April 06, 2014

TDUG: The Keds Are All White

I called it in early this year, this is going to be my Spring/Summer footwear of choice. It is a reminiscent of my 90's days and how ever fitting it could be since this is actually a hand-me-down from the well, the 90's. For reals.

Since I am not big on trends and I don't really plan to splurge my savings following them, (you know how I feel about this whole bit, I have other things to splurge on a very limited working girl budget - concerts to watch, live basketball games to conquer, rockstars to stalk, books to read, etc.). So I just did what a normal girl running on a work budget would do - look at her shoe closet and dig deeper into her shoe collection. Kidding. Mine won't even pass for a collection, I just have a few pairs. But I do recall having one pair looking a lot like white sneaker platforms I saw online. All white. Elevated. Very Sugar Spice inspired. Very basic. Such a classic.

I literally have to unbox them since I kept them inside of it for years. I guess that's when it's true when they say you pay for the quality. I used to think Keds' too high for my school girl budget then, I was still in high school in the 90's okay, but seeing how it's still in good condition after all these years - it's well worth the investment.

I don't even know what it's called, sorry ladies, it's a hand-me-down so there's no way to know the exact model but I tried to Googe+eBay it and it's somewhat called the Keds Leather Laced Up Platforms. I might as well have made that name up since it is what it is - white leather, laced up and a platform about 1.5 in high. It also says with Lycra®, which is very The 90's if I do say so myself. Also, it's a dream. I love it.

You know sometimes when you dream of a certain look and picture them on your mind then hope against hope it will look exactly as you have beautifully imagined them inside of your head in your actual reality? This is mine - the mom jeans and platform shoes look -which is coming right up under The Dress Up Girl. I've also paired this one with my skater dress and a snapback and I love it! I'll have someone take snapshot of me so you guys can see them in action.

If you spot a trend and fell in love with it right away, feel pressured not, especially if you're working under a budget like myself. Do your research. Both literally and then physically. Search up your closet or your mom's. Even your sister's. You may find something in there. Then make it work. Besides if you want something so bad, I'm pretty sure there's nothing that can stop you from getting it. You'll always, always find ways to make it work. True in fashion trends, true in life.

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