April 17, 2014


If I don't try and post it now, I may never get around to posting this as I cannot seem to find the right set of words especially if I'm endlessly thinking about ways on how to meet them again as soon as humanly possible. And also because I think I'm now permanently distracted by The Coachella Matty in all his shirtless x black low-rise jeans glory. But I cannot NOT share this and immortalize the memory because 10 years from now, I'd probably kick myself for not even trying to and besides, along with the not going is not an option category is the not sharing is not an option subcategory so here goes nothing...
NEON DISCLAIMER: This post will be a mouthful, as in endless slew of emotions, words, thoughts all rolled into one. Don't say you're not warned. Ha! ;)
Of course, there will be B&W photos all over but I'm starting off my story with this one. Boys and girls, for the very first time in my fangirling history, and I have been a fangirl all my life, I have been dethroned - outfangirled actually. I didn't even think it was a possibility, or if it is an actual, acceptable word for that matter but it's true and it happened!
That right there is the Trinoma crowd I braved in order to watch The 1975 over the weekend that they were in Manila for their Ayala Malls tour. I died. It's the craziest kind of crazy. I lived. I know. Now don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against 17 and a half year old fangirls and fanboys - I've been there, done that and obviously, I am very much and still a fangirl at my late twenties. But this whole teenage fandom thing at this day and age? This is an entirely different level and completely unknown territory. I nearly gave up my space and just let them have all of it and watch from the quiet of the sidelines. But guess what? There is no sideline, let alone a quiet one! I cannot believe I'd live to see the day I'd prefer a 21+ drunk Sandance crowd until this happened to me, it's all just a bit intense and overwhelming and this is coming from me. It's either that or I am really just too old for any of this.
BUT. The 1975 is worth it. Not going is not an option. All ways, always.
It all boils down to this fact actually. Whenever I'm reminded of how hard it was for everyone, I'm also reminded of the happy faces all over and that makes it worth it. All the time, effort, tears, sweat, emotions - name it! I was there pretty early since I wanted to get hold of the tickets for CD signing - the only chance you can get to be thisclose to the boies, if you don't have the coveted Meet and Greet stubs. The tickets will only be available for the first 100 to come in the venue and I didn't make the cut because, outfangirled. Some of them were there as early as 4AM!!! How crazy is that! So I was basically just lounging around since the show starts at 7P. You won't believe the madness that followed after that! There were too many people so early in the afternoon and they were already in line - show does not start till 7! Never ever underestimate the hearts of teenage fangirls -an overdose of my own medicine. After 2 hours of sitting around the floor to save our line, we were finally asked to fall in line properly so they can start letting us in the barricaded area. That was the longest 2 hours of my life by the way. I was starting to feel frustrated because why do I have to suffer this much just to see a band that I love live??!! Everything's a first for me and I don't think I'd ever do anything with the same level of difficulty again! Yep, I said it.
I knew they've arrived when I heard the loudest possible screams ever and I was shaken to the core beyond belief inside the mosh pit of the general admission area. It was impossible to stay on your ground, you will be pushed over, thrown away and shouted at. But it's the good kind of crazy. Fangirls and fanboys have this kind of understanding, like an own language that doesn't even require any talking at all. I've met several girls and boys while we were waiting and they were all so kind and genuine. I even had one buy me a bottle of water since I am thisclose to losing it, while I had another kind soul who fell in line for me because I really wasn't having any of it. Then a bunch who kept on checking on me since again, I wasn't really having any of it. I am such a stubborn, reluctant fangirl. Must be age eh. HAHAHA. Then what do you know... George had to come out, with a hoodie on, to do a one-two-test on his drums. And not long before, the rest of the boies did too and the crowd, of course, went totally insane! But at least it's finally happening!!!
Meet Matthew. George. Adam. Ross. The 1975 from Manchester, England. If you don't have any idea who they are, I blogged about them and their music here. Or how good they are in record, then head over to Youtube or click the links I've attached below. Much better if you can buy the CD which is currently Number 1 off the charts! But to enjoy and drink them all in live? Man, I suggest you get to the nearest venue where they will be performing because agsjkadgajkdgassgfsdagfsdjkgfasdhkf!!! The experience is just beyond words. Even beyond emotions actually. The lyrics are just so raw, absolutely no subtlety at all. No pretensions, no sugarcoating of any sort. It's like you're being stripped off and exposed naked after you've listened to the tracks. And the greatest irony of it all? It doesn't sound like it. I mean, they prefer to dance than to growl. If you get my drift, yeah? And even if they are dressed in black from head to toe most of the time, if not all the frickin' time, there's no sense of darkness or hollowness to the beats and melody of all their songs. You'll find yourself dancing in place, bobbing your head or smiling your way through every song. How is it even fair for 4 good looking lads with the sexiest accent in town to be this talented? They don't even try to be - they just are. Not anything more or somebody else but their very own unapologetic selves. And that's both the harm and charm of The 1975 for 'ya!
They performed a full set minus the few ones that requires sax accompaniments. But that is not me complaining, that is just me saying because they had a total of 13 songs nevertheless! They sound incredibly powerful live! Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it! There's nothing like seeing how the songs you have come to love the most come alive in the presence of the band you love right before your eyes (and ears for that matter). They're a four-man band but they are just so much more than that. Ross and Adam is the 5th and 6th man respectively for when they'll be switching instruments from guitars to digital synthesizers. Then there's George on the drums which is pretty much a given, he's all that skipped beats and loud dubs and more. It's almost impossible to see where his hands are at, so quick with those drum sticks! And well, Matthew being Matty doing all them #MattyThings.
