August 22, 2013

TDUG: Lazy Daisy Loungewear

H&M white top // Random linen pants // Havaianas flipflops // Redherring satchel // Gap cap // Aldo sunnies

Don't you love lazy days? I figured this look would pass on something I'd wear on a chill day where I'm free to move around and feels breezy all over which the Urban Dictionary refers to as lounge-wear. Or when somebody would ask me for a weekend getaway to the beach and I have just about 5 minutes to get dressed.

The mesh top is from H&M, I've stocked on some pretty good quality t-shirts during the sales the Emirates would have just about every month. This is a steal from the H&M rack which is a crop top actually. The pants have got to be my favorite part of the whole outfit. It's unbranded, possibly a hand-me-down but I couldn't be happier I finally fit in them and not look as baggy as it ought to be. Instead it hangs loosely on the waist line, making me look like I have a slightly smaller tummy than it is in reality. I also loved how the white mesh compliments the pink linen, it's just so feminine and fresh! I may be fond of clashing plains with prints at times but this time, I decided to clash plains with plains but with mixed textures. You should definitely try something new soon too! Start with the subtle changes first if you can't be bold at once. Just like what I did here.

Totally rocking the Hollywoodish Just Jared look there, don't I? What with the sunnies and the cap bits and that accidental shot made by sister who takes my outfit photos for me. Although if I'm being honest, this scene may have given me the whole Hollywood thought, too. Of course Rachel's lounge-wear is one notch higher than mine. Although just one notch, honey and I'm working on that already. HA!

Have a great the-rest-of-the-week one and all! Cheers!

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The Why Part

Insert yourself here. // This way to my life, please.

I had an interesting week before this one we are currently having that's got us all in mandatory house arrest that it made me think of an old blog post I published on my Facebook profile under the Notes category. I feel like sharing it again in here because the past week, I've managed to meet a couple of new people and now, I'm stuck thinking about The Why.

Why do we meet a new person. Is it because you are destined to. Or maybe because you needed to. Perhaps, but more often than not, it's because you wanted to. The latter, my friend, is the easiest yet cuts the deepest.

Then I realized, you just had to. Sometimes you think too much about the why you totally miss out on the real reason that comes along with it. Let alone the fun you can enjoy while at it.

I had to find out a thing or two about the why's behind meeting new persons a little too soon. To which I am somehow proud of. The realization was given to me at once, reasons were revealed at the perfect time. When I am totally emotionally detached and when my heart didn't betray my better judgment.

Someone will come into your life. Boy meets girl. Someone will have to meet you at one point in your life. Girl meets boy. Someone will need to know you in their lifetime. The boy will have an agenda, yes. The girl will always have a motive, yes. And most of the time, the agenda & the motive will not be the same for both parties. Like the one's looking for friendship while the other one's looking for companionship, something they wouldn't know unless they take a chance with each other. Eventually, bubbles will burst, sparks will be splitted, fireworks will be interrupted. Then all will be gone so their story will have to end right there. And sometimes, neither the boy nor the girl is to blame. It's just how it is.

Then you would have to wait until the cycle would take place again. The How. A Boy. A Girl. The Why.

Until when? Until that day you'd finally stop asking questions because someone already gave you all the answers. But until then, random faces are vital still.

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August 21, 2013

TDUG: Be What You Seek

Zara TRF plain v-neck tee // New Look skinny jeans // Kickers platforms // H&M necklace // Prada specs

I bet you've heard me obsessing about plain white tees a bajillion times already and so here I am thinking it's just but appropriate to show you my personal take on them. They say be what you seek right? I seek for someone who can very well pull off a plain white tee. A particular someone actually. But girls relax, it's not your Daniel Padilla I'm particular about. I know somehow, he's been tagged as THE plain-white-shirt-lang- okay-na kinda guy because of Kathryn Bernardo's statement but that's just how it is with us girls. We all like the same thing somehow, we just end up having a different brand or package altogether I guess. Anyways....

