April 21, 2014

TDUG: Guns Hidden Under Our Petticoats

River Island Green Floral Print Cutout Prom Dress

I know what you are probably thinking by now - do we really need another post about a cutout dress with another The 1975 song reference? You're probably sick of it by now but I'm afraid the answer to your question is going to be a big fat yes. In fact, I feel like this is going to be a total ripoff of my own post about a little black dress with a twist which doesn't really make sense but there's a connection out here somehow, if not, a point. So...

To start with, let me justify my another The 1975 song reference by saying that this dress has an actual layer of petticoat in it to maximize the effect of the fit and flare shape of the skirt. I kid you not, a petticoat! And it's probably the reason why it's called a prom dress in the first place. But of course it's not how it's gonna go down for me. If springtime will present itself to me as a dress, this will be it. The floral prints. What else says spring in big bold letters than florals, really. The triangle cutouts of its waistline. This is a genius trick especially for us girls with curves! Combined with the fit'n flare shape, you will suddenly have the illusion of a tiny waist and wide hips! The embellished neckline. I personally don't fancy piling up accessories during the spring/summer season. I easily get hot and I sweat like crazy (TMI? Sorry.) so I refrain from wearing anything especially around my neck and conveniently enough, I wouldn't have to with this dress! The slimming trim detail of the sleeves. It's a flattering haltered top that cuts right up and down your shoulders, 'nuff said. And most importantly, the material allows you to breathe properly and allows an extra amount of air pass through your body while the knee-length cut allows you to move freely and comfortably. Easily the spring dress of my dreams!

But who knows, maybe an actual prom situation will magically present itself and the dress might end up serving me it's real purpose somehow. I may or may not be kidding. I'd rather the petticoats give me thae prom experience though than going to nobody knows with guns hidden under our petticoats. Unless of course the latter comes with a Matty then that's going to be a different story entirely - what prom? HA!

PS. For those of you who's a bit confused with my play of words and song references, you may want to watch the video and listen to Chocolate by The 1975 here first then read the posts again.

PPS. If you did so... A bit rad no? You're welcome. Hee.

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April 19, 2014

WWJS: Sephora Grab'n Go Double-Ended Brush

Ain't that a gorgeous shade for a brush though? Tres chic, ei. Let me introduce you to one of my most loved products because it literally lives up to its name - grab'n you're good to go! I have no idea why I haven't posted about it yet. So a little disclaimer here, and apologies as well, as I am not sure if it's still out there in the market. I have had this for a long while now, I'm talking about years so Sephora may or may not be carrying them or worst, could possibly be sold out by now. But fingers crossed you'd stumble upon one and let me know when you do!

I came across this brush during a random trip to an Outlet Store in Dubai, they carry Sephora products and I can clearly remember getting it for half of its original price. The color's just bursting with so much energy that it definitely caught my fancy. The handle comes in a glossy finish with a sturdy grip both for the powder and the shadow ends. The bristles were soft and smooth onto the face and eyelids respectively. The powder brush might as well be a face brush because it can actually work several ways. I've tried using it for powder, bronzer and blush on and you can actually make it work for you depending on your strokes. As for the shadow brush, it's a cross between a tapered and blending brush and just like the powder brush, it can work as an all around eyeshadow brush. I've mainly used it for putting the shadow all over the lid and then for blending and defining respectively.

WWJS. I love it!!! As the name suggests, it's ideal for girls on the go. Or you know, girls like me who cannot be bothered to switch up brushes in the morning when she's already running late - ooopsies! It's also perfect for traveling. Or for when you simply need something to carry around with you on your daily make up kit for touch ups and whatnot during a day of errands and/or a night out. What's there not to love?! Um, actually, I can think of one, just one tiny bit thing I find rather inconvenient - the storage. Keeping it together with the rest of my brushes is not really an option since I can't really put it in a parallel position given the double-ended feature. So I make do by laying it down inside the drawer. A bit tricky especially when it comes to fitting it inside a make up kit. But then what's a bit of a bother for a brush that can actually cover almost everything about your face? Yes, that's what I thought too. It's practical. It's a 2-in-1 but so much more. It works. And it's bloody brilliant - quite literally, if I do say so myself. Bonus beauty points as you'd be looking tres chic while at it, because like I initially said, ain't that a gorgeous shade for a brush! Thought so too.

