December 10, 2012

TDUG: Be My Teenage Dream Tonight

F21 butterfly top | H&M tee | F21 jeans | Zara flats | H&M purse | H&M necklace | F21 beanie

I randomly picked out a mint coloured beanie from F21 and since then, I haven’t put it down – like literally. I have been building all of my outfits around it! This is what I wore to an afternoon spent with Philosophy baking at Top Chef Studio last Thursday. I figured it’ll serve me well for it will keep my hair off my face the whole time and that it did! Coincidentally, it matches the colors of the Philosophy sorbet products and I definitely looked like I belong!

I wanted to wear something cute, comfortable and functional for the event. Yes, I did include cute because the invite had a photo of a cutiepatootie kiddo with an inset of the words, believe in miracles – instant inspiration! Then I had to think about comfort and function since the invite says baking and the venue is inside a chef studio! You can’t imagine my excitement when I received this invite so I decided to dress the part as far as comfort and function are concerned. I’ve put together one oversized shirt over another and picked out a pair of skintight jeans – that’s comfort and function for you! Added the something cute bit, a powdered peach feather and pearls necklace from H&M. Since it turned out to be a simple colour-blocked outfit altogether, I picked out the tribal printed purse from H&M to add some ‘noise’ and contrast. To literally cap off the whole look, may I present to you one and all, the mint beanie from F21!

What do you think? Do you dress for comfort and function often or no rules at all? The beanie did serve me its purpose though – score! More on the afternoon bake off with Philosophy on my next post!

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