November 14, 2012

Marvel x Benefit The POREfessional Spygal

I am no Spyderwoman. Well, technically, there's no such thing so how can I possibly be one, right? And when one says "spy", my mind's stuck with Chuck, the sixfooterish nerd who works at Buy More and wears um, Chucks. I caught him in one episode saying that he's not much of a spy. He cannot turn his emotions on and off like a robot. Here I thought only his royal hotness Damn Salvatore can help me with the emotional switching. Until I met her royal blondness, Sarah Walker. Apparently, it is humanly, even womanly, possible. Apologies for the obvious massive TV series references. I watch too much telly, guilty.

I wonder how it feels like to have chartered territories and occupational hazards with loads of compromising situations. See that's why I can never be a Spyderwoman - I have always been a Wonderwoman. Always wondering, never finding out. But I think it's time for me to grab a new suit? The search for the best seamstress in town is on!

And then, as if on cue, someone came to visit me at my doorstep one fine Saturday morning.

Disappearing pores since July 2010. How catchy and very fitting! And now it comes with a new face and identity! Meet SPYGAL - the new fast acting and smooth-moving action hero! She quickly minimizes the appearance of pores, dual action to prime and tuch-up during the day, helps make stay put, oil-free, lightweight and with translucent coverage, contains Vit E derivative known to protect skin from free radicals. She looks pretty classy too with her new action figure!

But wait! There's more! My inner geek made an appropriate fangirl squee when I saw an actual comics by Marvel featuring our newest face action hero! Definitely one for keeps! You too can experience being on a mission with Spygal, click here for more Spygal Files.

So if I can't be Spyderwoman and since I have had enough of being Woderwoman, I wouldn't mind being a Spygal! Thanks to the Marvel x Benefit Cosmetics collaboration for making The POREfessional SPYGAL a mission possible for every woman out there - and that is making the world porefect - one face at a time.

*As this is just a repackaging of The Porefessional, you can view my review about the product here.

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