December 04, 2012

TDUG: So This Is Me Swallowing My Pride

Topshop cropped knitwear // Thrifted collared top // H&M necklace // MNG Lizzy trousers // H&M studded loafers 

This is basically how I dress up for work. As much as I love dressing up, sometimes I wake up, stare at my closet and think to myself, what to wear today, and still end up staring for a couple more minutes until I finally snap out of it. Which is pointless really because I do not have a big closet to begin with so I don't have that luxury. But when I say what to wear, I just literally mean what to put together so I can just get it over and done with. What I do however is I think of a strategy at the beginning of my work week. Coming up with a theme, like choosing one particular fabric or style to focus on for the whole week! It will save you a lot of time on dressing up and will leave you experimental on the pieces you already have inside your closet! And this week, as we welcome DecemBRR, I decided on wearing all my knitwears!

On this particular work day, the gray oversized cropped knit top from Topshop takes the spotlight! It's warm enough yet hangs loosely so you have to make it work for you. As there is no way I'm allowed to wear a cropped top out, nor is there even a possibility because lovehandles, I layered up with a striped collared top to create the whole preppy drama. I focused on the pastel theme of the colours by wearing Kate Moss for Rimmel in 101 on my lips. It's a pretty shade of powder pink complimenting the powder blue details of my striped top. I completed the preppy look ensemble with the gold collar necklace and studded loafers from H&M - what other way to spell preppy than being buttoned up and in loafers. I gotta admit, this look altogether reminds me of the One Direction boies and if you're a fan, I bet you'll get my drift. Or maybe, that was me taking my overly fangirl self into the spotlight, together with the Topshop knitwear, once again.

And oh, plus points if you figured out how I ended up with the title of this post! We're back to Decembrr! x

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