May 23, 2013

WWJS: L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil

L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil*

L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil (125 ml bottle). Nourishing oil for hair types enriched with avocado oil and grape seed oil. It leaves hair instantly more supple, tamed and glossy. Immediately absorbed for a lightweight feel and finish. Depending on hair type, dispense 1 to 2 pumps into your hands and apply to dry or damp hair. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.
L'Oreal claims that the formula is enriched mainly of avocado and grape seed oil. Seeing in an instant how these are natural oil extracts from fruits, it is almost a given that they can be good for your hair, even when of course the formula isn't 100% natural. The avocado oil is mainly responsible for rehydration, nourishment and moisturization of the hair. On the other hand, the grape seed oil is responsible for the high resistance to heat, protection from damage and the lightweight, non-greasy properties of the formula.

WWJS | L'Oreal Mythic Oil.  When it comes to hair care, I can never be that reliable, even if I try. I've been through all the possible hair treatments and abused my hair to the point of no return. Name it, I've had it. Had I known about all these hair oils and alternatives to treatment before, I never would've have done it. But it's a bit too late for that. So thank you heavens for saving graces in the form of a nourishing hair oil which as far as I'm concerned is not a myth, it is the Mythic Oil from L'Oreal. I've read all about the Mythic Oil from various UK bloggers and I've always been curious as to how it works! I've never tried a hair oil before, only hair glosses and not until recently, the John Frieda Glossing Mist but not once did I even consider one with nourishing and repairing properties that comes from natural oils. Such a shame for someone with both botanical and phamacological backgrounds.

The packaging is a 120 ml hard plastic bottle with a pump cap which is practical but now that's I've lost the cap, I tend to find some leaks when the pump is accidentally pressed even with just the slightest pressure so I never carry it on my bag, I transferred a wee bit amount on a smaller, safer container for retouches and emergency purposes.  The formula is a clear solution, thin in consistency, lightweight and non-greasy that you have to cup your palm a little when pumping or else it'll all just slide down and drip! However the scent can be very strong and aromatic for a hair oil. Leaning on the sweet side, a reminiscent of vanilla even that's why my sister who's sensitive to scented products do not seem to like it that much.  But I personally have no problem with it, as I like what it does to my hair!

Initially, I dispense a full pump onto the palm of my left hand, rub them together with the right hand and lather it all over my dry-ed hair. They say you can also apply while its damp but I just find it more effective when applied after dry-ing it. If I'm not satisfied, I go for another half-pump and apply them on the ends/ombre tips since they need more moisturizing and massage the remaining amount onto my scalp. It doesn't grease even in this heat, well there goes the heat resistant property and that is why it is ideal for me to apply it prior to any hair straightening as it both gives my hair protection and nourishment. That's why I did question myself (and sanity) as to how on earth did I not learn all about proper hair care earlier in this lifetime? Since I started using L'Oreal Mythic Oil pre and post hair routine, I've noticed a great deal of improvement on the texture of my hair, specifically the dry ends and ombre tips so we've been inseparable since, along with the third party in our relationship, the hair iron.

Overall I really find the claims consistent with my results and the formula suitable for my hair type which is damaged, dry and coarse that's why I'm really, really happy with it! It leaves my hair instantly more supple, tamed and glossy. It is immediately absorbed for a lightweight feel and finish that even if I don't straighten at all, if I apply the Mythic Oil, my hair feels lighter, healthier and shinier. It's almost as if my hair's making up for the lost time, ever thirsty for the hair oil per application. With all the treatments we've been through, that's just valid and reasonable. If you can get your hands on this product, I'd say go for it! And I really, really like what it does to my hair! But I think I've said that a coupla times already, ha!

Are you a fan of nourishing hair oils? Will you give L'Oreal Mythic Oil a try?

*Gifted by my sister
For Pinas-based readers: According to @LOrealProPh, you can get them at your local Bench FIX salons.
For Dubai-based readers: Available at Sephora stores for 120AED, methinks.

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May 22, 2013

TGAT: J is for Joy at Bourjois 150th Birthday Celebration

During one afternoon a couple of days ago, Bourjois Paris had the pleasure of hosting an event a la Bourjois at Bambah Boutique on Jumeirah 1 to celebrate its 150th birthday! The Girl and The City on the other hand though had the non-pleasure of missing the celebration, sad times. Knowing how parties are thrown a la Bourjois, I can still remember my tea party experience with them as one of the cutest one I've been invited to, I was gutted to miss this one and the opportunity to feel all the fun and quirkiness all over again, let alone the chance to meet and greet a whole new bunch of interesting people.

