April 11, 2014

TGIS: #MattyThings

I'm supposed to upload the whole bit and Finale + Giveaway for The 1975 x TGTC but I got distracted from watching all of their videos on Youtube. Okay maybe not all but some of their live performances, festivals and gigs alike. So hard to deal with HHFH, I tell you. If you're wondering what that is, you're probably new in here, but it's However Hardcore Fangirl Hangover. I suffer from it every single time. There's no getting used to, unfortunately for me.

I'm just going to keep this short and sweet, for now, by sharing with you one of the many #MattyThings I am totally fond of. If you can remember, I did a very similar post featuring Mr. Lightbody before. And they share a huge lot in common I prolly would end up copy-pastin' most of the words but ha, there's a pattern, or a point in here somewhere... oh dear. I'm suchablabberinblablahblah.


#MattyThings 01. A very bed hair day. His mass of uber sexy curly topsThe hair game. Always on point, kind sir. //

During the Trinoma show, his mass of curly tops has reached a new level of sexy when he pulled it up on a ponytail for a good 20 seconds, sang a few lines while at it and then let it all down again to whip it back and forth, sideways and all over together with every single hardcore strum of his guitar. It was during Heart Out. Poof. Instant Orlando Bloom. Only better. Because Bloom has got nothing on Healy. With his guitar strapped around his body and literally his heart on his sleeves, really who needs Orlando. I'd take Matty every single time.

Happy belated birthday, Hotstuff. Enjoy your show. It's one thing to know you are sexy and an entirely different thing to be sexy. Our Matthew here is just having the best of both worlds almost effortlessly. Darn, son.

Oh, I know... And yeah. You're welcome.

ETA: I promised not to take any videos during the show because 1) it was an impossibility. I was in the mosh pit of the general admission area - center not-so-upfront but in the middle of it all; 2) I really just want to enjoy the show in all its glory. But I cannot NOT immortalize the moment for myself for future use. And so I did. And I am just uber glad the video turned out to be good enough to keep. Aaaahhhh... The feels. So much raw emotions up to the brim. Nothing ever beats falling in love all over again with the words you were so used to hearing after a live experience with the band. Nothing like it. You will never listen to the song the same way ever again. It will always feel like the first every single time after that. At least that's how it's always going to be for me.

Also, for you to see the many levels of Matty's very bed hair day.

So here you go, The 1975 Heart Out Live in Manila 2014.

Disclaimer: Video by me, the voices aren't. The shrieking voices, for the very first time in my fangirling history, aren't mine. Nopes. But look out for the "I love you" bit. It's somewhere out there. You can just imagine how the atmosphere was the whole time. I believe the word you are looking for is juxtaposition. Kidding! My words still fail me so why don't we ask Matty about it? HA!

Photos by Rio Delizo.

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