April 05, 2014

Write Anyway.

To say that I have been on a hiatus would be the understatement of the century - I've totally disappeared into thin air, it's not even riding off a horse towards a pink sunset, it's just me disappearing into plain, thin air. Like, POOF. Just that.

Basically, I was out of it. For months. I couldn't keep a single coherent thought in mind, let alone ink them down or type it out. So out of it that I couldn't quite convince myself to magically waltz my way back into blogging even if I tried. Not even when people started asking and looking for new posts. Not even after getting me enough fan girl fuel. Not even when I have enough material to work with. Not even when my emotions are already up to the brim. A writer's block isn't even appropriate, it's not what it is. I think the word I am looking for is uninspired.

I used to say that if my life will be summed up into one App, it's going to be iWrite. It'll always be under the most used category. Because when life shuts the daylights out of me, I shut up big time in response. And in the absence of my speaking voice, my written words' all I've got.

So yes future self, in the event of finding yourself in the same situation in the near future, keep this in mind: Write Anyway. Uninspired? Write anyway. Stuck in a rut? Write anyway. Struggling? Write anyway. Too lazy to be bothered? Write, write, write anyway. Because some things, if not all, are better on paper.

So here's to me and you and way better things ahead. And oh, this is me writing anyway.

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