August 09, 2013


"The XX who?"

If only I'd collected a 100 bucks for every The XX who question thrown my way the past week, I would've been able to get at least a refund of the ticket money I've spent just to hear them live last week at NBC Tent.

It happened about a year ago. It was Laura of who made me listen to The XX for the first time ever and I never looked back. I love Laura and everything she posts on her Instagram almost always gets a heart from me, no kidding. So when she tweeted about it after a few days of the release of Coexist album that she's been playing it repeatedly in her office, making her feel calm and relaxed, I knew I had to check it out. I could use some calm and relaxation at work too so I go about it and Google'd them away. It wasn't a prototype for me, if we're talking about the likes of The Script, The Fray and Snow Patrol but it was definitely something else entirely. Personally it's like Before Sunrise and Before Sunset but in music and lyrics. Every song is more like a conversation between a guy and a girl and sharing a story that's so familiar it hurts, so intimate it lingers.

But just like the way it has always been with me and bands, I don't know a thing about The XX. I don't know who they are, where they're from and what the band is all about. But I know their music and songs by heart, seriously their words might as well have been mine. It's written all over my Twitter and Facebook and tissue napkins and mood boards, even on bus tickets and receipts. I also know that they fall right smack in the middle of the not going is not an option category. They've kept me company during one of the most surreal experiences one could ever have, and then during the surreal experience's aftermath when they served as my security blanket. It made me feel safe and sane and warm knowing that if someone came up with a song that's so spot on, I am definitely not the only one who has experienced this and that's comforting enough to know. Alone together, I believe that's what it's called. I've downloaded their songs and since Laura said so, whenever I'd feel like it's going to be a busy day ahead or when I'm already sandwiched between an emotion or two and then some, I'd easily pick their songs as my soundtrack for the day. And believe me, works every frackin' time, highly approved therapeutic claims, at least by my standards.

And that is why, with no thinking twice, I knew I had to watch them live. They sound so good in record, I heard they sound great on vinyl too, so there's just no reason they won't sound superb live and I have to be there to witness it! Watch out for my How I Made The XX Happen. It's just one of the many things I'd do for the things I love. All worth it though, and when a band lives up to your expectations, a fangirl's got no choice but to fangirl roll and flail all over.

They opened the show with Try. Few seconds into the song I have had real time goosebumps all over! It's like I've stepped into a dream and have my life soundtrack come alive before me. They sang every frackin' song in my playlist save for Islands. Encore'd it with Intro x Angels, which has got to be my favouritest part of the whole show! NAKAKAIYAK! I dieeeeeeeeeed! I promised not to be my usual detail obsessed blogger on that night but I couldn't not take a video when they started playing Intro then Angels altogether! It was just so good I knew I had to immortalize it by taking a vid just so I could have a listen whenever I'd want to and because I swear, in that moment we were *wait for it* infinite. Hearing even Sunset and Fiction live is like an icing on the icing of the cherry on top! I am such a spoiled fangirl! Flawless and perfection in so many levels! Thank you for this memory, The XX! No getting over this night just yet!!!

So if you'd still ask me The XX Who? I still don't know their names, I still don't know where they're from, all I know is from the UK, that accent can only be from there, ha! But this I'll always know. The XX Who... made me go to their concert alone on a Tuesday night at The Fort and I come from The North. If that's not saying a lot about this band, I don't know what is. Best. Night. Of my 2013. Yet. I live for nights like this! I work extra hard so that I can afford to have nights like this. Because contrary to popular belief, money can buy you happiness because money can buy you concert tickets of your favourite band and that's the same in my book!

I was there. You weren't. Heart skipped a beat. Or two. Make it three and a thousand. So much feels. Helluva show. All of the laser lights. Emotions all over. Insane crowd. Superb set. Ahhhmazing night. Highly unforgettable. In more ways than one. That is all.
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