August 22, 2013

TDUG: Lazy Daisy Loungewear

H&M white top // Random linen pants // Havaianas flipflops // Redherring satchel // Gap cap // Aldo sunnies

Don't you love lazy days? I figured this look would pass on something I'd wear on a chill day where I'm free to move around and feels breezy all over which the Urban Dictionary refers to as lounge-wear. Or when somebody would ask me for a weekend getaway to the beach and I have just about 5 minutes to get dressed.

The mesh top is from H&M, I've stocked on some pretty good quality t-shirts during the sales the Emirates would have just about every month. This is a steal from the H&M rack which is a crop top actually. The pants have got to be my favorite part of the whole outfit. It's unbranded, possibly a hand-me-down but I couldn't be happier I finally fit in them and not look as baggy as it ought to be. Instead it hangs loosely on the waist line, making me look like I have a slightly smaller tummy than it is in reality. I also loved how the white mesh compliments the pink linen, it's just so feminine and fresh! I may be fond of clashing plains with prints at times but this time, I decided to clash plains with plains but with mixed textures. You should definitely try something new soon too! Start with the subtle changes first if you can't be bold at once. Just like what I did here.

Totally rocking the Hollywoodish Just Jared look there, don't I? What with the sunnies and the cap bits and that accidental shot made by sister who takes my outfit photos for me. Although if I'm being honest, this scene may have given me the whole Hollywood thought, too. Of course Rachel's lounge-wear is one notch higher than mine. Although just one notch, honey and I'm working on that already. HA!

Have a great the-rest-of-the-week one and all! Cheers!

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