November 28, 2012


To the girls who have the courage to say IT'S NOT OK and not in a sad, melancholic kind of way, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were bullied because of the color of their skin, the poorness of their eyesight or the size of their waist, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were lied to and cheated on because they let their guards down, got distracted, were too close too soon (or too late), #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were humiliated, offended, harassed in more ways than one - verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually - because they trusted the wrong people to be in their lives, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who were hurt violently and deceived repeatedly and increasingly, #SpeakUp.

To the girls who have the ability to get the IT'S NOT OK message across - scaling from an eye roll to a punch in the face or a kick down there - whenever someone insists IT'S OK when it's clearly not, #SpeakUp.

November 26, 2012

WWJS: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (007/Mohair)

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (007/Mohair) - 28AED

I have had my eye on this product in a long while but I haven’t gotten around to trying it, let alone buying it. I don’t know why really but it may have been the usual verdict – that I put the pro in procrastinate. So when I found myself in front of the Rimmel stand over one weekend, I was already decided on buying one even before getting any swatches on, I had a feeling it will work just fine on my skin. So weird to have gut feels over make-up products when you’re supposed to try and test it first whether or not you’re allergic to it or not

Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder claims to have a natural shine control for 5 hours with natural minerals and helps in minimizing pores. Since I almost always go for the natural look altogether, I went for 007 Mohair, which is the closest to my au naturale skin color - proud morena forever and ever. On applying, you can either use a sponge or a brush. I prefer using the brush first to cover my entire face then buff it all out. The brush sweeps will then leave you with tiny bits of residue that I usually scoop up with a sponge and apply it later on as the setting powder when my whole face’s done. The coverage is buildable from light to medium coverage depending on the strokes and the layers you put on. It has a powdery feel to it but not cakey nor dry therefore it doesn’t feel heavy at all when applied, even after re-applying as it is true to its claim of lasting for only 5 hours, even less when you’re outdoors. Which is not bad at all considering it is a high-street product with a very affordable price! For a pressed powder, which is what it is really is, this actually works and serves the purpose of achieving a flawless look and minimizing pores. So if that’s all you’re looking for, and let me repeat the affordable price bit, then Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder won’t disappoint you in any way.

TDUG: Zara's Got It Bad

I finally got around to watching the half-finale of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn II, with the girls last night and this is the outfit I came out with. When going to the movies, I always consider two things: comfort and coziness. Something comfortable so I can lounge around my cinema seat all I want and however I want then cozy so I don’t get chilly inside the cinema as in any given circumstance, I always get easily cold. I instantly thought of my version of the TopshopGEEK/DWEEB shirts being styled differently around the blog universe these days. Mine however was from Zara that I got on sale earlier this year and instead it says BAD, not bad ei? Topshop's got it in GEEK/DWEEB/LOSER, Zara's got it BAD. Since wearing jeans can only mean uncomfortable seating in all angle possible, I opted for the leggings. I wanted this and this from the H&M collection but I don’t have either of them in my closet just yet so I grabbed what’s available in there, my animal printed ones which aren’t bad too! This is from a thrift store in Dubai and with a white lining fabric on the insides so you won’t feel as naked when worn. I threw in a light-weight blazer which is another thrift find to make the outfit look put-together and for precaution - to keep me from being a frozen cinema delight basically. The shoes are the most comfortable flats I own from good ole Zara, I’ve been wearing it out, literally and figuratively, especially right now as I’m having issues with my feet. I’m really hoping it’s nowhere near gout/rheumatic range because I am just in my late twenties! Bones, don’t fail me just yet! Hahaha! I didn’t bother on accessorizing at all, nothing but the boyfriend watch to remind me of our 1020P schedule.

