May 01, 2013

TDUG: Summer Weather Whatever

 AEO white top // Mango knitted cover up // Zara slippers // Mango purse

From a scale of it's-too-hot-to-wear-anything-really to it's-too-hot-to-wear-anything-decent, how unbearable is your summer right about now? It has been my daily struggle to come up with anything to wear when going out in this insane weather, coming up with anything decent kind of takes it to an entirely different and very difficult level.

This is what I ended up wearing to my date with Mr. Miggy Montenegro with my home girls, literally, as I watched it with my mom and my littler sister. My mother's reaction when she saw me without the cover up was priceless! I think I can go about and wear anything that can make me survive the heat whilst outside and I know it'll be justified because 37deg is just too much to even think of decency in the first place! Anyway...

I love how relaxed the whole outfit looked. You can't go wrong with anything white and denim especially during the summer season. The white top is crisp, semi-sheer and detailed but still breezy, the denim short shorts are well, short and distressed which gives a summer feel to it! I threw in the Mango cover-up, a personal favourite from their collection ages ago, because it perfectly serves the purpose of covering but not suffocating the heck out of me. And since I really get chilly inside the movie house regardless of the season, I had to make sure I have something to keep me warm, too. I am not a slippers-kind-of-girl, says a lot about my lifestyle change perhaps, that you can no longer see me out in slippers and flipflops. But then this heat happened and I just couldn't be bothered, so I pulled out my Zara pair for a spin. It may have been the tribal-esque prints (or not) but I ended up loving the slippers experience again! So contrary to my earlier declaration, you will probably see me in this pair all summer long! And yes, bare legs. No shame but again, this heat happened. I couldn't really be bothered.

ETA: As for the movie, It Takes A Man and A Woman, well, all I can say is if it's JLC, as in John Lloyd Cruz, then it has to be seen on the big screen. I love how this movie is more than just a box-office-hit. It was a labor of love and friendship and it was reflected throughout the whole film. There may be a thin line between fiction and reality but there's one point where they actually meet. This is exactly that point. My favorite part has got to be the New York scenes because, hello NEW YORK. And then there's the unwritten pact and promise of going to those touristy places with the one who means the world to you. How cheesy! But at least, that's a reality ever after we can all hope for!

How about you, how's your summer weather treating you (and your closet) so far?
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