July 27, 2014

TDUG: Forever 21 Active Wear And Then Some

There are decisions in this lifetime that can be life changing and these life changing decisions are worth taking especially if it's going to make your life easy and comfortable. However these life changing decisions do not always have to include a suitcase, a passport or a one way ticket to another city. We can always start small and by small I actually mean, you know, choosing to wear the right clothes a certain occasion calls for. You know me, it's never going to get any deeper or further than that in here. I never would've thought of doing so myself had I not experienced the cons of lacking them. That's why I have finally decided on investing in some proper workout gear. And now my life is changed forever - for the better, comforter, easier.

1. Forever21 Activewear Athletic Bra (similar here). If there is one thing that can get me into a wakey wakey mode so early in the morning for a run or a workout, it's the thought of wearing a pretty (sports) top while I'm at it. I am not really a pink person but this somehow speaks to my inner grade school self who's childhood hero is Pink 5 of The Power Rangers and let's admit it, anything hot pink will always have an invisible tug in our pretty little hearts. And oh - the thin, criss-cross strappy details just add a bit more sexy feel to it. Like what is said on the description, these sports bra are lightweight, stretchable and with scooped neckline and wide-strapped undersides which are vital considerations especially for those who are blessed on the breast department. It is made of transpirable material which means it will give off any vapor or odor or sweat at once. Although this is limited to be used for low impact sports only, it provides the support and the comfort you will ever need. (Also, I'm already sneakily thinking of wearing them out and about as an inner wear and just throw in a blazer for cover up.)

2. Underarmour Side Tapered Semi-Fitted Shorts (similar here). When I picked this up, I already have the shoes I have in consideration hence the matchy feel written all over this workout ensemble. I picked up a larger size than usual because you never want to have a pair of tight bottoms when you're out running. There's an undergarment attached inside for extra support and meshed sides to avoid flashing anyone with your knickers. The line's called Heatgear so I guess it's right to claim it will make you feel cool, dry and light during your workout or any outdoor activities you'll be exposed to the heat. And lastly, shorts doesn't have to be boring to be functional, a little pop of color never hurt anyone.

3. Nike Air Move Max (GS) Trainers. Surely these pair of trainers have served me its purpose in more ways than one - for sports, leisure and for fangirl fashion, as I've mentioned here. But obviously, these babies are going to get their dose of sports fix now that I have a matching sportswear for it. I can easily get motivated and in this case, the mere thought of looking pretty with a punch while working out is more than enough motivation for me. And in your book, what says pretty with a punch more than a pretty pair of Nike kicks? Nada. Thought so too.

I'm about to take these ensemble for a spin this coming weekend for the 2014 MILO Marathon 5K Run!!! Surprisingly, this will just be my first ever marathon run so I came prepared, as you probably can tell. Anyone else coming? You'll probably find it easier to spot me now I've showed you what I'll be wearing - a walking, running, panting ball of pink number. See you on the finish line!

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