January 04, 2013

Christmas 2012

{ Christmas Day 2012 }

This year marked my 3rd Christmas away from home. You probably think I'm used to it by now but no, I'm not. I guess you never get used to the whole thing, you just make room for it, lock it in there for the day and proceed with extreme caution. I managed to stay away from any Christmas carol that may trigger any unnecessary emotions until December 24th and I'm happy to announce that it actually worked for me!

I may be away from home but at least not totally away from family. I have been spending the last three with my littlest sister and Emirates folks, so the four of us made the most of what we can from the holiday. We had our annual Christmas lunch at Black Canyon Thai Restaurant in Dubai Festival City, headed to the church to attend the afternoon mass right after and then capped the day off by drinking our Christmas cuppa Joe's at The Walk in JBR. Very far from my traditional Christmas Day since birth but that's how I've been spending my last 3 Christmases here in the Emirates so it's familiar, I'll take it.

Because when you think about it, that's all you need within your reach - your faith, your family and yourself and you're off to have a merry little Christmas. I hope you had yours with the people you love the most. xxx

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