February 20, 2013

TDUG: Denim-and-Denim Sundays

 Denim skater dress // Zara wedges // H&M necklace

Topshop denim shirt dress // Androgyny leather leggings // H&M necklace

Yes. No typographical error right there. Denim and denim, the pattern of my two consecutive Sundays. And I am not even talking about standard denim jeans!

I mentioned about reorganizing my closet, the one I share with my sisters and the one I haven't seen in three years, and this has led me to discovering every bit of clothing we have in store! Amongst them is this Topshop denim shirt dress which instantly grabbed my attention! I know exactly what to do with it! So when the situation presented itself, I pulled out the imaginary look from my mind and made it come alive! It's a mix of two textures, denim and leather mixture, which just works every time. To add some more character to it, I wore my favorite pair of Cinderella inspired tipped-toe flats that compliments my bold neck piece from H&M. just the right amount of glam you'll need on a rather casual look.

When my sister pulled up the zipper continuously up to the top without any struggle, that's when I realized this denim skater dress fits me like a glove now! I couldn't help but let out an appropriate squee! This is a hand-me-down from one of my Aunties but I never had a chance to wear it before because it doesn't fit me, it won't actually, sad times. I never really knew how it will look like on an actual person so imagine my happiness when I found out it falls down properly above the knee and balloons perfectly from waist down! It creates an illusion of curves which may or may not exist, just like any skater dress would do! I paired it with my trusty Zara wedges because I wanted to compliment the illusional curves with equally illusional long legs! It's all possible to achieve with the right tools and the right angles, so don't you worry, don't you worry child! What else is there to add but a statement neck piece! Do we love this neon studded necklace from H&M? I know I do!

Denims are said to be a must-have in the world of fashion. Investing on versatile pieces would be wise as there's a guarantee it will never be just a trend that will come and go, it's a fashion staple. Both in your closet in in this big, bad, crazy beautiful world of fashion we are in.

xxx J

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