We don't have uniforms in our line of work but with the rate my Fridays are going, I might as well have and it's the el classico, plain white shirt for me. I have been wearing the same thing for about a month now. Although when I say the same thing I just mean the same theme and not the same piece of shirt per se.  Here is one Friday I managed to snap photos of using my ever favourite companion, Brandon the Blackberry.

The Kickers platforms. I have had this since high school! When Kickers, Marithe Francois Girbaud and Hedgren were some of the trends. 90's baby here! I haven't worn them in years! Like more than 5 years or so and it's juts surprising to see them still in tact with no trace of defect at all and I've kept them in a box, that's all! I was aiming for a minimal, laid-back look and I thought this is the perfect pair to use. The jeans fit me so well, it hugs your legs in the right places and the shade of faded denim just gives out the relaxed feel to the look.

Now, the plain white shirt. Let's start by having the perfect undergarment because that's critical and I think that's self-explanatory. I almost always go for a nude shade, I'm conservative like that. But if I'm being brave and bold, I'd pick up a lacey black, just to add a bit of sexiness to the rather plain outfit. But this will be more appropriate when heading to a night out or anywhere else save for the office, methinks. Haha! Moving on to the shirt itself, not all plain white shirts can be flattering and of good quality that's why there's an endless search for it for me. I wish I can afford a T by Alexander Wang but no, I can't and I don't see it happening for me anytime soon. I heard Madewell's got some flattering tees too, but that's all I'll have of it, so I can't really say... Hahaha! So I was a very happy kid when I chanced upon this one from the TRF section of the good ole Zara. This one actually fits me like a glove and on to the right places, providing an illusion of my non-existent waistline and the v-cut is subtle enough and not too deep up there. They've got quite a selection out there so there'll be no problem looking for a piece that suits you and flatters your body type the most.

The default trick is to excessorize. However I am not one to do so, as I've shared here. So I just make do with statement pieces every so often. This time around it's my specs which I blogged a coupla months ago and the overexposed, overused H&M necklace. I'm thinking of revamping them up as I've seen some DIY projects online but I can't seem to do it. So in love with this piece apparently. The pops of neon green always works for me. I maybe biased or maybe just stubborn but I really like it, I don't even see myself getting tired of it. The specs though is a different story altogether, I've always had people complimenting me whenever I use this pair, it almost always never go unnoticed. It's also a conversation starter, I actually have once been told, out of nowhere by someone that it looks like a fence, or bakod in Tagalog and we ended up chatting for a good 5 minutes after that.

Oh wow. I can't believe I can say a huge lot about a plain white shirt. Unbelievable. But I guess I've always had a fascination for it in me. That if I see you pulling off a plain white tee, there's a 90% chance I like you already!
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Ralph Lauren knitted top // Mango dress worn as skirt // My brother's Black Parka // H&M Necklace

Happy to announce I'm finally blogging with a view of sunshine outside our window pane! Hallejujah! It has been an awful five-day-weekend over our side of the planet. We've experienced enough rain for a month in 3 days, do the Math. And now I can only wish for everything to be restored - faith, homes and hearts.

It's weird but I find it extra inspiring to dress up for rainy days. And I hate the rain. I don't like the feeling of carrying an umbrella around, for one. But I do love the layering that comes necessary with the chills the rainy days can offer. So that Sunday night, I scrambled through mine and my mom's closet for knitwear and luckily I found this! If I remember it right, it's a gift from my Pops. Not a fan of violet hues but this pastel one reminds me of cotton candies and matches well with my favouritest accessory of all time, the neon and crystal necklace from H&M so I'll take it. I figured with the gloomy weather we're all having, pops of happy colours will surely help brighten our days up a bit. I also regret not having enough sweaters and parkas, even a trench coat wouldn't hurt to have in this weather if you're going to work on a daily basis that I might just start investing on some pieces soon. So I just borrowed this black parka from my brother with a detachable hood up on its neckline, how convenient! Like I said, I don't want carrying an umbrella around so pulling up the hood when the rain's not that heavy is one way to go for me. Also, I know it's not seen here but I changed from my usual purse to a subtle leather backpack too! I couldn't be bothered to be carrying a purse when I'm already carrying an umbrella and a backpack will fit well inside the parka I'm wearing so no bother at all! See? I told you. I am far more inspired during rainy days. But I still don't like the rain.

