February 16, 2013

TDUG: Pocketful of Love

Zara shirt // Thrifted LOVE shorts // H&M loafers

Whether you have a date or not, one must always have a Valentine datenight outfit in mind because you never know when and/or if an invitation will pop out of nowhere. In my defense, I initially planned on going to the UP Fair as I'd love to hear Up Dharma Down and Urbandub again but we had to cancel it for "health" reasons, hahahaha I see you Rora Marie, so I did consider some outfits in my mind the night before. Just when I thought I'd be spending the rest of day couchin', which isn't a totally bad idea at all, Rora asked me if I want to grab a coffee over at Figaro. Having no plans and all, and totally not considering the holiday that was upon the rest of the world, we both agreed to leave our couches and meet up. Instead of a caffeine fix at Figaro though, we ended up having an impromptu buffet dinner at Hernz Icecream Specialties! We had no idea they were running that promo for Valentines' Day but we were two happy customers, akalain mo 'yun, nakatsamba pa kami ng buffet! HAHAHA!

To maximize the effect of the non-occasion, I wore all my emotions on my sleeve. Or rather on my shirt and in my pocket! Classic combo of v-neck tee and distressed light denims! The arm candies are my favorite detail! I only had my rose gold swatch watch that can double as an arm bracelet and a gold/black snake bangle but that's enough arm party for me. What do you think? I've been on this silent battlecry since last year and it goes something like, if you don't have it, wear it. The point of my whole outfit exactly! HAHA!

And that's why Zach Braff's valentines' greeting got to me. Maybe it's the choice of words, or maybe it's the thought altogether but it got me. And I'd like to share it all to you who's out there reading my post right now.

"Whether you have love or not, you have mine."
xx J

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