Case in point? Look at those smiling faces above! And would you look at that centerpiece of a cake, what a pretty non-little thing! Bambah Boutique is pink all over and transformed into a Bourjois haven, please take note of the pink balloons hanging up to the ceiling and the beauty products scattered all over! And you know how it is with pink and make-up for us girls, you can never ever have too much pink, or too much make-up... there's just no such thing! Ahhhh, how dreamy!

150th. Can you imagine? 150 years old! In celebration of yet another style and beauty milestone, the Bourjois team made us look back at the beautiful things they have accomplished. For the past years, Bourjois has surprised women all over the world, and here's the thing... As they reach the 150th mark and approach the coming years ahead with J for Joy mentality, they promise that this is just a beginning! And I am just as excited as you are. Because when they say beautiful, they surely aren't kidding! When you take a look at their vintage products collection to the hottest new trends, they all look so beautiful! Indeed getting prettier as the years go by. 

Congratulations Bourjois Paris and the team! Like what they say, better late than never so here I am sending you my belated 150 birthday kisses! Here's to more J if for Joy years ahead!

* PR supplied photos

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May 20, 2013

WWJS: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss

Lasting Finish by Kate in 05
Lasting Finish by Kate in 02
Lasting Finish by Kate in 05 (base coat) & 02 (top coat)

I've picked up these tubes a few months ago when I passed by the Rimmel kiosk and they're having a buy-one-get-one promo. I am not the one to pass out on such opportunities so I swatched the moments away and ended up with the shades 02 and 05. I haven't gotten around to using them until lately though, with the slightly warmer weather - it's like a pop of spring colour on your lips!

Lasting Finish by Kate is the first lipstick collection created by Kate Moss for Rimmel London. The high intensity colour claims to last up to 8 hours. The formula is infused with Black Diamonds which reflect light like never before. There are 15 shades available in this collection and the signature shade is a rich formula in red.

WWJS | Lasting Finish by Kate. I personally covet the packaging. It looks elegantly well-thought-of for a drugstore brand but then again it's a collaboration with THE Kate Moss, so that kind of explains it I guess. The tube is made up of matte black casing with a shiny band in the middle and the tube cap has a crown engraved on top with Kate's signature in red with a heart out front. The sheen formula is smooth when applied, it just glides freely and gives your lips a rich, glossy finish. It doesn't dry up and moisturizes the lip at once, helping the lips look healthier. It is also scented, a sweet smell that is a bit strong and lingers on even after the initial application. So if you are the type who dislikes scented lip products, I suggest you veer away from these. It also claims to last up to 8 hours but in my case, it fairly lasted up to 5 before needing any reapplication, must be all my lip-biting mannerisms though.
Now onto the shades I picked up... I honestly didn't know how to make them work for me at first. I guess when I swatched it, I didn't realize how my lips will adapt to its sheen formula. Or how the colour will look on my morena skin colour in totale. I am a matte type of lipstick girl as I don't think sheer and sheen shades fit me well. I've never tried wearing pinker tones on my lips too so I was really hesitant if this will work for me. But then after a few trials, I figured out a way to make it work. 05 looks darker when looking from the outside, but with the actual lip application, it looks a bit lighter and a whole lot sheer, glossier. 02 looks richer and more matte, even comes out darker in colour when applied. So I kept trying different approaches until I finally discovered the one that works for me! I use 05 as my base, as the lip moisturizer we all apply to prep our lips up. I don't think I can pull of the 05 shade all alone just yet. I tried doubling the layer but it just doesn't give me the kind of pink that I prefer, sad times. But it's an entirely different story when I apply 02 on top of it. It looks richer and kind of blends well with the light pink shade giving me this different kind of pop pink that's perfect for the Spring as a finished look.

For the price and its quality, I totally understand why there have been a few people out there who are finding themselves picking up Rimmel London Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss. It doesn't feel cheap when applied and it surely looks pretty and posh from the outside! With the range of 15 shades, you can easily pick out one that suits you best. If you find out that none, try mixing them up like what I did over here with 02 and 05. What's there not to love?

What are you thoughts on Rimmel Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss? What's your favourite shade?

