August 09, 2013

This and That and Then Some

I'm back!!! That hiatus was totally uncalled for but I realized I tend to have a blogger's block this time of the year every year. I wrote about it last year here, too. So weird. It must be the interruption to a season? No longer summer but not quite the rainy season yet? Excuses, excuses. Anyways, I'm enjoying my first long weekend in a long while, here's my Eid Mubarak greetings to all of you celebrating, and so I thought I'd finally catch up with the backlogs.

Remember when I told you about exciting times ahead for TGTC and you, my lovely readers? Well, I'm taking my baby steps into being a legit blogger and I feel like hosting my first ever blog giveaway is one way to roll. Congratulations to TGTC's first giveaway winner ever, AZA L. and a massive thank you for everyone who took their time to join! Now this is kind of addicting, I'm thinking as to when and what would be the next giveaway should be... fingers crossed it's happening soon

And then I remember telling you about a looming concert experience? It's THE XX Live in Manila!!! I was there. You weren't. Or were you? Regardless! The highlight of my 2013 so far! I never told anyone about it until I was sure to go. Until I was outside the NBC Tent in line for a ticket with Up Dharma Down in the background and one too many cool kids around, hahaha! The Girl Is She has elevated herself into a whole new fangirl level. And in the words of my friend, Kamae: 'Seemed to me that you enjoyed it. Sino nakasama mo?' AND I DID! But the answer to that question, I'm afraid, is for another blog entry, preferably under The Girl Is She, so so so excited to share! Coming right up!

Life's been kind lately. Been well smiling and working and then smiling again. I've got extra load on my plate since Le Mother is away and the littler sister and I are trying to hold down the fort on her behalf. Which isn't easy at all but necessary. Like I have this constant thought of "so.... this is how living alone must feel like". So when this another thought came to me during one of my unlikely therapeutic train rides, if you are from Manila you'd know any MRT train ride is nothing but therapeutic but yesterday it was, it reached the FB status level. Here goes nothing:
"I turn 27 in a month and this is my first long weekend in a super long while. My early 20's self would have had something planned - out of town, sleepover, something something. But my almost 30ish self would just want to restore and revocer - whatever's lost and everything to regain. So I can face my birthday month head on. Not that I am big on birthdays, I'm HUGE actually. Like sixfooterish huge. HA!"

Actually, who am I kidding. If you were to ask me how life's been and what I've been doing lately, I'd easily say: it's been awesome and what I do best. And since I know you miss my face, here's my latest selfie (oh no I didn't! HAHA!) brought to you by my red lips and sequined sweater on a live basketball game date night. #LABANPILIPINAS
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