June 24, 2014

TGAT: Dinner at Tipsy Pig Gastropub

During my boss's semi-annual visit to Manila, he thoughtfully asked the team for a dinner and of course, we happily obliged. He left the restaurant choice up to us and I instantly thought of Tipsy Pig Gastropub. This is in line with my mission to conquer the restaurants I only see on Instagram, one bite at a time. It also helps that Capitol Commons is just a stone-throw away from our office in Ortigas. When he took my suggestion into consideration, I suddenly felt the pressure as if I own the restaurant or something... like what if it disappoints? Fortunately for me, it didn't! Well, somehow...

We were walk-in customers for the night but you can reserve your table in advance especially if you prefer dining out and hanging around from 9P onwards. The second level was already reserved for an event so that was off-limits. We were offered this space right smack in the middle of the main area, just in front of the bar. The whole place looks very inviting from the outside and the interior is just as impressive. Very well-put together with pub vibes all over it. The high ceiling is a plus and the warm lights added a homey character to what can become a rather crowded area especially during after office hours. If I remember it correctly, 2 flat screen TVs were mounted on each end of the ground area. And on several occasions like the Manny Pacquiao boxing match or the NBA Finals, this is actually a venue for public viewing, transitioning from a gastropub to a sports bar of some sort. I definitely have to be around this place on those rare occasions in the future, just to see what it's like.

Now, onto the most important part - the food!!! They have a fairly balanced menu, that's actually saying the least because they have everything covered for you. That is why I highly suggest you check out the menu online, prior to your visit, so you won't be overwhelmed with the selection. We failed to do that and when we walked in, all I have is a mental picture of an Instagram post of a chicken and a can of beer which I eventually identified as the Tipsy Pig's Beer Can Chicken. We ended up not ordering that though so instead, let me now show you what we did end up ordering and, for the lack of a better slash appropriate word, devouring.

1. Jack and Coke BBQ Ribs
2. Grilled Blue Marlin in Lemon Butter
3. Greens and Berries
4. The Flaming Wings
5. (This is a #FoodieFail. I can't remember what it's called, boo!)
6. Triple Cheese Fries

YEP. FOOD COMA. For the drinks, they have an entirely different menu for it - beer, cocktails, rum, whiskey, etc! Rightfully so since that's why it's called a gastropub in the first place. I personally only went for a safe option which is a delicious mix of a four seasons drink, one ordered am espresso and the other one, a green mango shale. How boring hahaha. And then surprisingly, my boss ended up getting a Pale Pilsen Draft! At least one of us made the most of the experience. But let me tell you, the flavoured beers can be very, very tempting, especially the Caramel and Raspberry ones!

So, how does it measure compare to the others...  Considering this is my first Tipsy Pig Gastropub experience, it has been an enjoyable one for me! At some areas, it did not disappoint, may have even exceeded my expectations. Like the location, the interiors, the crowd and especially the food! Aaaaaaaaaahhh, the food - very satisfying to thy taste buds, I tell you! I literally ended up feeling like a tipsy pig after the meal that I even had to pass up on the dessert because there was just no room for anything more in my belly! However, the customer service and the waiting time can both be a pain in the butt. The servers during our time were either too sad or too tired to function or just couldn't be bothered and were just waiting for their shift to be over and done with. Naturally, they keep getting our orders wrong and we were incessantly following up since it's taken us forever already. Which is really a shame since it's building up to be an ideal place to go to after a long tiring day in the office. People go there to have a good time, just imagine if they will be greeted by grumpiness upon arrival... Such a downer right? Oh well, I really hope they can soon put an end to all that because those things aside, it's really a good experience altogether. Quoting my boss, it was an excellent choice. And I take pride on that, ha!

Also, did I mention the Triple Cheese Fries yet? In case I haven't, here I go. Triple. Cheese. Fries.  Let. That. Sink. In. This one is insaaaanely good! So good it hurts because hello insane calories as well! If you're wondering what I really feel about it then let's just say it's that superkaduper good that I committed a social suicide act of a legit One Big Bite (my eyes were even closed what is this!) while at it. SUPER WORTH THE INSANE CALORIES Y'ALL. And you can quote me on that one. As if that's not already saying a lot, here goes another: if only for this one, I'm definitely coming back!

Fat Kid Forever x Tipsy Pig Gastropub's
Tipsy Pig Gastropub
Location: Capitol Commons, Pasig City
Tel: (02) 681 8114
4:00 PM - 4:00 Am Daily

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June 23, 2014

TDUG: The Li'l Sum'n Sum'n Vest

I think most of the items inside my closet these days have been just two things tops: black and denim. And this look is more or less my closet personified. I have grown so accustomed to black that I never really consider wearing other color at the moment. I usually just look out for a li'l sum'n sum'n to spice up an all black everything ensemble which in this case is a black sando from H&M, thrifted black satin shorts, and the good ole black Chucks. And the li'l sum'n sum'n being this - prepare for a mouthful of adjectives, folks - washed off, studded, distressed and a rock star feel over denim vest. SOLD!

