May 18, 2013

WWJS: The UNE Summer Golden Thread

This is something I'd be doing for the first time here. I normally try to avoid blogging about something I haven't personally used because that's just how I roll but when this beautiful face landed on my inbox, I knew I just had to make an exception. I was 75% impressed already (I'm obviously only saving the 25% for the actual experience) which is why I think it is more rude not to share!

See what I mean? Totally gorgeous and relatable! I know some "face of the brand" can get very overwhelming it will either melt your self-confidence away into the shore or question the credibility of the brand and give credit to Photoshop instead. But not this one, I can totally see this look as a possibility with the right tools and that's what this post is for! We can all achieve this golden summery look by using the latest UNE products especially if you're a proud morena like me but have always find it hard to find a makeup that suits our skin colour best, this takes the worry away for a bit. Just by looking at it, I already know this tanned, golden skin finish will work best with the skin colour we are blessed with. The best part? I think it's easy to achieve! You wouldn't want to put on too much makeup when it's summer, the less the better, and yes this is less, believe me!

UNE GOLDEN BB CREAM* TAN ENHANCER FACE & DÉCOLLETÉ** (Mirror compact | 7.5 g). The UNE Golden BB Cream particularly has 7 beneficial actions +1 for the skin and complexion, in a semi-transparent texture, divine on your tan. It contains fine and iridescent golden particles that diffuse an aura that magnifies the complexion, like beneficial beauty oil. It exudes a wonderful addictive natural monoi fragrance that conjures up memories of summer, the sun and holidays. 100% natural, soft and with a unique glide, it blends amazingly into the skin while resisting water, offering perfect hold. The ingredients are also of 100% natural origin and 12% of which are organically farmed, certified natural by Ecocert Greenlife.

The application is expected to be easy. You can either apply it using your fingers or a brush, depends on your inspiration and whim. Here are the 4 techniques, or as they say, how to do the UNE trick!
1. To enhance the tan: apply on the cheeks, ridge of the nose, forehead and chin.
2. To make the eyes shine: apply on the outer part of the eyebrow arch, just beneath the tip of the eyebrow.
3. To shape the décolleté or on the shoulders: using the kabuki brush, apply on the dome of the bust or on the most prominent part of the shoulders.
4. To make the features look younger: apply on the angle formed by the temple and upper jaw.

WWJS*** | UNE BB Cream. The golden particles that magnifies the complexion because I am really in love with my skin colour and yes I'm vain so I'd love to magnify it, the unique glide because I don't like heavy-on-the-face feel and if it glides, then it's smooth then it's good and the water-resistant bit because hey, it's summer - sweat and sea water all over, so yes please! And I really think it's practical and easy to use, compact too so you can just pack it away for the weekend getaway to the beach!

UNE GLIMMER LIPGLOSS G11 DORE (8,5 ml bottle). The colour of the sun on the lips with 100% natural origin, gives touch of colour and transparency and shapes the lips without a sticky finish. A splendid translucent, delicately iridescent shade over a sunkissed complexion, day or night.

WWJS | UNE Glimmer Lipgloss. The  non-sticky finish! If this holds true then it's ubersuperkaduper good! I usually refrain from using glosses during summer because it makes me feel extra sticky just by thinking about it! Don't we all though! With the wind blowing and sweat pouring, the idea of a lipgloss just doesn't fit in the picture for you really wouldn't want anything sticky on you.

UNE UNIVERSAL EYE PALETTE P03 (F05 + S07 + S21). Earth and sand shades for the eyelids. With a golden complexion, the eyes are dressed in warm, matter or iridescent tints with deep and sensual tones that match all colourings.
S21 Kaki : one of the loveliest intense colours of the summer. Quite matte, it is ideal for an ultra-feminine sfumato.
S07 Brun : it enhances pale eye colours and gives depth to dark eyes around which it forms a subtle smoky halo.
F05 Frosty : a clear and shimmering gold in a silky texture, produced by mica and bismuth particles. It may be applied alone or to enhance the two sfumato eyeshadows.
WWJS | UNE Universal Eye Palette P03. Hmm. This is tough as I am not a very big eyeshadow fan but let me go back to the muse and stress the point on how sensual she looks with all the colours blended altogether with some Kaki and Brun touches on her lower lids too? I'd very much like my summer eyes to look like that so yes, if UNE may say so!
I really like the golden summer concept and how it looks altogether however if I only get to pick one amongst the thread, it'll be the base for obvious reasons! I think with a BB cream like this, morenas like myself need not to worry about how they can make their colours stand out, not just for the summer but all year round! I'll definitely try to get my hands on one!

So, will you be giving these products a try? Do you fancy warm tones and golden hues for summer too?

*PR Supplied Photos
*BB Cream. If you're like me who's been reluctant to new stuff, you probably don't know what a BB cream is, let alone own one at the moment. A blemish balm is used to even out skin tone, helps prevent acne, and  is believed to improve the skin's texture and condition. 
**DécolletéI wouldn't pretend I know what it meant the first time so for you out there who's in the same boat, it's a French word/term for our lower-neck area. It's just fancier, no? So I'd stick with it - décolleté.
***What Would Joys Say (WWJS) as in what I find initially impressive and makes me want to get one for myself

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