May 09, 2013

TDUG: 911

I had an all around emergency yesterday! Be calm though, it's not health-related in any way, it is however a disaster of a day in the making. If anything, it's the shallowest kind if emergency out there. So anyway, I was set to have dinner with my Dearest Ates and I'm the surprised guest to the birthday celebrant who's hosting the said dinner. I've decided to leave the house around 5P since we agreed to meet at Ortigas Station before 7P. My travel time takes exactly an hour, with another half an hour utmost so I figured I'll have enough time if I leave by that time. What I didn't know and totally didn't see coming was Meralco's way of sabotaging my carefully laid out plans! Our area had a power outage from 2P till who knows when! No electricity, no water supply in this weather at noon time!

How do you deal with such 911? I'm no expert, though people around me eould say otherwise, but here's what I did:

1) No electricity means no blow drier nor hair iron will be available to tame my rather rebellious state of ombré hair so letting my hair down is not an option. So I'm left with the obvious choices would be a hair bun or a top knot. Can you guess what I ended up choosing? As if there's much of a difference between the two eh.

2) No lights and no means and no energy at all to be able to put any make up on! I swear, with no power at noon with roughly 37deg weather, it's just not an option for me. I'll waste a good amount of pretty makeup for nothing because give it 2 minutes after the application, it will melt on your face and everything's a goner. So here's where I say: when it's too hot to wear any makeup, keep calm an wear red lipstick!

3) No water supply means I either go to the dinner unshowered or use one of our stocked gallons of distilled water. Shameless confession but it was my mom who came up with the idea and I have not much of a choice so i was just was like, holy smokes! What went on is probably one of the more expensive showers of my life!

It was such a struggle putting my clothes on so I just threw in the most basic pieces I have in my wardrobe: striped body suit from H&M and tattered boyfriend jeans from Zara. The bodysuit's cottony and with a deep cut exposing my back enough to let air pass through. And of course tattered jeans means instant aircon jeans since it's almost covered with holes all over. I've always wanted to pair baggy jeans with sexy heels because I really do find it sexy and I finally had a chance to do so! This pair of sexy strappy heels is from Zara, wasn't comfortable to wear at all but then that's how I feel with stilettos and pointed heels so... Please tell me I was able to make it work? Ha! And I'm obviously not over the oversizeness and boldness of this orange purse! Just perfect for the summer! Kept everything else minimal with just bold gold accessories and bold set of pearls.

Now that I'm looking at it from afar, what 911? I surely didn't look like I had a sort of a bad start to my day! I made sure of that because my Dearest Ates deserve to be reunited with the best version of me! How's your midweek going out for you?

H&M striped bodysuit // Zara boyfriend jeans // Zara heels

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