On the day I took this vest for a spin, I went out with the family for lunch and some bowling fun! It was easy to move around and the sleeveless detail of the vest made it even easier for me to swing my arms around. I ended up with a broken fingernail, a sore body all over and a very bruised ego. I have also realized how my level of competitiveness has reached it's ground zero level that day, hahaha! But not without having the grandest time and the happiest heart with the ultimate joys of my life. All good. All ways. Always. A family affair. And that alone, not taking the vest in consideration, is enough to make me feel like a rock star all over.

And on that note... Happy Monday, you lovely lots!
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June 22, 2014

WWJS: A Grape Fit! by OPI

Every now and then, mostly on weekends, I find myself determined enough to whip up a DIY manicure session with myself. Today is one of those days and I picked up this beaut from OPI Happy Spring 2014 Collection.

WWJS. A Grape Fit! is a gorgeous bright light purple shade. It's like lilac in a bottle and you instantly feel spring-y all over just by looking at it. The collection's actually composed of a gorgeous selection with a mix of both pastels and brights that has got spring written all over them! It's a creme formula and you can achieve its opaque finish with 2 coats and I personally prefer that. However, if you prefer a lighter shade, one coat will be enough. Application can be a bit tricky as I have got the most fidgety hands in the world and the tiniest nails ever so even if the nail polish brush that comes with it is wide enough and absorbs just the right amount of the formula for a single coating, it's still quite hard for me to achieve a flawless finish. Any top coat will have to do to help you lock in the color and make it last longer. But usually with OPI Nail Lacquers, it lasts up to at least 3 days before it starts to chip for me, even with a top coat on. Although I can guarantee you that's just me. How long does it last for you? I'm a bit curious as to why I am such an unfortunate one, maybe I'm doing something wrong or missing a step or two.

Anyway... I find A Grape Fit! to be such a fun and bright color (though it registers lighter on the camera), which is perfect to wear for the spring and summer but may not be limited to these seasons - at all! I love me a purple polish all year long and this is a good one. It's like having a piece of your summer right at your fingertips and that right there, my friends, is a good pun. You reckon?

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June 21, 2014

Previously on TGTC Show...

Seeing as I am a self-confessed woman with one too many passions, I have added another item on the list - the mountains. It's fairly the reason why I disappeared over the summer, I was too busy chasing the sunrise! My first climb, as pictured above, is no less than THE Mt. Pulag. It's the highest peak in Luzon, 2922 meters above sea level and officially the 2nd highest in the Philippines. We trekked the Ambangeg trail, the easiest one among the selection of four. The one that features The Grassland which is where this photo was taken.

Now, you may ask me why... Why climb a mountain?

You can't really climb a mountain without traveling to the mountains first. And when you are traveling and eventually climbing to the top, you are what you are right there and then. People don't have your past to hold against you. There are no yesterdays on the road. You come and leave as you are. Most of my days, I can never be who I am right there and then - which is just a girl. I am my job, my insecurities, my dreams, my flaws. But when you're out there? I can be that person, I am exactly just who I am - just but a girl. Stripped off of everything else but one thing, one single task at hand and that is to climb the frickin' mountain. Nothing else. Nothing more. No judgments. No yesterdays.

That is why. This is my why.

So you can expect a post about The Girl and The Mountains from now on! I'm so excited at the thought of it! Maybe not as often as I want it to be though, especially now that the rainy season has arrived. But I will try to share as much as I can when I can. I am currently brewing my First Climb Ever post, just finishing off some video clips to go with it, so I hope you'll stick around for that and allow me take you with me to experience life in an entirely different level - like 2922m above sea level to be precise. Anyone up for it?

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WWJS: Happy Skin in My First Kiss

Shut Up and Kiss Me in First Kiss
Get Cheeky with Me in First Kiss
First things first. I luckily got first dibs on their first ever collection! I got mine as a gift from my Monita during our annual New Year's celebration. They recently launched the brand out here in the Philippines during that time and I was curious to try them out so when the situation presented itself, aka when I was asked to list down my wish, I instantly came up with it. I was even specific as to where you can find 'em - go inside any Plains & Prints store. So technically I have been well using the product for more than a couple of months now. The moisturizing lipstick is called Shut Up & Kiss Me and the blush is called Get Cheeky with Me - how adorably cute are those names though! But wait till you learn about the names of the shades, whole new level of cuteness (and naughtiness on the side)! I got the shade of First Kiss for both. Is it just me or you also think my Monita's on with something when she got me these? Ha!

The Lippie in First Kiss. This lippie offers three-fold lip service: the shine of a gloss; the pigment of a lipstick & the hydration of a balm! Spoil yourself with Shea butter & Collagen to keep your lips in lip-lockin' shape.

