November 14, 2012

Your Inner Cheerleader

H&M knit sweater // H&M skirt // Zara wedges // H&M purse

Ironically, my inspiration for this outfit came after coming across a tweet from @theloversdiction that goes: dispirited, adj.: The moment when you feel all your inner cheerleaders putting down their pompoms and walking off the field. Such a negative thought but hey! Mine didn't put down their pompoms and walked off the field. They even brought an extra pack of confetti and bottle of champagne to go cheering bring it on as loud as possible!

This is basically how I see myself dressing up the whole season long - knits and skirts! As one of the things I love about winter is that I can wear all the knits inside my closet and it will be justified because brr, it's getting cold in here. Though the weather right now out here in the sandpit is still in transition, read: awkward. I have been ranting about this awkward weather since September and it still hasn't turn out into full blown winter yet. So here I am making the most of my time wearing a skirt sans the tights or stockings.

I wore this to church with the famille last Friday. Like I said before, I always try to dress up when going to church. It's the only day of the week you have a date with The One so you might as well look smashing - He deserves that much from you! Anyways... since I'll be clashing the plains with the prints, I decided to keep it put together by making sure I match the plains (top and wedges) with the prints (skirt and purse) with coordination. The knitwear is a favorite! It goes so well with everything and fits just right on my body. The bloomer effect of the skirt made me feel like my inner cheerleader is out and about again! The wedges though, very comfortable to walk around and don't you just love the instant slimming effect it gives thy legs? It's a girl thing we'd all agree on for sure! I finished it off with the purse I got from the recent H&M sale and I instantly knew it will work well with this look. And I actually liked how this one turned out!

What do you think? Where do you usually get your doses of inspiration on dressing up for the day?

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