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An Epilogue: Meeting THE 1975 x Giveaway Giving Back Gift

This will be the longest running series of episodes here on the blog: The 1975: An Interlude; How I Made The 1975 in Manila Happen; #MattyThings; The 1975 Live in Manila 2014. Yet another first with My Manchester Boies. I obviously couldn't stop talking about them even after a couple of weeks since their Manila Tour and even after they've gone home to London for the Royal Albert Hall gig and currently continents apart from where I am for Coachella and US Spring Tour. I guess it's safe to say this is how I deal. It had taken  me a while to share it because I wanted to keep the memory to myself first. Not that I don't want to share it at all though, I just don't want to diffuse it yet.
Five days. We were under the same Manila skies for 5 days. So when I started seeing uploaded photos and stories of chance encounters with the boies, I wanted to have one for myself - I was fairly determined to go and get me one actually. I thought it'll be a piece of cake since I have been doing similar tactics of increasing the chances with some people I fancy before and it had all been successful. But oh boy, not this time around and I will soon learn and accept that easy isn't going to happen between The 1975 and I. Let me give you an idea...
A typical day in a life of a The 1975 fan. You will line up for 16 hours pre-gig. Yep, give or take. Sitting on the floor, standing in line or what have you to get into the pit or thisclose to the band on stage. You will watch them perform for 45 minutes or so and it will be the happiest 45 minutes of your life. And then you will wait for another 2 hours or so post-gig to have a chat or a selfie with Matty, who happens to be too much of a babe for his own good. And when you get to do so, you will declare how the time, effort, tears, sweat, money you've spent is all worth it and how that day is the best day of your life because you've been to the best concert ever

April 17, 2014


If I don't try and post it now, I may never get around to posting this as I cannot seem to find the right set of words especially if I'm endlessly thinking about ways on how to meet them again as soon as humanly possible. And also because I think I'm now permanently distracted by The Coachella Matty in all his shirtless x black low-rise jeans glory. But I cannot NOT share this and immortalize the memory because 10 years from now, I'd probably kick myself for not even trying to and besides, along with the not going is not an option category is the not sharing is not an option subcategory so here goes nothing...
NEON DISCLAIMER: This post will be a mouthful, as in endless slew of emotions, words, thoughts all rolled into one. Don't say you're not warned. Ha! ;)
Of course, there will be B&W photos all over but I'm starting off my story with this one. Boys and girls, for the very first time in my fangirling history, and I have been a fangirl all my life, I have been dethroned - outfangirled actually. I didn't even think it was a possibility, or if it is an actual, acceptable word for that matter but it's true and it happened!
That right there is the Trinoma crowd I braved in order to watch The 1975 over the weekend that they were in Manila for their Ayala Malls tour. I died. It's the craziest kind of crazy. I lived. I know. Now don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against 17 and a half year old fangirls and fanboys - I've been there, done that and obviously, I am very much and still a fangirl at my late twenties. But this whole teenage fandom thing at this day and age? This is an entirely different level and completely unknown territory. I nearly gave up my space and just let them have all of it and watch from the quiet of the sidelines. But guess what? There is no sideline, let alone a quiet one! I cannot believe I'd live to see the day I'd prefer a 21+ drunk Sandance crowd until this happened to me, it's all just a bit intense and overwhelming and this is coming from me. It's either that or I am really just too old for any of this.
BUT. The 1975 is worth it. Not going is not an option. All ways, always.

April 13, 2014

WWJS: Love & Beauty 4 Piece Eye Brush Set by Forever 21

I was in a conversation with my friend the other day about how inspiration can come mainly from having the right tools. She was into drawing and she finally got an upgrade with her gadgets and now she's inspired more than ever to create things! And then I realized that's exactly how I feel towards eye make up and my newly purchased tools - an eye brush set! Trust me, I was just as shocked as you are. How can we possibly need 4 brushes and it's not even for our whole face, it's just for our eyes! Just know that I get you, it's the sshh we girls do, so I get you.

I have been searching for quite a while, I needed an affordable set that actually works. Since I'll just be using them for practice and I don't really have the extra money to splurge on a Real Techniques set just yet, I was more than happy to have chanced upon this set at Forever 21, of all the places, from their Love & Beauty section.