And oh, this is an #AOTD because the moment I got dressed and geared up for work, I received a call from a colleague that our works day's been suspended. I never got around to wearing it out, hence it falls under the Almost Outfit of The Day category. The situation has been that crazy out here, work day suspension levels. So I ended up going back home and slipping into my shirt dress and eating fiction all through the day. Which isn't so bad at all had it not been for the fact that my country's been poorly victimized by another mother nature's rage for the nth time in my twenty plus years of existence. Sad times.

If you're from the Philippines, please keep safe and dry. Keep warm and hug someone. If you're not, please say a prayer for us, for the storm to leave our country already, it's been almost a week and we've had too much already. But it would hurt for you to keep warm and hug someone too, that's not going to be so bad at all, ei? Gracias. Thank you. Danke. Shukran. Salamat po.

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August 13, 2013

How We Made FIBA Asia 2013 PHL vs QAT Happen

Just in case you have been sleeping under a rock, the Philippines just had the craziest basketball weekend in history up to date! The Smart Gilas Pilipinas, our Baketball RP Team, is going to the Basketball World Cup in Spain this 2014 after finally beating South Korea and finishing 2nd in the recently concluded FIBA Asia 2013 Basketball Championship! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!! Generally, we are a basketball-obsessed country, so just imagine how this reality knocked us all over! Mabuhay kayo, Gilas Pilipinas! Maraming, maraming salamat! :)
From Nuki Sabio. After beating our nemesis, South Korea to advance into the FIBA Asia C'ship battle with Iran!

I was fortunate enough to have witnessed a live game because 1) it validates my claim of being the forever fangirl and 2) there's nothing like watching it live and not be divided by which team you are for because you are all on the same team here! The vibe is electric and the efforts, emotions, risks are all worth it!

It's funny what a beating forever fangirl heart can do to your mere mortal human body. I've always whined about MOA Arena being too far for my liking, sabihin pa lang na MOA, pagod na ako, that's really how I feel about it! So when I finally found myself at its doorstep, you know it's a big deal. Hello there Mall of Asia Arena, the fangirl all over has arrived! *drum rolls*

Out of nowhere during that Tuesday afternoon, I sent out a random SMS to my siblings. Me: Let's Gilas later? My litol brudder: Katamad the weather eh. Yung #LabanPilipinas ko, 'di full. My littler sister: Sayang, di ako nakapang-outfitey. Just another typical overheard discussion over at The Esmaldes. HAHA! So anyway, since my litol brudder came from a morning shift, he fell asleep and didn't make it to the MOA Arena but it's a different story for my littler sister and I.

You know it's real love when: We come from The North. Woke up as early as 5am that morning and head off to work. We work midway at Ortigas. When the clock ticked 6P, I was already on my way to the train station. and by 645P, my sister arrived and just like that, we found ourselves inside the tube heading to an entirely different direction on a Tuesday evening. 30 minutes, a jampacked Taft-bound train ride and a more jampacked jeepney ride after, we were finally in line to get tickets for the PHL vs QAT game. PHEW!

Team Qatar was undefeated going into that game and we were fresh from a loss against Team Chinese Taipei so I really didn't know what to expect but I know we're in for a good match and that there's no more chance for us to watch a live game since we've got no work on that Friday and Thursday is a rest day for the boys. I have to make this happen and the Boies need to make a win happen! Wednesday though, they face Team Hong Kong but between the two, my fangirl instincts told me to go for this one! And boy was my gut feel accurate or what!
We beat Qatar, 80-70! Undefeated who? One for the Philippines!!! It's almost as if they know I'm part of the sold out crowd and that my expectations were high because they seriously gave us one heck of a game. But of course that's just me thinking everything's about me but whatever, hahaha, bragging rights! I was on my feet, because tickets sold like pancakes and all that's left available for us are SRO tickets, but with how the game turned out, it's almost necessary to be on your feet the whole time so it figures! Jeffrei Chan opened the game with a 3-pointer and Japeth Aguilar sealed the deal with a slamma jamma! Sweet, sweet victory!!!

