January 09, 2013

TDUG: To Infinity and Beyond

mango jumper / topshop skirt

Less hurt, more hope. That's my personal battlecry for the coming year. Then naturally, I just thought of adding, to 2013 and beyond when it hit me. Hi. I'm Mrs. Buzz Lightyear! Get it? Aha! Well, I never really planned on pulling a Halloween on a New Years but it kinda fits, what with my neon green skirt, which I love and have been wanting to wear for such a long time but I knew I had to save it for New Years!! The Mango jumper, aaahhhh! I have nothing but sweet words for it! It's like Jacob Black also known as human blanket turned into a jumper! So warm and fuzzy, it reaches down to the core. I may have gotten a bit over in the oversize department but for heavy-bottomed women like myself, I have to consider the length - if it will be long enough to cover my bum and this is the acceptable length, at least by my standards. It may look shabby and slouchy but I actually like it! I can live with this outfit for like, as long as it takes! It's comfortable, chic, practical and functional! I was wearing a high-cut boots from H&M but I got too excited for the fireworks I never got around to have a decent, let alone a complete, outfit post. Apologies! And can I stress about the neon skirt some more? I love love love it! I always make it a point to have anything shocking on me when welcoming the new year! Last year, I was all sparkly. This year though, bring on the neon! I don't know why but it makes me feel like something sparkly, shocking and superb, if not love in big bold neon colors, will come along with wearing them and it wouldn't hurt to go and give it a try, lest a chance.

Less hurt, more hope. Before I left my then company, I won the battlecry writing contest and that kind of made them remember me while 2010 lasted, which is also the same year I left the country for the Emirates. Do you want to know my winning piece? It's this: Make Things Happen in 2010. I made it happen for me back then. I never would've been anywhere near the happier place and comforter zone I am currently in now if I did not take that one huge step and leap of faith, so massive it included a luggage, a passport and a one-way ticket no Unknowndom. Some 3 years after, here I am. With an entirely different battlecry which I am very determined to acquire. So what do you say you declare it with me. Let's do this in 3...2...

Less hurt, more hope. To 2o13 and beyond!!! xxx J

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