Contour blender. The pointy tip brush. I guess when you say contour it automatically means to shape so this is what I use to shape my eyes, to line the lid and reach the inner corners. All over eye blender. The flat tip brush. I use this to spread and blend the shadow all over the lid, including the brow bone area. Mini smudger. The short, curved tip brush. I use this to create depth and dimension also known as darken and define the creases. Liner. The angled tip brush. I use this to fill in my brows. I suppose this is really to line your lids, especially when using gel liners to create a winged eye, but I have not conquered that territory yet so this remains to be my brow brush.

The set comes in a black, lightweight box and the brushes are contained inside a plastic separator. Each brush comes in a sleek design, a mixture of matte end and glossy body holding the tip. The grip is sturdy and the bristles are soft and smooth on the eye upon application. I also find it fairly convenient to have the name labeled on the brush itself. The names which are also pretty much self-explanatory so it's really good for those who are just starting their way through eye make up artistry. They have them in black, mint and pink but of course I got the black ones because I'm just really a boring black person by default, ha!

WWJS. I like it. I like it a lot. If you're looking for a set to practice with or if you're going on a holiday and you need one that's perfect for traveling, then I highly recommend this one. Or maybe if you're just like me who needs an affordable set that actually works and can be used on a daily basis. This Love & Beauty Eye Brush Set gets the eye job done. And for a very affordable price, they actually look classier, more expensive and sophisticated than they really are. So I guess you can't complain about the rest of it because when it comes down to it, it actually works! End of story for me.

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April 11, 2014

TGIS: #MattyThings

I'm supposed to upload the whole bit and Finale + Giveaway for The 1975 x TGTC but I got distracted from watching all of their videos on Youtube. Okay maybe not all but some of their live performances, festivals and gigs alike. So hard to deal with HHFH, I tell you. If you're wondering what that is, you're probably new in here, but it's However Hardcore Fangirl Hangover. I suffer from it every single time. There's no getting used to, unfortunately for me.

I'm just going to keep this short and sweet, for now, by sharing with you one of the many #MattyThings I am totally fond of. If you can remember, I did a very similar post featuring Mr. Lightbody before. And they share a huge lot in common I prolly would end up copy-pastin' most of the words but ha, there's a pattern, or a point in here somewhere... oh dear. I'm suchablabberinblablahblah.


#MattyThings 01. A very bed hair day. His mass of uber sexy curly topsThe hair game. Always on point, kind sir. //

During the Trinoma show, his mass of curly tops has reached a new level of sexy when he pulled it up on a ponytail for a good 20 seconds, sang a few lines while at it and then let it all down again to whip it back and forth, sideways and all over together with every single hardcore strum of his guitar. It was during Heart Out. Poof. Instant Orlando Bloom. Only better. Because Bloom has got nothing on Healy. With his guitar strapped around his body and literally his heart on his sleeves, really who needs Orlando. I'd take Matty every single time.

Happy belated birthday, Hotstuff. Enjoy your show. It's one thing to know you are sexy and an entirely different thing to be sexy. Our Matthew here is just having the best of both worlds almost effortlessly. Darn, son.

Oh, I know... And yeah. You're welcome.

ETA: I promised not to take any videos during the show because 1) it was an impossibility. I was in the mosh pit of the general admission area - center not-so-upfront but in the middle of it all; 2) I really just want to enjoy the show in all its glory. But I cannot NOT immortalize the moment for myself for future use. And so I did. And I am just uber glad the video turned out to be good enough to keep. Aaaahhhh... The feels. So much raw emotions up to the brim. Nothing ever beats falling in love all over again with the words you were so used to hearing after a live experience with the band. Nothing like it. You will never listen to the song the same way ever again. It will always feel like the first every single time after that. At least that's how it's always going to be for me.

Also, for you to see the many levels of Matty's very bed hair day.

So here you go, The 1975 Heart Out Live in Manila 2014.

Disclaimer: Video by me, the voices aren't. The shrieking voices, for the very first time in my fangirling history, aren't mine. Nopes. But look out for the "I love you" bit. It's somewhere out there. You can just imagine how the atmosphere was the whole time. I believe the word you are looking for is juxtaposition. Kidding! My words still fail me so why don't we ask Matty about it? HA!