So it doesn't really matter if we had to battle the long way ride home, sans dinner. If we still have work the next day and we arrived home past midnight. If we have to endure muscle pains and all that as an aftermath of a hardcore night of fangirling. At least and at last, we witness a part of history. Being a part of that crowd is already memorable enough for me. You have got to give it to the Pinoy fangirl and fanboys. Ibang klase magmahal. All walks of life, all sorts of personalities. All for the love of the game, and this time, the country too. At least at last, we made FIBA Asia 2013 happen for me!

And now, I leave you with this. For their FIBA Asia 2013 campaign, Gilas Head Coach Chot Reyes said it's important to remember where we're from and of course I'd jump right into the bandwagon. Here's TGTC x The Girl Is She version:

"Ako si Joys Esmalde. Taga-Malolos City. Tubong Hagonoy, Bulacan. Lumalaban para sa Gilas Pilipinas! PUSO!"

PS. Frack the distance! From now on, anything MOA is all good for me. Dahil ang tunay na fangirl ay ako. HA!
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August 09, 2013


"The XX who?"

If only I'd collected a 100 bucks for every The XX who question thrown my way the past week, I would've been able to get at least a refund of the ticket money I've spent just to hear them live last week at NBC Tent.

It happened about a year ago. It was Laura of who made me listen to The XX for the first time ever and I never looked back. I love Laura and everything she posts on her Instagram almost always gets a heart from me, no kidding. So when she tweeted about it after a few days of the release of Coexist album that she's been playing it repeatedly in her office, making her feel calm and relaxed, I knew I had to check it out. I could use some calm and relaxation at work too so I go about it and Google'd them away. It wasn't a prototype for me, if we're talking about the likes of The Script, The Fray and Snow Patrol but it was definitely something else entirely. Personally it's like Before Sunrise and Before Sunset but in music and lyrics. Every song is more like a conversation between a guy and a girl and sharing a story that's so familiar it hurts, so intimate it lingers.

But just like the way it has always been with me and bands, I don't know a thing about The XX. I don't know who they are, where they're from and what the band is all about. But I know their music and songs by heart, seriously their words might as well have been mine. It's written all over my Twitter and Facebook and tissue napkins and mood boards, even on bus tickets and receipts. I also know that they fall right smack in the middle of the not going is not an option category. They've kept me company during one of the most surreal experiences one could ever have, and then during the surreal experience's aftermath when they served as my security blanket. It made me feel safe and sane and warm knowing that if someone came up with a song that's so spot on, I am definitely not the only one who has experienced this and that's comforting enough to know. Alone together, I believe that's what it's called. I've downloaded their songs and since Laura said so, whenever I'd feel like it's going to be a busy day ahead or when I'm already sandwiched between an emotion or two and then some, I'd easily pick their songs as my soundtrack for the day. And believe me, works every frackin' time, highly approved therapeutic claims, at least by my standards.

And that is why, with no thinking twice, I knew I had to watch them live. They sound so good in record, I heard they sound great on vinyl too, so there's just no reason they won't sound superb live and I have to be there to witness it! Watch out for my How I Made The XX Happen. It's just one of the many things I'd do for the things I love. All worth it though, and when a band lives up to your expectations, a fangirl's got no choice but to fangirl roll and flail all over.

