March 22, 2013

TDUG: Ten Thousand

bayo top / zara trousers / h&m clutch / h&m necklace

10,000 views! Well, I wouldn't want to brag but it just feels like I should celebrate or something! Haha! So weird having an added decimal place to my page views, which I know is because of these three words: GARY LIGHTBODY GIRLFRIEND. Not that I am complaining though. Not-so-anonymous fangirls unite! Regardless, a massive thank you for giving my humble blog and my happy heart this thrill of reaching 10,000 pageviews! Thank you, thank you!

I'd love to celebrate with a giveaway but that would have to wait so I'd celebrate with an outfit post instead. This is what I wore when I ticked off one item from my non-existent Bucket List. Back in February, I was asked to be a Guest Speaker for one of my then school's commencement exercises and there's not much of a choice but to say yes and that's what I did. I'm not going to lie, it was both a humbling and an overwhelming experience but I couldn't help but feel... OLD. Has it really been that long? Yes, dear. To answer your question, it has been fifteen years. THAT long already.

It was a bit tricky dressing up since I haven't had a chance like this before, I didn't know how to. Should I wear a dress? Colorful or monochrome? In this heat, it's been really challenging to come up with a decent outfit for the day, how much more if it is for the day when you're going to speak before a batch of graduates?! I decided on this lace-embroidered white top from Bayo which is crisp and breezy and with just enough touches of femininity. Since the peplum ends give an illusion of volume towards my belly area, I decided to wear a belt to help emphasize my waist area. The skin-tight chino trousers just works - it's cottony breezy and allows me to move freely and creates an illusion of tapered legs which I do not own in reality. Of course the nude platform heels helped in that department too. Now onto the little details, the neons! Since it's mid-afternoon and I'll be talking to kiddos, I thought adding bright shades into my ensemble would help them stay awake while looking at me during the talk. Joys Camille logic. I paired my neon green H&M necklace with a random neon green skinny belt, a flashing neon sign personified! And then there's my favorite spring/summer lip color, Pumpkin Orange! My Pops was a bit shocked when he saw the color up close, but then that's the plan right? Shock 'em to wake 'em up!

My little brother gave me one piece of advice before I started writing my speech and I'd like to share it to you too. He simply told me not to sugarcoat things. Asked me to not give out false hopes and blinded expectations but instead, offer them a piece of the real world. How it's not going to be easy and how you are going to win some, lose some but if God is with you, He will always let you win when it's important. And that's exactly how my speech worked out. Not about me, nor what I've become but about them kiddos and what they are capable of becoming. Thank you HES Graduates of 2013 for having a chat with me, for taking me seriously and for helping me tick on item off my list. I'll be seeing you guys around! To comforter zones ahead, cheers!

So obviously, this is probably one of my favourite outfits to date, if only for the reason why I even came out with this look. I clean up pretty well, don't I? And the whole experience strangely reminds me of a song I'd claimed to be my 2012 theme song. 10,000 stones. How more appropriate can it be? Here are a few lines. "For 10,000 stones hanging deep in my heart. No, I don't know they won't tear me apart. How could I've ever believed? 10,000 would save the fool in me. 10,000 stones would be a strange blessing. 10,000 stones would save the fool in me."

Weekend's almost upon us. What are you guys up to? xxx
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