Photos by Rio Delizo.

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April 09, 2014

TDUG: Dressed in Black From Head To Toe

Topshop Cutout Midi Dress

Since we are kind of going on a series of The 1975 posts, props to anyone who noticed my The 1975 song reference for my blog post title. A bit too much already? No? Okay. Anyway...

This is my look for a debut I attended a few months back hence the semi-formal vibe. Since I wanted the dress to be the highlight of the whole look, it actually is without me trying, I wore minimal everything. Hair tied up in a high ponytail. A statement necklace with a pop of colour. Bare face (well, almost) with a bold lip colour. And the pumps to create an illusion of height and help emphasize my curves, or lack thereof.

The classic little black dress. With a twist. The midi length? Yes please. The midriff cutout? Si. The pencil cut? Oui. The subtle deep v neckline? Oh yes. All of the cuts are all in the right places, can this dress get any more perfect! That if someone would ask me to come up with a capsule wardrobe with only a single piece of little black dress in it, I'd easily pick this one up. Because it just works for me and I'm sure it will do the same to you. I even tried wearing it with my Keds and just wrapped a plaid shirt around my waist, put on a snap back and there you go, a different look entirely. I also may have even worn it "the other way around" - exposing my back instead of my tummy and that works too! That's how versatile the piece is. Even the material is dreamy, it's made of cotton and just hugs your body appropriately. No threat of wardrobe malfunction at all

Also, what summer dressing? All black everything.


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How I Made The 1975 in Manila Happen

If I'm going to take Matty's advice - get in the shower if it all goes wrong - I would've ended up showering just about a mill times more than usual, all in the name of a secured entry pass to one of their gigs.

March 15. Two things; 1) Astroplus in Trinoma hosted a The 1975 Fan Party; and 2) I was there. It was a Saturday and since I obviously have nothing better to do with my life than to fangirl flail, I blocked off my entire day and may have even turned down a summer weekend getaway in the process just to be there. In the back of my mind, I know I really shouldn't be doing anything like this at this point but then I have been doing this since I was 17 so really, what's the diff? Although let it be known that this is a first. I have never been to a fan party before. I have had no idea on what to expect or what's going to happen but all I know is that I have to be there. Why? I can now tell you in all honesty that it's because I got it all wrong. I initially thought the Instagram caption read something like if I buy a CD on the counter on that day, I'd already be entitled to a pass for the gig on the 29th. And that's all I ever really wanted. I just want a secured spot inside the barricaded area, s'all. So I thought this is the easiest way, if not the cheapest since it'll only cost me Php525 and a cameo appearance to a fan party, why the hell not. Easypeasy. Only I was wrong. Very wrong. I didn't realize it until I was handed a stub upon my CD purchase and then it all started to make sense. The caption actually says if I buy a CD, it'll be equivalent to a raffle stub that will give you a chance to win a lot of The 1975 things and one of them is a free pass to the gig. Kill me now. Lesson learned the funniest way possible. How can I even misread a caption with that important of a message? Too much of a fangirl freak for my own good sometimes. Hay naku, Joys Camille!

But I guess it's true when they say wrong things happen to right people. Chos. I may have just made that one up but it's really just so fitting. Because guess who ended up winning a signed CD layout AND a free pass to the Trinoma gig after all? MEEEEEEEE! I couldn't quite believe my fate. I guess it's really meant for me to meet the Manchester Boies after all because how else would you explain this? I don't do raffles, I never win anything. Well, not anymore. I was laughing the whole time because I had to get my prize out front and I feel like a neon sign of my age is flashing right across my forehead for everyone out there to see. I first won the signed CD layout and I was like no way... can I exchange this for a pass instead? How ungrateful, I know. Little did I know they were putting the names back in so when they called out mine for the second time around, this time it is for the free pass to the gig, finally, I was smiling for all the right reasons! Mission accomplished. Thank you, Astroplus Trinoma, with all of and from the bottom of, my forever fangirl heart.


[ Usually, it ends right there and I proceed to the concert experience after. Not this time around. The road to The 1975 with The Girl and The City goes on...