*Carrefour Promo January 2013
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TDUG: Who I Am Today

F21 maxidress // Thrifted chained flats // Casio watch // Rayban aviators // Kate Moss for Rimmel 101

I have slipped on my happy dress again! I obviously have no issues about wearing a piece of clothing more than once, let alone blogging it under the WIWT/OOTD category, but I was off to a happy day again (or at least that's what I have hoped for), so I thought I'd dress for the occasion! Get it? Ha! Wondering where I might be headed? No, not Boracay, I wish. But to our highschool batch mini reunion! It may have been the dress being my happy one, or the good company I was with that day, or both but it worked - I actually enjoyed the day a bit more than I had expected to. Officially today, I have nothing but happy memories with this dress!

I haven't seen them in forever. I spent the last 3 years of my life abroad and the years prior to that, I wasn't exactly the social type either. So yes, I may have not seen some of them in forever. So when an opportunity came up, and I guess I secretly wanted to have a brush of familiarity rubbed into my skin again, I grabbed it. And out of all the things that happened that day, I have to say seeing an immortalized photo of myself, without a neck, through our memorabilia has been the highlight of it all! I had no idea I looked that irresponsible back in highschool! I wasn't just the thefatone or thechubbyone, I was theunhealthyone. There is now no way I can ever look back in those photos without letting out appropriate cringes! How did I let that happen? Well that and how they teased me about flying in straight from Boracay... all because I was wearing a maxidress! HAHA! Bullies and highschool, it kinda figures. LOL

But superficiality aside, it was great seeing them and hearing all their stories for the first time in a long while. To reconnect, to see how things have changed and how some things, luckily and unluckily for us, won't ever. To just be. And to just laugh and be as carefree as you all are ten years ago. It was a very nice feeling. Almost strange I almost never recognized it. It was bliss. Thank you crazies, that was surprisingly a good night. I guess we'll always have highschool eh? All the batsh*t crazy things that comes with its infamous territory!

And now in all its cliche glory, I dedicate this song to each of us!

Life is good. See you all again in 7 months!
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May 18, 2013

WWJS: The UNE Summer Golden Thread

This is something I'd be doing for the first time here. I normally try to avoid blogging about something I haven't personally used because that's just how I roll but when this beautiful face landed on my inbox, I knew I just had to make an exception. I was 75% impressed already (I'm obviously only saving the 25% for the actual experience) which is why I think it is more rude not to share!

See what I mean? Totally gorgeous and relatable! I know some "face of the brand" can get very overwhelming it will either melt your self-confidence away into the shore or question the credibility of the brand and give credit to Photoshop instead. But not this one, I can totally see this look as a possibility with the right tools and that's what this post is for! We can all achieve this golden summery look by using the latest UNE products especially if you're a proud morena like me but have always find it hard to find a makeup that suits our skin colour best, this takes the worry away for a bit. Just by looking at it, I already know this tanned, golden skin finish will work best with the skin colour we are blessed with. The best part? I think it's easy to achieve! You wouldn't want to put on too much makeup when it's summer, the less the better, and yes this is less, believe me!

UNE GOLDEN BB CREAM* TAN ENHANCER FACE & DÉCOLLETÉ** (Mirror compact | 7.5 g). The UNE Golden BB Cream particularly has 7 beneficial actions +1 for the skin and complexion, in a semi-transparent texture, divine on your tan. It contains fine and iridescent golden particles that diffuse an aura that magnifies the complexion, like beneficial beauty oil. It exudes a wonderful addictive natural monoi fragrance that conjures up memories of summer, the sun and holidays. 100% natural, soft and with a unique glide, it blends amazingly into the skin while resisting water, offering perfect hold. The ingredients are also of 100% natural origin and 12% of which are organically farmed, certified natural by Ecocert Greenlife.

The application is expected to be easy. You can either apply it using your fingers or a brush, depends on your inspiration and whim. Here are the 4 techniques, or as they say, how to do the UNE trick!
1. To enhance the tan: apply on the cheeks, ridge of the nose, forehead and chin.
2. To make the eyes shine: apply on the outer part of the eyebrow arch, just beneath the tip of the eyebrow.
3. To shape the décolleté or on the shoulders: using the kabuki brush, apply on the dome of the bust or on the most prominent part of the shoulders.
4. To make the features look younger: apply on the angle formed by the temple and upper jaw.

