April 19, 2014

WWJS: Sephora Grab'n Go Double-Ended Brush

Ain't that a gorgeous shade for a brush though? Tres chic, ei. Let me introduce you to one of my most loved products because it literally lives up to its name - grab'n you're good to go! I have no idea why I haven't posted about it yet. So a little disclaimer here, and apologies as well, as I am not sure if it's still out there in the market. I have had this for a long while now, I'm talking about years so Sephora may or may not be carrying them or worst, could possibly be sold out by now. But fingers crossed you'd stumble upon one and let me know when you do!

I came across this brush during a random trip to an Outlet Store in Dubai, they carry Sephora products and I can clearly remember getting it for half of its original price. The color's just bursting with so much energy that it definitely caught my fancy. The handle comes in a glossy finish with a sturdy grip both for the powder and the shadow ends. The bristles were soft and smooth onto the face and eyelids respectively. The powder brush might as well be a face brush because it can actually work several ways. I've tried using it for powder, bronzer and blush on and you can actually make it work for you depending on your strokes. As for the shadow brush, it's a cross between a tapered and blending brush and just like the powder brush, it can work as an all around eyeshadow brush. I've mainly used it for putting the shadow all over the lid and then for blending and defining respectively.

WWJS. I love it!!! As the name suggests, it's ideal for girls on the go. Or you know, girls like me who cannot be bothered to switch up brushes in the morning when she's already running late - ooopsies! It's also perfect for traveling. Or for when you simply need something to carry around with you on your daily make up kit for touch ups and whatnot during a day of errands and/or a night out. What's there not to love?! Um, actually, I can think of one, just one tiny bit thing I find rather inconvenient - the storage. Keeping it together with the rest of my brushes is not really an option since I can't really put it in a parallel position given the double-ended feature. So I make do by laying it down inside the drawer. A bit tricky especially when it comes to fitting it inside a make up kit. But then what's a bit of a bother for a brush that can actually cover almost everything about your face? Yes, that's what I thought too. It's practical. It's a 2-in-1 but so much more. It works. And it's bloody brilliant - quite literally, if I do say so myself. Bonus beauty points as you'd be looking tres chic while at it, because like I initially said, ain't that a gorgeous shade for a brush! Thought so too.

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