They opened the show with Try. Few seconds into the song I have had real time goosebumps all over! It's like I've stepped into a dream and have my life soundtrack come alive before me. They sang every frackin' song in my playlist save for Islands. Encore'd it with Intro x Angels, which has got to be my favouritest part of the whole show! NAKAKAIYAK! I dieeeeeeeeeed! I promised not to be my usual detail obsessed blogger on that night but I couldn't not take a video when they started playing Intro then Angels altogether! It was just so good I knew I had to immortalize it by taking a vid just so I could have a listen whenever I'd want to and because I swear, in that moment we were *wait for it* infinite. Hearing even Sunset and Fiction live is like an icing on the icing of the cherry on top! I am such a spoiled fangirl! Flawless and perfection in so many levels! Thank you for this memory, The XX! No getting over this night just yet!!!

So if you'd still ask me The XX Who? I still don't know their names, I still don't know where they're from, all I know is from the UK, that accent can only be from there, ha! But this I'll always know. The XX Who... made me go to their concert alone on a Tuesday night at The Fort and I come from The North. If that's not saying a lot about this band, I don't know what is. Best. Night. Of my 2013. Yet. I live for nights like this! I work extra hard so that I can afford to have nights like this. Because contrary to popular belief, money can buy you happiness because money can buy you concert tickets of your favourite band and that's the same in my book!

I was there. You weren't. Heart skipped a beat. Or two. Make it three and a thousand. So much feels. Helluva show. All of the laser lights. Emotions all over. Insane crowd. Superb set. Ahhhmazing night. Highly unforgettable. In more ways than one. That is all.
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This and That and Then Some

I'm back!!! That hiatus was totally uncalled for but I realized I tend to have a blogger's block this time of the year every year. I wrote about it last year here, too. So weird. It must be the interruption to a season? No longer summer but not quite the rainy season yet? Excuses, excuses. Anyways, I'm enjoying my first long weekend in a long while, here's my Eid Mubarak greetings to all of you celebrating, and so I thought I'd finally catch up with the backlogs.

Remember when I told you about exciting times ahead for TGTC and you, my lovely readers? Well, I'm taking my baby steps into being a legit blogger and I feel like hosting my first ever blog giveaway is one way to roll. Congratulations to TGTC's first giveaway winner ever, AZA L. and a massive thank you for everyone who took their time to join! Now this is kind of addicting, I'm thinking as to when and what would be the next giveaway should be... fingers crossed it's happening soon

And then I remember telling you about a looming concert experience? It's THE XX Live in Manila!!! I was there. You weren't. Or were you? Regardless! The highlight of my 2013 so far! I never told anyone about it until I was sure to go. Until I was outside the NBC Tent in line for a ticket with Up Dharma Down in the background and one too many cool kids around, hahaha! The Girl Is She has elevated herself into a whole new fangirl level. And in the words of my friend, Kamae: 'Seemed to me that you enjoyed it. Sino nakasama mo?' AND I DID! But the answer to that question, I'm afraid, is for another blog entry, preferably under The Girl Is She, so so so excited to share! Coming right up!

Life's been kind lately. Been well smiling and working and then smiling again. I've got extra load on my plate since Le Mother is away and the littler sister and I are trying to hold down the fort on her behalf. Which isn't easy at all but necessary. Like I have this constant thought of "so.... this is how living alone must feel like". So when this another thought came to me during one of my unlikely therapeutic train rides, if you are from Manila you'd know any MRT train ride is nothing but therapeutic but yesterday it was, it reached the FB status level. Here goes nothing:
"I turn 27 in a month and this is my first long weekend in a super long while. My early 20's self would have had something planned - out of town, sleepover, something something. But my almost 30ish self would just want to restore and revocer - whatever's lost and everything to regain. So I can face my birthday month head on. Not that I am big on birthdays, I'm HUGE actually. Like sixfooterish huge. HA!"

Actually, who am I kidding. If you were to ask me how life's been and what I've been doing lately, I'd easily say: it's been awesome and what I do best. And since I know you miss my face, here's my latest selfie (oh no I didn't! HAHA!) brought to you by my red lips and sequined sweater on a live basketball game date night. #LABANPILIPINAS
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