May 20, 2013

TDUG: Who I Am Today

F21 maxidress // Thrifted chained flats // Casio watch // Rayban aviators // Kate Moss for Rimmel 101

I have slipped on my happy dress again! I obviously have no issues about wearing a piece of clothing more than once, let alone blogging it under the WIWT/OOTD category, but I was off to a happy day again (or at least that's what I have hoped for), so I thought I'd dress for the occasion! Get it? Ha! Wondering where I might be headed? No, not Boracay, I wish. But to our highschool batch mini reunion! It may have been the dress being my happy one, or the good company I was with that day, or both but it worked - I actually enjoyed the day a bit more than I had expected to. Officially today, I have nothing but happy memories with this dress!

I haven't seen them in forever. I spent the last 3 years of my life abroad and the years prior to that, I wasn't exactly the social type either. So yes, I may have not seen some of them in forever. So when an opportunity came up, and I guess I secretly wanted to have a brush of familiarity rubbed into my skin again, I grabbed it. And out of all the things that happened that day, I have to say seeing an immortalized photo of myself, without a neck, through our memorabilia has been the highlight of it all! I had no idea I looked that irresponsible back in highschool! I wasn't just the thefatone or thechubbyone, I was theunhealthyone. There is now no way I can ever look back in those photos without letting out appropriate cringes! How did I let that happen? Well that and how they teased me about flying in straight from Boracay... all because I was wearing a maxidress! HAHA! Bullies and highschool, it kinda figures. LOL

But superficiality aside, it was great seeing them and hearing all their stories for the first time in a long while. To reconnect, to see how things have changed and how some things, luckily and unluckily for us, won't ever. To just be. And to just laugh and be as carefree as you all are ten years ago. It was a very nice feeling. Almost strange I almost never recognized it. It was bliss. Thank you crazies, that was surprisingly a good night. I guess we'll always have highschool eh? All the batsh*t crazy things that comes with its infamous territory!

And now in all its cliche glory, I dedicate this song to each of us!

Life is good. See you all again in 7 months!
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