The week after. Of course this is when the respective malls finally announced the mechanics on how to go about the ticketing. So tricky and trippy if you ask me. Price to pay for free shows I guess. Like I said, a bit of a task but never ever everrr underestimate the power of a fangirl's heart. I swear, there's nothing like it. Especially that of a healthy, beating teenage fangirl heart. Yes everyone. I have been outfangirled by the teenage girls! Unbelievable. I probably should have known better but I honestly never really expected a huge following so I was just meh about it. I will later on find out that huge is even an understatement of the century. So anyway, after finding out the dates and further instructions, I know I should never really care anymore because I already have a pass with me right? Except I am never happy so I was still on the lookout for a Meet & Greet pass - none of these are for sale too, you either win it or I don't know get lucky and end up with it regardless. Which I will later on find out (again) is a separate one from the free pass or a seat stub. Along with many other unforeseen circumstances such as a VIP area on a standing room only activity center, I didn't even know there's a VIP category since tickets for this area are all complimentary; CD signing pass for the first 100 buyers of the CD on the day of the show at the venue. Apparently the free pass is just that - a free pass to enter the barricaded area after the VIP area which takes up the front of the stage and leaves us normal people with general admission tickets a good arm's length away from the same VIPs. And an entire half court length away from the Boies. How baduy is that. So there.

The week that was. Like usual, I got me my pre-concert jitters. Am I alone in this? I suffer from this every single time I am headed to a concert I have long been waiting for a week prior to the event. Can't sleep, can't eat, can't settle and can't even think properly. My default stalker self was on it - Instagram posts, tweets and all that jazz until I finally see a post from Matty - a video of their transatlantic travel from Amsterdam to Man-illa. Ssshh just got real, the boies are finally here. AND THEN IT WAS PURE MADNESS AFTER THAT. Chance encounters with the boies popped up like crazy! Touchdown photos from fangirls working in the airport, random mall encounters and eventually Matty / George / Adam / Ross selfies for those who followed them and basically stalked them at the hotel and got lucky. I wasn't part of the lucky batch unfortunately.

Since I am such a fan of chance encounters, I thought I should give myself and the boies a chance at once. FYI, it isn't stalking, it's called increasing the chances... HA! But then, I keep getting things wrong. First, the hotel. I got it wrong so there was no chance to see them in the first place. Had I been on the right spot, I would've been thisclose to seeing Matty but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Next option for me is to be part of the 1st 100 on the venue to score them CD signing stubs since no M&G passes are up for stakes. This'll be the only chance I can get in meeting and actually seeing their pretty faces up close and hear those raw Brit accents speaking to my face. But then I stayed at the wrong entrance the whole time so even if I was already up early to get lucky, still wasn't lucky enough. No luck at all actually. Some hardcorer fangirls beat me to it. At least I can say that I did try though, I owe my forever fangirl heart that much, it just wasn't going to happen this time around Joys Camille. Get over it already. And that's when I stopped trying and started making peace with my current reality instead. Which isn't so bad at all. I'm seeing My Manchester Boies perform live. In Manila. Twice. For free. Whowouldvethunkdat. ]

Despite getting it all wrong every single time I try harder to make some extra The 1975 things happen for me, it's all worth the trouble. I owe my fangirl self that much, try and get myself a chance encounter with them. Fangirl state of mind, ladies and gentlemen. Big love to my Manchester Boies, I have done a lot of firsts in my fangirl life for you and I have been a fangirl all my life already, I myself didn't think it's possible. Don't ask why but heck, if it ain't obvious enough already, The 1975 falls right under my not going is not option category. So you know - all ways, always.

It's happening. It may have given me a huge deal of both fortunate and unfortunate events but that doesn't change the fact it's going to happen. The 1975 x The Girl and The City, that is. UNREAL.

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April 06, 2014

The 1975 : An Interlude

And this is how it started.. at least for me. And also since everybody's been asking me who THE 1975 is, or is that who THE 1975 is. Trust me, the weirdest of the weird comments have been thrown my way, including that of my litol brudder's. According to him, I listen to bands who only seems to exist in my world. In Tagalog, "Alam mo naman si ate, yung mga bands nya sya lang nakakaalam." 