WWJS*** | UNE BB Cream. The golden particles that magnifies the complexion because I am really in love with my skin colour and yes I'm vain so I'd love to magnify it, the unique glide because I don't like heavy-on-the-face feel and if it glides, then it's smooth then it's good and the water-resistant bit because hey, it's summer - sweat and sea water all over, so yes please! And I really think it's practical and easy to use, compact too so you can just pack it away for the weekend getaway to the beach!

UNE GLIMMER LIPGLOSS G11 DORE (8,5 ml bottle). The colour of the sun on the lips with 100% natural origin, gives touch of colour and transparency and shapes the lips without a sticky finish. A splendid translucent, delicately iridescent shade over a sunkissed complexion, day or night.

WWJS | UNE Glimmer Lipgloss. The  non-sticky finish! If this holds true then it's ubersuperkaduper good! I usually refrain from using glosses during summer because it makes me feel extra sticky just by thinking about it! Don't we all though! With the wind blowing and sweat pouring, the idea of a lipgloss just doesn't fit in the picture for you really wouldn't want anything sticky on you.

UNE UNIVERSAL EYE PALETTE P03 (F05 + S07 + S21). Earth and sand shades for the eyelids. With a golden complexion, the eyes are dressed in warm, matter or iridescent tints with deep and sensual tones that match all colourings.
S21 Kaki : one of the loveliest intense colours of the summer. Quite matte, it is ideal for an ultra-feminine sfumato.
S07 Brun : it enhances pale eye colours and gives depth to dark eyes around which it forms a subtle smoky halo.
F05 Frosty : a clear and shimmering gold in a silky texture, produced by mica and bismuth particles. It may be applied alone or to enhance the two sfumato eyeshadows.
WWJS | UNE Universal Eye Palette P03. Hmm. This is tough as I am not a very big eyeshadow fan but let me go back to the muse and stress the point on how sensual she looks with all the colours blended altogether with some Kaki and Brun touches on her lower lids too? I'd very much like my summer eyes to look like that so yes, if UNE may say so!
I really like the golden summer concept and how it looks altogether however if I only get to pick one amongst the thread, it'll be the base for obvious reasons! I think with a BB cream like this, morenas like myself need not to worry about how they can make their colours stand out, not just for the summer but all year round! I'll definitely try to get my hands on one!

So, will you be giving these products a try? Do you fancy warm tones and golden hues for summer too?

*PR Supplied Photos
*BB Cream. If you're like me who's been reluctant to new stuff, you probably don't know what a BB cream is, let alone own one at the moment. A blemish balm is used to even out skin tone, helps prevent acne, and  is believed to improve the skin's texture and condition. 
**DécolletéI wouldn't pretend I know what it meant the first time so for you out there who's in the same boat, it's a French word/term for our lower-neck area. It's just fancier, no? So I'd stick with it - décolleté.
***What Would Joys Say (WWJS) as in what I find initially impressive and makes me want to get one for myself

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May 16, 2013

WWJS: Marc Jacobs Sunshine Limited Edition Perfume

LUSH. FRUITY. FLORAL. Daisy Sunshine Edition is a sun-kissed expression of the iconic Daisy fragrance. 
The heart blooms with joyous notes of spring blossoms and tender lychee, then dries down to a velvety base of blushing apricot skin and musky woods.
NOTES - top: red currant, guava and juicy mandarin; heart: lily of the valley, violet and lychee; base: apricot skin, blonde woods and musks.

PLAYFUL. FLORAL. FRUITY. Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition is bolder and fruitier than the original with an energetic addictive fruity top, a breeze of airy floral petals in the heart, and a smooth, velvety base of subtle sweetness. 
NOTES - top: strawberry, apple blossom, pink grapefruit; heart: jasmine petals, day lily, rose; base: violet leaf, white oak moss, amber wood.
If only Summer of 2013 can come with an official scent to mark its occurrence, it will probably be a battle between these two bottled scents from MARC by Marc Jacobs! See what I did there? I know what you're thinking... Yet another too pretty and yummy from the outside welcome addition to my (non-existent) perfume collection on my antique dresser? Most definitely! You fairly know I judge perfumes by their bottle designs and packaging so let us all take a moment and be in awe of this limited Sunshine edition. It surely looks like they had girls like me, who can be a sucker for all things summery and pretty, as inspiration while coming up with a design for this collection!

