November 20, 2012


It was mid-summer when I started appreciating The Fray again. For some reason, I got their version of Kiss Me on loop for days at work. And then I decided to give the rest of their songs a listen, which I haven’t done in a while. I don’t even know why but I have had a renewed appreciation of Over My Head that time. I even said something on Twitter about its lyrics hitting home for me this time than it ever did before. Not so long after that, I have had a realization, conclusion and change of heart all at once. I told myself that if ever Sandance will be able to bring The Fray in here, (I am very much biased to Sandance Festivals, more of it on my next post!), I’ll most definitely break the concert fasting and make all my ends meet in order to watch them live! I have only one left on my list that was worth breaking the concert fast before that, it was Coldplay. Now it’s increased to Coldplay, Maroon 5 and The Fray.

I guess I’m lucky they’re on tour. They were Philippines-bound until it was canceled due to a storm and Sandance doesn’t open for another season until after Ramadan. So when the Sandance krewe started asking via Twitter who would we want to headline the Oct 12 gig, I practically begged them, via tweets at least! I wasn’t thinking it was a possibility! There’s a pattern with the bands they were getting to headline the concerts and I’m not so sure The Fray fits the bill, only because they’re American which is not really meant to be a racist comment but more of an observation. It was The Script and Snow Patrol before them so we thought maybe they were a bit more inclined to them British Boies so wishing for them is basically a waste of time. BUT LO AND BEHOLD! What did I say about musical genies? They’re out there! If only a fangirl will wish hard and careful enough, she will most definitely get what she wished for! If you had seen my face when I refreshed the Sandance timeline on Twitter when the countdown’s up and finally the line up was revealed, you’d find it ridiculous and borderline exaggerated! I was literally shaking and shouting and in daze at the same time! And since the original line-up included Example too, I was over the sun, the moon, the Earth!

The Fray did not disappoint! Well, there was nothing they can ever do to disappoint a fangirl’s fragile anticipation-filled heart, save maybe missing out on the song she’d been DYING to hear LIVE but they did not! Even my Musical Setlist Wish was granted! I only ever wanted to hear Rainy Zurich live... and boy do I always get what I want for real! It even came in a very unexpected yet favorable package! *cough JOE KING cough* I wish I have the guts to share with you the live video but I am very much annoyed with my screaming I can only imagine how you’d feel towards it! I’d slap my face and kick my butt if I can but it’s done! The video’s ruined, thanks to me! But I tell you what - I have never felt more jealous of an inanimate object in my life! That night, that moment, I kind of wished I were his mic stand + mic combined, if not the guitar strapped around his body. I know it sounds so wrong, highly inappropriate but blame Joe King, and I am not even joking! (See what I did there? HA!) HAHAHA! FANGIRLING AT ITS BEST. He did say, "You look beautiful tonight. It was so good to be there", OR I may have made that up inside my head because I never heard of it, I was too busy screaming!!! Sometimes I am too much of a crazy fangirl for my own good.

Like how it was with Snow Patrol, I know The Fray as a band and not as an individual so I was merely there for the music, I already planned on crying over Look After You and on screaming my angsty heart out during You Found Me. I had it all figured out until of course JOE KING appeared on stage in all his rocking romeo glory clad in a sleeveless v-neck tee and skinnys. And I quote, the thing about your heart’s desire is that you won’t know it’s your heart’s desire until it turns up before you,” ladies and gentleman, my Joe King sentiments exactly. Suffice to say I was pretty much permanently distracted by his presence all throughout the night (and even the nights after that). It’s pretty challenging to have a concert out in the open, what more in an open beach venue. I am no musician but I know it requires more vocal prowess since the speakers can only do so much but The Fray pulled it off! They sound even more amazing and compelling LIVE - those electric vibes, aaaaahhh!!! I loved all of Isaac’s adlibs thru songs that aren’t their own before he jumped right into theirs. I loved how spontaneous and brave he was! Nobody ever walked around the sand to join the crowd before, not Danny, not Gary but Isaac did! And surely nobody ever climbed the railings up to the top to see the full view of the crowd, and that was after climbing the top of his own keyboard on stage whilst he introduced the band. Adrenaline overload, what a live concert of your favorite band can do to you.

They sang most of their hits and some more from the new album Scars and Stories. It was so hard not to lose yourself in every song they played because it felt so familiar and intimate. I have been listening to Over My Head since my uni days so it’s almost like a natural thing to do to jump and bang my head while we were at it during the concert. At some points, I’d even calm myself down because I’m running out of air and my mouth’s drying up but whenever one of my many favorite lines and/or a certain chorus hits, I’ll lose it all over again. And my screaming, do not get me started with my screaming. It’s the annoying kind. Forgive me video-takers for I have sinned, I have ruined all your live vids for you. Even before their set came to an end, I was already smiling heavily. They included every song I had hoped for. Couldn’t ask for more save maybe a meet and greet with the band’s resident guitarist? Kidding! We nearly got a hold of the other drum stick when Ben threw it to our side of the crowd but a more “determined” fangirl beat us to it. Had it been Joe’s guitar pick though… it’ll be an entirely different ending to this story!

So I guess it’s more than safe to say and declare the truth about my theories on musical genies, they do exist! Making fangirls happy by granting them their musical wishes one rub at a time and I would personally like to think they’re hiding inside the Palm Atlantis Palace. How fitting that I have now been granted my third musical wish since I have arrived here in the sandpit. First rub, The Script over a year ago, Nov 18. Second rub, Snow Patrol early this year, Mar. 9 and third rub, the latest and I’m desperately hoping not the last, The Fray, Oct 12. I am incredibly blessed to have been able to go to their concerts and I will be forever grateful to everything that has made it all possible. It’s crazy when I think about it sometimes because I live for nights like these! I mean, who would’ve thought I can still practice my fangirling skills here and less the hassle even! Dubai indeed is a comforter zone, in more ways than one.

To say this post is quite a mouthful is an understatement, it's a word vomit to the nth fangirl level! After all, like I always say, I am a fangirl first - everything else just comes second to that. So tell me, have you made your musical wish yet? As for me, I will never ever listen to Rainy Zurich the same way ever again. Joe King's live version will be my default, forever and ever and ever.

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