went home with me. Yup... I may have or may have not left the store with a cheeky little package, ooops
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