December 12, 2012

TGAT: An Afternoon with Philosophy at Top Chef Cooking Studio

Once upon a Thursday afternoon, I found myself surrounded by all things unlikely. Being in Dubai on a weekday - a rainy Dubai at that, wearing a rather fancy accessory – an apron, and inside an unfamiliar territory – the kitchen! Can you smell what The Girl and The City is cooking? How unoriginal, ha!

This kitchen fairytale I was recently involved in was made possible by Philosophy when they invited us bloggers to join them for an afternoon baking session at the Top Chef Cooking Studio in preparation and celebration of the festive season. The venue is an open kitchen studio fully equipped with everything you will ever need, machines I can never name except for maybe the stove. They hold cooking lessons as well wherein you can book a session with their resident chef. Such an interesting way and approach to culinary artistry! Though for this particular afternoon, the whole place was transformed into a Philosophy Haven! The team showcased the whole range of skin care, fragrance, bath and body wash and even their concept of gifting products. While browsing, I got distracted by the illustrated books that I literally stopped on my tracks and flipped through the pages instead. Since I am a dork for details, I even obsess about how everything, from the books to the cupcakes, were made to match the trademark Philosophy font! After which and a bit of meet and greet with the rest of the bloggers, we were all ushered to a center table set with cupcakes and marshmallows and offered free-flowing drinks of our choice (I had Cafe Americano) while the very-French-girl herself (her words, not mine), Amelie from Philosophy made a run through of the whole product range with bits of history about the founder, Cristina and how she came up with the whole Philosophy concept of approaching beauty from a skin care point of view. If you'd notice, the branding is simple and precise and the packaging is even simpler that comes with inspirational messaging to further create an approachable attitude and uber positive thinking towards beauty.

Skin care is underrated when it is supposed to be a lifestyle - a non-negotiable part of your everyday routine. Just because your skin looks fine doesn't mean you won't indulge it with the necessary approach. I've realized all this after knowing how it all boils down to the basics - clear, healthy and glowing skin that smells good will definitely give you the confidence you will ever need to get through each day! Check out the Philosophy range as they offer quite an array of products to choose from. As for me, the Microdelivery Peel looks promising, I cannot wait to lather it all over me and see my own skin in an entirely different perspective - a brand new one! Might give the BB Cream a try too since I've been on the look-out for one and also might be in the hopes and a promise of me being my beautiful best, blemishes be gone! Now who wouldn't want that!

With the great Top Chef apron comes an even greater responsibility! This is where my kitchen fairytale came to life and how it came to a happy ending, surprisingly! It surely wasn’t my first time to bake but with my history of being the clumsiest girl with the most butterfingery hands ever, I needed all the luck I can get to not topple the whole batter all over the place, let alone end up with a final product that actually looks and even tastes nice. This Philosophy-inspired Buche Recipe was put together by Top Chef's resident chef using some of the actual bath and body products as inspiration. How brilliant! This is definitely one kitchen fairytale I'd never get tired of telling everyone I know... "Once Upon a time, The Girl and The City learned how to make the buche and she baked happily ever after." Thank you so much Philosophy for my Top Chef Cooking Studio experience that is not only fun but incredibly memorable!

And now, I leave you with this, my sweet little labor of love and tiny piece of happy ending...

 Me and Mine: The Philosophy-inspired "Joy Buche" ala The Girl and The City

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