July 30, 2014


I am very much aware that this is no different from the Lil Sum'n Sum'n look I posted a few weeks back - all black everything and a li'l sum'n. But with a different feel to it, festival vibes actually which isn't what I was aiming for initially. I was invited over to a superhero themed birthday party over the weekend and I tried my best to dress up as Green Arrow (of some sort) but somehow ended up looking like a festival girl lost in Legoland instead. But hey, at least I tried, plus I have a Green Arrow inspired eye makeup to go with it too and I thought the kimono will pass as a cape. Superhereos and capes, amirite?

It's always fun going to themed parties as you have the liberty to interpret your take on the theme and get away with it. I don't have fond memories of Halloween parties so when a situation presents itself like this one, I make the most of it. This kimono is under my most loved wardrobe piece at the moment. I've worn it with everything and everywhere! I find its easier to throw it over a plain ensemble and let its pretty prints stand out and do the talking. I've also worn it with a white tank top and tattered denim jeans for a more relaxed daytime look. And since I'll be going to a party where I'm likely to move around from one place to another, I decided to not be bothered by the thought of having to leave my things behind or have someone look after it for me every single time so I went away with the backpack accessory trick. And since my legs are all bare, I thought a high cut boots will balance it off as to not appear as leggy as possible.

As you may have noticed, I've probably thrown in a trend or two into this look. And for someone who's very vocal about of not being big on trends, this is a first. But working your way through a trend is still an individual choice and it's one way of expressing yourself so I say, just go with it! Whether you're after the boho chic ensemble, model off duty look, or you know, indie pop star vibes. As for me, I just put on together three of my favorite things at the moment - the kimono, the backpack, and the boots while thinking of being in Splenda '14. Although if I'm being honest when I saw my favorite Rockstar Romeo carrying a backpack similar to mine in one of  his recent photos, I can't help but feel validated. But that's just me and my forever fangirl fashion reference and state of mind. Sheesh.

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