WWJS | Daisy Sunshine. There's the classic Marc Jacobs Daisy and then there's this limited-edition collection for the summer! You'd easily spot the difference as the limited edition vibrates and radiates summer all over! The daisies on the cap are solid bursts of happy colors and the perfume itself is of golden sunshine hue. Tell me if it doesn't look like a bottled up emotion of a summer-I-turned-all-pretty just by looking at it from the outside! Now, if you love the Classic Daisy, you'll probably find this scent more fun, vibrant combined with class and sophistication. It's feminine to a certain level yet with a splash of freshness that it doesn't sting nor in any way strong. I can see myself wearing it on a daily basis, all summer long, especially in the mornings for we can always use an extra dose of sunshine to our every day, yes? And just for a bit of a contrast here, think Miranda Kerr. The kind of woman she represents can very much appreciate this for her summer scent and I'd like to very much believe I am that kind of woman, or at least that's how I feel like when I spray on Daisy Sunshine!

WWJS | Eau So Fresh Sunshine. Here's the another version of the Daisy Sunshine which basically has the same cap, daisy petals bursting with happy summer colors, but the noticeable difference is the lemonade pink shade that can easily make you feel refreshed just by looking at it. I love this shade of pink, it's like the 10th, a healthy pink blush - the way you get your cheeks get blushed on naturally when a certain happy memory crosses your mind. Now, this is sweeter and fruitier, like how a cotton candy tastes like. And just like Daisy Sunshine can be worn on a daily basis but with moderation maybe. Like when you would want to inject a certain amount of sweetness to your mood, a pick-me-upper. And finally to add a bit of a contrast, think Taylor Swift. The kind of woman she represents can very much enjoy this scent for her sweet summer. Every once in a while, life offers us a summer when we'll be enchanted to meet someone for the very first time or excited to see things begin again. And this scent will surely help you maximize the effect of these moments, one puff of Eau So Fresh and boom!

It's always a bit tricky reviewing perfumes, I never get around to doing it as much as I want to because I still can't find a tangible way of doing so, if you get what I mean. Nothing beats walking into Debenhams and suffocating yourself up with all the scents but at least, you get to try them on yourself. When words fail, other senses make up for it. And if this post makes you fancy this Limited Ed collection, I still suggest you go and visit a nearest shopping mall and get a whiff or two. Let me know if you do ended up getting one or any! Personally, if only for the bottles and the packaging alone, I'm already sold!

PS. To all the handsome boys out there, you know the famous scene from No Strings Attached? The one bit where Ashton Kutcher is holding out several pieces of carrots to Natalie Portman because she said, "no flowers"?

image from the internet

PPS. Yeah that. Some of us still don't want any flowers. But just so you know, some of us considers other alternatives too, like a daisy in a bottle perhaps? Hint hint!
* PR samples
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May 11, 2013

Savvy Chic Nail Salon & Spa x Mother's Day Celebration

Come celebrate MOTHER'S DAY with Savvy Chic Nail Salon and Spa! We are giving 20% OFF on ALL SERVICES from May 11-13. Plus, you can still get your FREE flipflops for every Php500 worth of service/s. So hurry and avail of this limited offer. Happy Mother's Day to all you special Moms out there!

They say when you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. And every once in a while, we children are given a chance to return the favor! To all the daughters and sons out there, if you are looking for last-minute gift ideas to give the special woman in your life in one of her special days, Savvy Chic Nail Salon & Spa has got us covered! Celebrate with them over the Mother's Day Weekend (May11-13) to avail of their promos and awesome services with freebies on the side! For someone who's working basically 24/7 from the day we were born as our mother, she definitely deserves a day off spent with you in all-day pampering session and a day spent at Savvy Chic Nail Salon and Spa is a guaranteed way of having her feel spabulous - she'll definite leave the place as a Happy Mother!

Savvy Chic Nail Salon & Spa Facebook Page
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May 09, 2013

TDUG: 911

I had an all around emergency yesterday! Be calm though, it's not health-related in any way, it is however a disaster of a day in the making. If anything, it's the shallowest kind if emergency out there. So anyway, I was set to have dinner with my Dearest Ates and I'm the surprised guest to the birthday celebrant who's hosting the said dinner. I've decided to leave the house around 5P since we agreed to meet at Ortigas Station before 7P. My travel time takes exactly an hour, with another half an hour utmost so I figured I'll have enough time if I leave by that time. What I didn't know and totally didn't see coming was Meralco's way of sabotaging my carefully laid out plans! Our area had a power outage from 2P till who knows when! No electricity, no water supply in this weather at noon time!

