April 16, 2013

TGTC: Follow Me on Bloglovin

How is it that she is not continually amazed with herself?
But no, look, see how she keeps the world at a distance.
She keeps things at a distance, with her precise, clock-like movements.
The light shines on her. It shines on her hair, saying, you are there.
But she does not know that she is there.
"I only ever wanted to document a life of a twenty-something girl who took a huge leap of faith some three years ago. So huge that it included a luggage bag, a passport and a one-way ticket to DXB aka My Comforter Zone. This twenty-something girl is a pharmacist by profession but actually a writer and storyteller enthusiast altogether at heart so she figured keeping a blog is one surefire way of keeping tabs with her life outside the job, hence www.thegirlandthecity.blogspot.com was born. 
Little did she know, it will grow into something else entirely. She started doing a bit more of every little thing from dressing up to putting on make upgoing places to attending concertsdiscovering new music to reading a whole lot of books and writing short stories. Which makes up a beautiful mess of all the things she's passionate about, all in one place.
- An Excerpt from TGTC Who?
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