April 06, 2014

The 1975 : An Interlude

And this is how it started.. at least for me. And also since everybody's been asking me who THE 1975 is, or is that who THE 1975 is. Trust me, the weirdest of the weird comments have been thrown my way, including that of my litol brudder's. According to him, I listen to bands who only seems to exist in my world. In Tagalog, "Alam mo naman si ate, yung mga bands nya sya lang nakakaalam." 

So anyway, quick background. Last year, I was on the lookout for a new band to listen to and in the truest form of #jyscmlllogic, I decided on searching any band with the word THE on their names. By this time, I'm already listening to The XX so it kind of figures. Don't ask but it hoas something to do with Lindsey Kelk and my fondness with her and her I Heart Series. In there, I stumbled upon The Arctic Monkeys (I later on found out that you can disregard the The but it came with The in the novel, so there) and The National. So naturally, I started searching for them on Youtube, then eventually I stumbled further into The Head and The Heart, The Strokes, then eventually and ever meant to be, The 1975.

Fast forward to earlier this year, when I started listening to local radio stations again, I caught an upbeat song that reminded me of The 1975 kind of music and I'm like, WHOA WAIT OMG. It was Girls over at Jam 88.3 and since I was reminded of them again, I figured I'd search Youtube for the second time around and be a bit more precise this time. I stumbled upon this live video of them performing Heart Out x Settle Down in Seattle. It was a done deal after the intro Matty did... I wasn't really prepared for a very strong English accent and very sweet words from a reluctant looking rockstar. And then he's out there wearing a black singlet and a rad hairstyle and can we obsess a bit more about the sexiest accent in town? THE WORDS. SO MUCH FEELS. Heart Out is like my modern day soundtrack. I have been told off on how I always keep my thoughts to myself. And how I find it really borderline sweet to hear the words "it's just you and I tonight, why don't you figure my heart out~" is beyond me. I never realized it would make me giggle than cringe since I mostly hate being asked why but now? Assdgadaashsgdkadghkh ask away. Ask me, I might. Settle Down however is halfheartedly dedicated to some boie next store. This is the first time in a long while I've spoken of him but the song's more of me actually, since you know I can't be found with you~. When someone has a beautiful way with words, there's a 100% chance that I like him already. The 1975 is just that. All words, raw emotions and everything else in between. Just when you thought you had them figured out, you'd realize you're wrong. They may be dressed in black, punk rock written all over the outsides but no as they like to dance than growl, if you get my drift. I didn't realize I was smiling to myself like a crazy person until one of my officemates came up to me asking why there's a silly grin plastered all over my face. And then her next words totally caught me off guard... As it turns out, they're coming to the Philippines in a month's time and I have had no idea about it. Good job, Joys Camille. And so I went to being the girl: flabbergasted to gutted to distracted and then finally, uninterrupted. Standard.

After a few clicks, I found out about the concert details and it's nothing like I've ever gone to before. I don't do mall gigs. At least not anymore. The first and last ones I've considered going to was that of Hale's during my college days, literally decades agoooooo. And since I've got no idea on how to go about mall gigs these days, let alone with an international act headlining, I had to go the extra mile of attending a fan party. Now. Let. That. Sink. In. I blocked off my calendar and literally had to wait for further details. Because until two weeks prior to the main event, there were still no instructions available. All I know is that they will be performing live at the Ayala Malls, s'all. I also asked around, friends whom I know have possibly attended a similar event in the past and I found out how it works. Bit of a task if you ask me, trust me when I say it wasn't all easy. But more of that on my next post which is going to be up tomorrow. It's called How I Made The 1975 in Manila Happen. It excites me to share the bits and bobs with all of you because it may not contain a #MattySelfie or a #HealyHug but it's something else entirely, something I never thought is an actual possibility but also something that is actually mine. So yeah, I'd take it.

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  1. Hi Ate! You may also want to listen to The Civil Wars, The Concept, The Head and the heart, The Joy Formidable, The Mountain Goats, The Weeknd and The Naked & Famous! You'll love them! <3

    1. Hiiii Eah, you're here!!! x Duly noted, my dear. I have The Weekend and The Head and The Heart already. *high five* I've heard about The Naked and Famous but I have yet to check the rest. Thanks for all the reco, sweetie! xxx


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