April 07, 2013

WWJS: From Nada To Prada

The Nada
The Prada

I admit that was a douche thing to say, lame the least, also a bit unoriginal but it will kind of make sense later on this post.

I have been wearing glasses all my life and I am not even kidding. I have a whole vintage collection of broken prescription glasses ever since the year 1990, when my kindergarten teacher started noticing my poor eyesight. Which is why when I recently became aware of the Girls With Glasses Show, it made me feel like they stole my thunder... or lightning, or cheese? Or something like that because as far as my eyes and myself and my history are concerned, I have earned all the rights to deserve that title together with those girls!

Here's my grade as of Jan 2013, it has now reached the level of -0600ish and sadly, they no longer possess an equal reading which can be considered as a major event for girls with glasses like me. Sad times. I decided on getting my eyes checked since my then glasses broke down and my lenses won't serve me well aka gives me eye infection every single time I try on putting them on.

The Nada. I got these all-out-nerdy frames for 10DHS at a Daiso Japan store! It's so cheap and so light yet so chic and suits the shape of my face just fine! May I also add that it's in a very lovely shade of pink, well at least the insides of it. I've been using it for 3 months now, almost on a daily basis, and I must say, for its price, the quality is impressive! They have a huge collection of frames in Daiso - cat-eyes, dorky, wayfarer types, name it, they most definitely have it! So if you're looking for one, either for legit purposes, or just for fun reasons, you may want to give Daiso a try!

The Prada. Ahhh!!! This is a dream come! I even tweeted about it when I finally purchased it - something from the dream come true department! Yet another proof that money can buy happiness! I don't even care if you think I am super superficial right now! Hee! I saw this on display during one of my trips to the mall and since I've always adored the Prada Baroque Sunglasses, this is the closest thing I can get to having the best of both worlds! For someone who's been wearing glasses all her life, this is a milestone so please indulge me!  I've gotten a lot of compliments since I started wearing this pair! I usually never get any since majority prefers me eyeglass-less! But it's a statement on its own and I'm very much in love with it. I really hope I do not sit on them or break them being the royal clumsiness of a girl I am. I also remember myself saying this is probably the last prescription glasses I'd get before finally getting a Lasik treatment, given I'd qualify for one!

Which is the main reason why you will most definitely see me with dorky prescription glasses in all my possible outfit posts in the future. I use The Nada more often, as in for everyday use as it is more like me, dorky, easy and safe. I reserve The Prada for slightly important occasions like when I need to look a bit more sophisticated than just my usual dorky self. I am too afraid to use contact lenses again as I feel like my cornea's starting to get scratched on and the fear of failing the pre-Lasik test is too much for me to deal with so I'm doing just about anything to prevent that from happening. Contact lenses can cause you unnecessary eye problems and I don't need any of them. So dorky prescription glasses it is until I'm capable enough for a Lasik treatment. 

Do you have the same poor eyesight dilemma? What are your preferred types of prescription glasses?

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