So anyway, quick background. Last year, I was on the lookout for a new band to listen to and in the truest form of #jyscmlllogic, I decided on searching any band with the word THE on their names. By this time, I'm already listening to The XX so it kind of figures. Don't ask but it hoas something to do with Lindsey Kelk and my fondness with her and her I Heart Series. In there, I stumbled upon The Arctic Monkeys (I later on found out that you can disregard the The but it came with The in the novel, so there) and The National. So naturally, I started searching for them on Youtube, then eventually I stumbled further into The Head and The Heart, The Strokes, then eventually and ever meant to be, The 1975.

Fast forward to earlier this year, when I started listening to local radio stations again, I caught an upbeat song that reminded me of The 1975 kind of music and I'm like, WHOA WAIT OMG. It was Girls over at Jam 88.3 and since I was reminded of them again, I figured I'd search Youtube for the second time around and be a bit more precise this time. I stumbled upon this live video of them performing Heart Out x Settle Down in Seattle. It was a done deal after the intro Matty did... I wasn't really prepared for a very strong English accent and very sweet words from a reluctant looking rockstar. And then he's out there wearing a black singlet and a rad hairstyle and can we obsess a bit more about the sexiest accent in town? THE WORDS. SO MUCH FEELS. Heart Out is like my modern day soundtrack. I have been told off on how I always keep my thoughts to myself. And how I find it really borderline sweet to hear the words "it's just you and I tonight, why don't you figure my heart out~" is beyond me. I never realized it would make me giggle than cringe since I mostly hate being asked why but now? Assdgadaashsgdkadghkh ask away. Ask me, I might. Settle Down however is halfheartedly dedicated to some boie next store. This is the first time in a long while I've spoken of him but the song's more of me actually, since you know I can't be found with you~. When someone has a beautiful way with words, there's a 100% chance that I like him already. The 1975 is just that. All words, raw emotions and everything else in between. Just when you thought you had them figured out, you'd realize you're wrong. They may be dressed in black, punk rock written all over the outsides but no as they like to dance than growl, if you get my drift. I didn't realize I was smiling to myself like a crazy person until one of my officemates came up to me asking why there's a silly grin plastered all over my face. And then her next words totally caught me off guard... As it turns out, they're coming to the Philippines in a month's time and I have had no idea about it. Good job, Joys Camille. And so I went to being the girl: flabbergasted to gutted to distracted and then finally, uninterrupted. Standard.

After a few clicks, I found out about the concert details and it's nothing like I've ever gone to before. I don't do mall gigs. At least not anymore. The first and last ones I've considered going to was that of Hale's during my college days, literally decades agoooooo. And since I've got no idea on how to go about mall gigs these days, let alone with an international act headlining, I had to go the extra mile of attending a fan party. Now. Let. That. Sink. In. I blocked off my calendar and literally had to wait for further details. Because until two weeks prior to the main event, there were still no instructions available. All I know is that they will be performing live at the Ayala Malls, s'all. I also asked around, friends whom I know have possibly attended a similar event in the past and I found out how it works. Bit of a task if you ask me, trust me when I say it wasn't all easy. But more of that on my next post which is going to be up tomorrow. It's called How I Made The 1975 in Manila Happen. It excites me to share the bits and bobs with all of you because it may not contain a #MattySelfie or a #HealyHug but it's something else entirely, something I never thought is an actual possibility but also something that is actually mine. So yeah, I'd take it.

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TDUG: The 1990's Baby

There's nothing even rad about this outfit. Basically the classics with a twist. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the 90's vibe written all over this look? The platforms and the jeans. I cannot be more appropriately called a 90's baby, eh.

My staple Friday look, ladies and gentlemen. Black sheer top from Maldita. Washed out denim high waist mom jeans. Keds platform sneakers. This is the first time I broke in the platforms after years of being inside a box. I was kind of worried the leather will fall off or I'd end up limping from blisters but it was all good. I wish I could've taken a detailed shot of this top but it's basically a summer staple for me. I know it's black and who wears black during the summer season but it's sheer material and it's daring out back - the outline for the spine's a see-thru lace. And more importantly it gives me an illusion of tapered upper body so I'd say yes to that every single time. And le 90's high waist mum jeanz. In plain English, The Mom Jeans. I cannot stress about how much this pair has made me happier. I've always had issues when buying jeans, I am somehow heavy on the bottom and I find it harder than the rest to find a perfect fitting pair. So when the world of fashion somehow came up with the idea of mom jeans coming back to life, I tried to get my hands on one. It's going to cover up most of my tummy and my back part without all the fuss of looking awkward because hello, that's how these jeans work. It's comfortable and actually flattering and I love, love, love it! Thank you fashion gods and goddesses. As we speak, I am now in search for my second pair. This has been well battered beyond belief by yours truly. Now I actually have a few pairs from the 90's inside my closet too... I shall update you if ever I find another gem in there.