I will never ever listen to these songs the same way like before, this is how it's always been for me after a live concert experience, and I figured since I have been blabbing about their lyrics so much and also because it's one of the infamous #MattyThings, you can't really understand most of what he's saying (or singing), I'm going to quote my fave ones following their Manila Setlist - except for M.O.N.E.Y. and Menswear because these ones right here my friends, are all Ross Stewart for me! "If you want to find love then you know where the city is..." This reminds me of a future happy memory. My fave city will always be London and I haven't been there. The next one up is Seattle and like London, I haven't been. So this is just spot on for me and it doesn't help that this sounds so sweet with Matty's whispered voice. During Talk! it was all Matty for me and this, "I'd be an anchor but I'm scared you'd drown - it's safer on the ground..." Aaaahhh, guys with amaaaaazing way with words. He's a walking disclaimer, that Matty guy. It's like he'll present himself in all his calloused hands and messy hair and drunk self glory and then it's all up to you to take it all or leave it from there. Now here comes the best part, my faves and I'm going to quote a whole phrase just because!!! You're sure that I'd learn, we're pushing through bodies - avoiding me and walking around you. You're cold and I burn, I guess I'll never learn 'cause I stay another hour or two." Riiiiiight. Because, boy next store. A very unconventional way of putting things into perspective. Gah! Where were you guys some two years ago? This is a perfect soundtrack to my once upon a boy next store non-story. "You got something to say why don't you speak it out loud instead of living in your head? It's always the same why don't you take your heart out instead of living in your head?" Well, that's aside from the sweetest set of words in the form of, "it's just you and I tonight, why don't you figure my heart out?" Just. So. Spot. On. I'd probably have this in the back of my head for when I finally find someone whom I'd want to take and figure my poor beating heart - cheeseballs!!! I haven't had that emotion in a while so it's good to be reminded of that feeling thru this song. "My broken veins say that if my heart stops beating, we'll bleed the same way." I have heard about broken hearts, but broken veins? On a different level, friends. And then there's "Do you wanna dance, do you wanna dance, do you wanna dance in the bar at the back of the hall..." Hearing this live made me appreciate the song a thousand times more, cliche alert! But really, I didn't expect it to be so real and so sincere you can almost, I dunno, touch it? Yeah, that. "I know you're looking for salvation in this secular age but girl I'm not your savior." Insert #MattyThings here. It's just what it is. Like there's a neon sign on his forehead saying: Enter At Your Own Risk. I told you, no subtlety - at all. Always on point, kind sir.  But if you just take off your mask, you'd find out everything's gone wrong... This is probably one of the saddest songs that is actually sad because the whole sound of it just stabs you and cuts you open. Coincidentally, Matty claims it to be a love song. So I guess that makes it a sad, love song? The way Matty sings it? It just rips your world apart. "We're never gonna quit it no we're never gonna quit it, no..." What did I say about the lack of sugarcoating? This is it right here. It's obviously about addiction, you know how we're all addicted to something that takes the pain away? My Coca-Cola and fangirling sentiments exactly! Does he take care of you or could I easily fill his shoes? Unrequited love innit. 'Nuff said. And this is when the boys amongst the crowd of shrieking fangirls finally made their presence felt because, "she's got a boyfriend anyway." Aw. I didn't think it was possible to fall deeper into The 1975 blackhole but I just did - I was even prepared to be swept off my feet and blown away but it turns out to be an understatement of the century. I have died and gone straight to The 1975 Heaven. It is such a good place to be, if you ask me.
Somewhere in between the craziness, Matty asked the crowd to say hello to his mom, who I think is over the phone or maybe Skype or Snapchat or whatever the whole time. Why do I seem to always have an affinity to boys close to their moms? I know, there's like that for me, too much of a fangirl from my own good. And then because everything sounds better in British, my biased self will always have an appropriate squee whenever he'd made an adlib of some sort. I can listen to that speaking voice for hours and I swear, I wouldn't get tired. And so much props to these Manchester Boies. The mall tour is one thing, the mobbing from each and every mall tour including that of the hotel they're at? Insane. And then they have to perform under the the hot Manila skies at 4P. Something else entirely. But never, as in not even once, will you spot any tiredness nor arrogance or annoyance from their faces; nor find poorness or lackluster from any of their performances. They're the opposite actually - they were all out. Almost too good to be true these Manchester boies. And like I said, that's both their harm and charm. As for me, with this long a*s blog entry, it's pretty self-explanatory already how I've been harmed and charmed and everything else in between. Not complaining.
And yep, that's a super smiling me down below, going off stage after the happiest moments of my fangirl life. Just. Got. Lucky. More of this, and the last installment of my Blabs About The 1975 Lads on my next post where I have a little surprise you, if you're like me who's still suffering from a however hardcore fangirl hangover. Exciting times!!! And if you can't tell, well I've been well plotting my next encounter with the boies already. They better bring the Sax Guy in here when they come back next year. And then they better include Heads.Cars.Bending and Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You on their setlist. That is if I can wait for next year, I already have some insane thoughts in my mind and if it happens, then it will top and scratch off all of the #angtunaynafangirl claims I've made and declared before. Because after giving some thoughts on the matter, I've realized this whole fangirling, it's never going to end. Not happening anytime soon at least. For this isn't a chase that will eventually come to an end, like what I have been claiming for the longest time, it's a cycle - it frackin' knows no end. I'm Joys and I'd rather and much preferably chase rockstars for a living, yourself? Hint hint.
The 1975 in Manila Round 1. The Girl and The City was there. You weren't. Or were you? Regardless, I'll see you in Round 2!
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Please don't take the photos without permission 'cos they're not even mine to begin with, they're Rio Delizo's. TYIA. x

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