WWJS. Check, check and check. There's your three-fold lip service list ticked off! I can't quite believe how they did it but it's true! The packaging is adorable! I know there's been one too many of these chubby stick-ish-esque-like lip products out there but maybe it's because it's practical and easy to use even to store and carry around. The formula feels rich and luxurious on your lips that I really enjoy every application I make. It glides like butter on your lips but it doesn't make them shine or look too oily for your life. One layer is enough but to reach its maximized shade, it will take two layers. And the stain lasts long enough until you've had a drink or two. And the shade? Oh the shade!!! Gorgeous! Kind of fitting to be called the First Kiss actually! It's like a perfect cross between a natural and a pink lip. It gives out a sophisticated color perfect for every day use. There's also no need for a balm or a gloss application because it's ridiculously moisturizing to the lips. It's really so perfect for a working girl like me. The shade's not too loud for daily office use and not to tame for after office shenanigans. And it's extremely flattering, whether you're morena or fair-skinned, it will definitely work on you.

The Blush in First Kiss. Mimic that flush of first love or that fresh, rosy glow brought on by stolen glance. Get Cheeky with Me lends a hydrating tinge of natural color to your cheeks, topping them with a light diffusing sheen that lasts all day. Fake that flush of a First Kiss and bring back that oh-so-loving feeling. This blusher is infused with Cherry Blossoms extract that lock in moisture and keep cheeks fresh and hydrated. Both sweat- and smear-proof, it keeps you blushing until you swipe it off. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

WWJS. I love this!!! I haven't been using any alternative blush since I got my hands on this! The formula is highly pigmented and it sticks out to your cheeks throughout the day even without foundation. When you look at the pan, you'd see a bit of shimmer here and there and when applied, that offers such a healthy glow altogether! I couldn't help to think how fitting the name is for the blush. This is probably how your cheeks looked like after, well, your first kiss. It will give your cheeks a healthy, freshly pinched glow almost instantly and effortlessly. As for packaging, you'd think it's risky to use a box-like structure but this one, for some reason, doesn't get crumpled or crushed or anything you'd expect from a such packaging. It holds up even if it gets tramped on very too often inside my makeup kit. Very good for everyday use and just like the lipstick, super suitable for working girls like you and me.

Kind of late to the bandwagon, it took me long enough actually. If not for a friend overseas who asked me details about Happy Skin the other day, (Hi Monikachelle!) I never would've thought of coming up with a post. Which is rather a shame because there's so much to say about the brand Happy Skin, the products they carry and the country it is from - Republic of the Philippines represent! I love how you get that luxurious feeling upon the application of their products. It doesn't feel heavy on the face and certainly not heavy on the pocket. Also, since they recently launched a new collection for the Summer '14 and it's looking mighty fine! I have come to love their products so when they came up with gorgeous summer shades, I wasn't really surprised, I expected that! Currently itching to get my hands on that The Morning After lippie and blush... How about you, did I convince you yet?

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So... this finally happened for me. A spontaneous date with myself on a weekday which is pretty much an accomplishment by my standards. I just decided I'd go and watch in on a whim while I was walking my usual way to the MRT. I took the road less traveled to Shang because I thought it'll be less packed and slightly more acceptable to watch alone in a muted crowd. But I was wrong! When I checked in for the 7P timeslot, it was almost a full house! I literally just walked in straight to the counter, purchased the infamous ticket for one, then head straight to the cinema because for once, my timing is just perfect! Hey Thought Catalog, I am now 21/24, thank you very much.

I knew I was going to cry. What I didn't know though is that I'm going to cry incessantly. No. Kidding. There were no sobbing or loud sniffles, nothing to that extent. It was more like an extended, suspended sixty second cry all throughout the movie. I can't even remember when I started crying. I also cannot come up with things to say on how I find the movie rendering this post rather pointless. But let's just say some, if not most, of the movie adaptations of novels usually fall short when it finally presents itself on the big screen, this isn't one of them for me. Just as this is not a love story of two people with cancer. It is a story about that kind of love I often find myself wishing I had, let alone have. It really doesn't matter how long you have been with someone or the time you have had or left in each other's lives. It will always be about the kind of love you have for each other during the time you are together. And when that kind of love is the right one, it can be the most beautiful thing you can experience in this lifetime.

PS. Augustus Waters coming to life thru Ansel Elgort is such a luxury for those who have read and loved the TFIOS, or at least that's what it felt like for me and I've read and loved the book. Now, it is one thing to be Gus in the book, you can have your own little version of him while reading it and trust me, mine was nothing close to an Ansel. But his Gus justification was on point in all levels.

The Fault in Our Stars in a nutshell? To fall in love and to live with pain is a possibility. You should give it a try. Okay? Okay.

Did you get to watch? What are your post movie thoughts? I'd love to hear some!

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