The weather's insane out here in Manila! How's summer going on your side of the globe? It's so stressful to dress up for work because you basically just want to undress every single time. That's why I always find myself grabbing for familiar clothes. I just want to feel comfortable and not pile on anything more than one layer of clothing. Even that feels like a bit too much some days. Trust me, it's that hot out here. No kidding.

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TDUG: The Keds Are All White

I called it in early this year, this is going to be my Spring/Summer footwear of choice. It is a reminiscent of my 90's days and how ever fitting it could be since this is actually a hand-me-down from the well, the 90's. For reals.

Since I am not big on trends and I don't really plan to splurge my savings following them, (you know how I feel about this whole bit, I have other things to splurge on a very limited working girl budget - concerts to watch, live basketball games to conquer, rockstars to stalk, books to read, etc.). So I just did what a normal girl running on a work budget would do - look at her shoe closet and dig deeper into her shoe collection. Kidding. Mine won't even pass for a collection, I just have a few pairs. But I do recall having one pair looking a lot like white sneaker platforms I saw online. All white. Elevated. Very Sugar Spice inspired. Very basic. Such a classic.

I literally have to unbox them since I kept them inside of it for years. I guess that's when it's true when they say you pay for the quality. I used to think Keds' too high for my school girl budget then, I was still in high school in the 90's okay, but seeing how it's still in good condition after all these years - it's well worth the investment.

I don't even know what it's called, sorry ladies, it's a hand-me-down so there's no way to know the exact model but I tried to Googe+eBay it and it's somewhat called the Keds Leather Laced Up Platforms. I might as well have made that name up since it is what it is - white leather, laced up and a platform about 1.5 in high. It also says with Lycra®, which is very The 90's if I do say so myself. Also, it's a dream. I love it.

You know sometimes when you dream of a certain look and picture them on your mind then hope against hope it will look exactly as you have beautifully imagined them inside of your head in your actual reality? This is mine - the mom jeans and platform shoes look -which is coming right up under The Dress Up Girl. I've also paired this one with my skater dress and a snapback and I love it! I'll have someone take snapshot of me so you guys can see them in action.

If you spot a trend and fell in love with it right away, feel pressured not, especially if you're working under a budget like myself. Do your research. Both literally and then physically. Search up your closet or your mom's. Even your sister's. You may find something in there. Then make it work. Besides if you want something so bad, I'm pretty sure there's nothing that can stop you from getting it. You'll always, always find ways to make it work. True in fashion trends, true in life.

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April 05, 2014

Write Anyway.

To say that I have been on a hiatus would be the understatement of the century - I've totally disappeared into thin air, it's not even riding off a horse towards a pink sunset, it's just me disappearing into plain, thin air. Like, POOF. Just that.

Basically, I was out of it. For months. I couldn't keep a single coherent thought in mind, let alone ink them down or type it out. So out of it that I couldn't quite convince myself to magically waltz my way back into blogging even if I tried. Not even when people started asking and looking for new posts. Not even after getting me enough fan girl fuel. Not even when I have enough material to work with. Not even when my emotions are already up to the brim. A writer's block isn't even appropriate, it's not what it is. I think the word I am looking for is uninspired.

I used to say that if my life will be summed up into one App, it's going to be iWrite. It'll always be under the most used category. Because when life shuts the daylights out of me, I shut up big time in response. And in the absence of my speaking voice, my written words' all I've got.

So yes future self, in the event of finding yourself in the same situation in the near future, keep this in mind: Write Anyway. Uninspired? Write anyway. Stuck in a rut? Write anyway. Struggling? Write anyway. Too lazy to be bothered? Write, write, write anyway. Because some things, if not all, are better on paper.

So here's to me and you and way better things ahead. And oh, this is me writing anyway.

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