April 17, 2013

A (Sort Of) Blog Makeover 101

As you have probably noticed, I've been trying to do a blog make over for days now! Plus points for the girl who's trying harder! I never thought I'd see the day I'll be dealing with Javascripts and HTML codes and actually enjoy myself and feel a tad proud when I see for myself that all my experimenting worked! So, I thought of doing a sort of Blog Makeover 101, but only for beginners like me! And when I say beginners, I mean superduperkaduper beginners. But I know some of you out there may find yourselves under the same situation and you'd probably need my humble 2 cents, so by all means, be my guest!

I wanted to change a few little blog things when I started to give The Girl and The City a slight makeover. Having a blog, it is somehow part of your responsibility as the writer to make it look good, if not best, at all times! I have been told some of blog templates are for sale on Etsy and the likes but as the girl who's trying harder, I wanted to try things out myself first. If all else fails, then surely those templates for sale will come in handy! So enough blabbing, here comes the little blog things I tweaked out a bit.

01. The banner.

I got mine from an online host which magically turn up once I googled "how to make a personal banner for your blog". I chose the one font that fits my blog's personality. Superscripted looks whimsical and sophisticated at the same time without being too flashy and artsy, just the way I want it!

02. The ribbons aka social media buttons.

Aren't they adorable? I have only been dreaming of them but now they've finally landed on the right sidebar of TGTC! Yay me! I chanced upon a social media icon pack for free! Double yay me! Though I only used 3 icons, keeping it minimal. I loved how little blog things like this can bring so much character into Blogger's Simple Design Template.

03. The signature.

Like the banner, I also got this from an online host after using Google. The steps are easy breezy and they have a bit of a selection of fonts. This is actually the first post my signature will be appearing! I decided on using both the names given by the parentals! I have never stopped thanking them for giving me such a pretty name, albeit quite meaningful too!

So... what do you think? I hope I was able to help you guys out a bit. Have fun experimenting with yours! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

xx kisses,
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