July 24, 2013

TDUG: Clashing Plains & Prints

Splash blazer / Zara mesh sleeveless top / Thrifted peplum skirt / Heatwave shoes / H&M clutch

There was an interesting topic over Monster Radio RX 93.1 a couple of weeks back. And yes, I have become that office person who enjoys radio more than any playlist to keep them awake and interactive even when faced with a laptop and Excel most of the day! They have this segment called BS which stands for Battle of the Sexes wherein they weigh the situation given as to who does it better, the girls or the boys. Last time, I happened to catch a Monster BS discussion about peacocking. I'm sorry, what? I had to Google it, don't judge me. Hahaha! According to Urban Dictionary, peacocking means dressing for attention. Just like how peacocks use their feathers to get a mate. And then I instantly thought of so many scenarios inside my head when I am guilty of *ulk* peacocking. I bet you have your own fair share too! Anyway, they ended up with a conclusion that boys often practice peacocking more as compared to girls. Because really, if girls would want any kind of attention, they wouldn't get dressed at all, they'd just be naked at all times. Betsey Johnson's words though, not mine.

Now this isn't me dressing for attention, this is me dressing up for myself. HA! I wanted to look appropriate since it'll be my first time to meet my boss, I wanted to dress the part. I've always wanted to try the drape-your-blazer-on-your-shoulders look as it has been a thing around the fashion blogs for a while now but I never had the chance until I came up with this look. The silk blazer is from Splash and it almost always make me feel like Michael Jackson, haha!

Clashing plains and prints has always been one of my favorite things to do with my clothes and accessories. I decided to clash my snake skin peplum skirt with my printed clutch from H&M and then kept a black on black top ensemble to balance out the prints. Wearing a peplum skirt is one good way to hide your love handles, ladies - as apparent in these photos. Love handles be gone in an instant! The trick is to wear them with confidence, like they always say, wear what you love and love what you wear. If others don't like it, that's their problem, not yours. Agreed?

I've been meaning to blog as much as I can but work's been pretty hectic these days. However, I still have my A Puckerfull of Shine Giveaway happening for at least 6 days before I get to pick a winner, so you might wanna check that out if you haven't! I shared the link, just click on... 2 easy steps and you're in!

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