August 22, 2013

The Why Part

Insert yourself here. // This way to my life, please.

I had an interesting week before this one we are currently having that's got us all in mandatory house arrest that it made me think of an old blog post I published on my Facebook profile under the Notes category. I feel like sharing it again in here because the past week, I've managed to meet a couple of new people and now, I'm stuck thinking about The Why.

Why do we meet a new person. Is it because you are destined to. Or maybe because you needed to. Perhaps, but more often than not, it's because you wanted to. The latter, my friend, is the easiest yet cuts the deepest.

Then I realized, you just had to. Sometimes you think too much about the why you totally miss out on the real reason that comes along with it. Let alone the fun you can enjoy while at it.

I had to find out a thing or two about the why's behind meeting new persons a little too soon. To which I am somehow proud of. The realization was given to me at once, reasons were revealed at the perfect time. When I am totally emotionally detached and when my heart didn't betray my better judgment.

Someone will come into your life. Boy meets girl. Someone will have to meet you at one point in your life. Girl meets boy. Someone will need to know you in their lifetime. The boy will have an agenda, yes. The girl will always have a motive, yes. And most of the time, the agenda & the motive will not be the same for both parties. Like the one's looking for friendship while the other one's looking for companionship, something they wouldn't know unless they take a chance with each other. Eventually, bubbles will burst, sparks will be splitted, fireworks will be interrupted. Then all will be gone so their story will have to end right there. And sometimes, neither the boy nor the girl is to blame. It's just how it is.

Then you would have to wait until the cycle would take place again. The How. A Boy. A Girl. The Why.

Until when? Until that day you'd finally stop asking questions because someone already gave you all the answers. But until then, random faces are vital still.

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