How do you deal with such 911? I'm no expert, though people around me eould say otherwise, but here's what I did:

1) No electricity means no blow drier nor hair iron will be available to tame my rather rebellious state of ombré hair so letting my hair down is not an option. So I'm left with the obvious choices would be a hair bun or a top knot. Can you guess what I ended up choosing? As if there's much of a difference between the two eh.

2) No lights and no means and no energy at all to be able to put any make up on! I swear, with no power at noon with roughly 37deg weather, it's just not an option for me. I'll waste a good amount of pretty makeup for nothing because give it 2 minutes after the application, it will melt on your face and everything's a goner. So here's where I say: when it's too hot to wear any makeup, keep calm an wear red lipstick!

3) No water supply means I either go to the dinner unshowered or use one of our stocked gallons of distilled water. Shameless confession but it was my mom who came up with the idea and I have not much of a choice so i was just was like, holy smokes! What went on is probably one of the more expensive showers of my life!

It was such a struggle putting my clothes on so I just threw in the most basic pieces I have in my wardrobe: striped body suit from H&M and tattered boyfriend jeans from Zara. The bodysuit's cottony and with a deep cut exposing my back enough to let air pass through. And of course tattered jeans means instant aircon jeans since it's almost covered with holes all over. I've always wanted to pair baggy jeans with sexy heels because I really do find it sexy and I finally had a chance to do so! This pair of sexy strappy heels is from Zara, wasn't comfortable to wear at all but then that's how I feel with stilettos and pointed heels so... Please tell me I was able to make it work? Ha! And I'm obviously not over the oversizeness and boldness of this orange purse! Just perfect for the summer! Kept everything else minimal with just bold gold accessories and bold set of pearls.

Now that I'm looking at it from afar, what 911? I surely didn't look like I had a sort of a bad start to my day! I made sure of that because my Dearest Ates deserve to be reunited with the best version of me! How's your midweek going out for you?

H&M striped bodysuit // Zara boyfriend jeans // Zara heels

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May 07, 2013

TDUG: Screw Dress Codes

 Thrifted blazer & silk shorts // H&M sleeveless heer top // Adora necklace // Purse borrowed from Le Madre

I have no idea why the photos turned out to be blurry and crappy, apologies dear readers, considering I was even initially proud of myself that I actually single-handedly managed an impromptu photoshoot and it literally cost me a bucketful of sweat. Sad times. I hope the outfit altogether makes up for it, though I highly doubt that.

Big girl shoes came to work today! I was turned into a morning person overnight and the late realization that of all the days, I had to choose a Monday hit me when I was putting together my #OOTD the night before. I had to run around errands in the metro and it requires a certain dress code: a corporate one. Now ain't that a piece of cake, you'd say! I say, yes maybe, in normal circumstances but not in this heat and extremely unfair summer weather.

I've put together a total of 4 outfits, beating my last record which is for Sandance when I had 3. However I ended up picking out the monochrome look which consists of the basic - blazer, white top, black trousers and black pumps. I got the blazer from the one thrift store trip I made around the Emirates. I really like the color and the material but I still don't know how I feel about it, unsure if the cut fits me well or should I have it altered. The sleeveless sheer top from H&M is my favorite summer piece! Although if I'm being honest, it's my favorite all-season-long piece! There's a new design on sale now, with the scalloped ends, this one is more of a criss-cross type. But I think it's of the same material, even the same cut which just hangs perfectly on the right sides of your body. Maybe you're wondering if I actually wore these shorts to my said errand... Actually no. I paired it with black trousers but this is where the screwed dress code part takes place - I changed into these silk shorts as soon as I can! Oh what joy to bare thy legs, I just didn't think it's possible to run around in trousers, impossibility even! Since I had to wear pumps for that extra dose of confidence, I also had to change into my H&M loafers right after (not in the photo though). But I think you will agree with me when I say what's my favorite part of this look. It has got to be the purse which is my gift to Mi Madre but she willingly let me borrow for the day! I loooove the solid burst of orange! It literally breaks the eyes non and totally completes the whole outfit.

You know what they say, dress how you want to be addressed. I felt more comfortable and confident in this ensemble and I needed to feel those so I went for it! Dress codes can be restraining especially if your style is never bound to rules and you're always experimenting. But like all things in life, there are boundaries and if the code says corporate, you give them corporate. But you can always give the look a little twist, like what I ended up doing here!

What do you think? What do you feel about dress codes, do you comply or go against it?

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