May 20, 2013

WWJS: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss

Lasting Finish by Kate in 05
Lasting Finish by Kate in 02
Lasting Finish by Kate in 05 (base coat) & 02 (top coat)

I've picked up these tubes a few months ago when I passed by the Rimmel kiosk and they're having a buy-one-get-one promo. I am not the one to pass out on such opportunities so I swatched the moments away and ended up with the shades 02 and 05. I haven't gotten around to using them until lately though, with the slightly warmer weather - it's like a pop of spring colour on your lips!

Lasting Finish by Kate is the first lipstick collection created by Kate Moss for Rimmel London. The high intensity colour claims to last up to 8 hours. The formula is infused with Black Diamonds which reflect light like never before. There are 15 shades available in this collection and the signature shade is a rich formula in red.

WWJS | Lasting Finish by Kate. I personally covet the packaging. It looks elegantly well-thought-of for a drugstore brand but then again it's a collaboration with THE Kate Moss, so that kind of explains it I guess. The tube is made up of matte black casing with a shiny band in the middle and the tube cap has a crown engraved on top with Kate's signature in red with a heart out front. The sheen formula is smooth when applied, it just glides freely and gives your lips a rich, glossy finish. It doesn't dry up and moisturizes the lip at once, helping the lips look healthier. It is also scented, a sweet smell that is a bit strong and lingers on even after the initial application. So if you are the type who dislikes scented lip products, I suggest you veer away from these. It also claims to last up to 8 hours but in my case, it fairly lasted up to 5 before needing any reapplication, must be all my lip-biting mannerisms though.
Now onto the shades I picked up... I honestly didn't know how to make them work for me at first. I guess when I swatched it, I didn't realize how my lips will adapt to its sheen formula. Or how the colour will look on my morena skin colour in totale. I am a matte type of lipstick girl as I don't think sheer and sheen shades fit me well. I've never tried wearing pinker tones on my lips too so I was really hesitant if this will work for me. But then after a few trials, I figured out a way to make it work. 05 looks darker when looking from the outside, but with the actual lip application, it looks a bit lighter and a whole lot sheer, glossier. 02 looks richer and more matte, even comes out darker in colour when applied. So I kept trying different approaches until I finally discovered the one that works for me! I use 05 as my base, as the lip moisturizer we all apply to prep our lips up. I don't think I can pull of the 05 shade all alone just yet. I tried doubling the layer but it just doesn't give me the kind of pink that I prefer, sad times. But it's an entirely different story when I apply 02 on top of it. It looks richer and kind of blends well with the light pink shade giving me this different kind of pop pink that's perfect for the Spring as a finished look.

For the price and its quality, I totally understand why there have been a few people out there who are finding themselves picking up Rimmel London Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss. It doesn't feel cheap when applied and it surely looks pretty and posh from the outside! With the range of 15 shades, you can easily pick out one that suits you best. If you find out that none, try mixing them up like what I did over here with 02 and 05. What's there not to love?

What are you thoughts on Rimmel Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss? What's your favourite shade?

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