April 10, 2013

TDUG: Hearts All Over

I recently joined the online competition hosted by Bayo Clothing in partnership with Discovery Shores for the summer season. You get to win an all expensed paid trip to Boracay and all that jazz and who wouldn't want that! The semi-winners were announced today, (unfortunately for me I wasn't one of them, shame!) I thought of sharing with you all the look I came up with nonetheless. The whole joining the contest thing was unplanned, I happened to learn about the contest thru Facebook and realized I actually might have a possible OOTD that fits the bill. You need to include a Bayo piece in the ensemble with a color theme of red, yellow, white and blue, so ta-da!

If you and I are in the same continent right now, we most definitely have the same sentiment. And then you probably understand the pains of dressing up in this weather! I have been to the sandpit so I pretty much have a legit reason to complain about the way Mr. Sun and Humidity Guy's been treating our many little islands the past days. It's almost impossible to get the right set of clothes at first try, I always end up trying 3 sets until I find the one I feel comfortable the most. This is one of them sets. I wore this to a Sunday's Day Out with the family. I knew it will include a lot of walking around, considering the temperature levels, I need to prioritize comfort above all else. The striped leotard top is cottony enough and its deep rounded neckline gives enough breathing space for my skin, both in front and at the back, if you get what I mean. I've been basically living in this pair of trousers for days now. It's the only thing I can wear, save for the tattered Zara boyfriend jeans (the one's with holes and open patches, instant AC anyone). The color just seems to brighten up any mood, the right burst of summer color and the material is breezy and hangs loosely on the legs. And of course, the sunnies because the sun's too strong for the naked eye. And well hello, it's summer!!!

It turned out to be a Sunday well spent with the family. I never would've wanted any other way to spend my first of summer. It was all that, with hearts all over!

How's your summer going out for you? Who are you spending it with?

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