November 28, 2012


To the girls who have the courage to say IT'S NOT OK and not in a sad, melancholic kind of way, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were bullied because of the color of their skin, the poorness of their eyesight or the size of their waist, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were lied to and cheated on because they let their guards down, got distracted, were too close too soon (or too late), #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were humiliated, offended, harassed in more ways than one - verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually - because they trusted the wrong people to be in their lives, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were hurt violently and deceived repeatedly and increasingly, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who have the ability to get the IT'S NOT OK message across - scaling from an eye roll to a punch in the face or a kick down there - whenever someone insists IT'S OK when it's clearly not, #SpeakUp.

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