Eye of the Emirates @ Al Qasba

Before hitting the cinemas though, we roamed a bit around Al Qasba first. Where you can find the Eye of the Emirates and as it turns out, an overpriced potato in a stick! It’s a good place to spend your Fridays. Diverse crowd, plenty of activities and rides to choose from, wide range of restaurants, cafés and even ice cream parlors! I somehow keep forgetting that the fireworks are happening on Thursdays, not Fridays! So y’all, hear hear! If like me, you’re fond of chasing fireworks too! We chilled on the steps, overlooking the Eye and parallel to the creek and took lots of photos! Needless to say, we were on the receiving end of lots and lots of dodged glances from the crowd! So we might as well put up a good show eh? At around 1010P though, we hopped into a cab en route to the Grand Cinema building in Buhaira, where Edward Anthony Maison Cullen's waiting for me to spend pour toujours with him – but I’m afraid that’s for another blog entry!

Thrifted blazer / Zara BAD shirt / Thrifted leggings / Zara shoes / Splash purse

November 21, 2012

WWJS: 2 Steps For A Perfect Look By Rimmel

2 Steps For A Perfect Look By Rimmel
 Kate Moss Matte 101 & Scandaleyes Mascara - 37aed

I picked up this lipstick-mascara combo a couple of weeks ago as I have promised myself I'd finally get my hands on some Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipsticks before I end up spending all my saved up make up money over food. Fortunately for me, there's a promo happening over our good ole local Carrefour so with not some much of a heartbeat I decided on getting this instead of just the lipstick alone. With the 40% off claim, you're basically getting a 2aed discount on the lipstick, the Scandaleyes Mascara for free and an adorable red flap pouch as a freebie! It has a tiny pouch for the mascara and the lipstick, an extra compartment for another tube and a mirror-to-go. Saves you the space inside your pouch and serves you well, very practical - in every sense of the word!

I personally prefer combo packs like this, wherein no product's credibility is being compromised and the claim's true to its words. Sometimes less is more, especially if you wear makeup on a daily basis, you have got to give your face a break and apply less of it as possible. And sometimes, you're in a hurry you cannot be bothered to put a full facial make-up on, you can always just volume up your lashes and apply a bold lip colour and you're good to go! Or if ever you happen to have the luxury of time, at least this combo pretty much covers the 2 steps to for a perfect look already and you may just proceed with the rest. Either way, it's a win-win situation so I honestly see no reason for you not to pick this one up and give it a try the next time you drop by your local Carrefour, I just wish they still have them in stock!

November 20, 2012


I can clearly remember an incident when someone asked me if I were a beauty blogger during one of the not-so-many events I've invited to as a legit Dubai-based blogger. You'd think I'd answer plainly with an affirmation or a negation but I knew myself better than that - I answered back with a smile. I wanted to say yes but that doesn't make it true and if I say no where does that leave me?

I came across this Sylvia Plath quote which definitely says a whole lot about my dilemma: "I am still so naïve; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but  please, don't ask me who I am. A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?" I know, at 26 I should probably have a better idea of myself already, for this blog at the very least, but I haven't. At least not yet. So maybe I will have to borrow Miss Plath's words the next time someone asks me who I am, or what I am. And then I came across this Thought Catalog article just now, A Girl In The City and its a home run.

How is it that she is not continually amazed with herself?
But no, look, see how she keeps the world at a distance.
She keeps things at a distance, with her precise, clock-like movements.
The light shines on her. It shines on her hair, saying, you are there.
But she does not know that she is there.
I only ever wanted to document a life of a twenty-something girl who took a huge leap of faith some three years ago. So huge that it included a luggage bag, a passport and a one-way ticket to DXB aka My Comforter Zone. This twenty-something girl is a pharmacist by profession but actually a writer and storyteller enthusiast altogether so she figured keeping a blog is one surefire way of keeping tabs with her life outside the job, hence was born. Little did she know, it will grow into something else entirely. She started doing a bit more of every little thing from dressing up to putting on make up, going places to attending concerts, discovering new music to reading a whole lot of books and writing short stories. Which makes up a beautiful mess of all the things she's passionate about all in one place.

So, if you'd ask me about this blog's identity - a passionate, fragmentary blog, maybe?


It was mid-summer when I started appreciating The Fray again. For some reason, I got their version of Kiss Me on loop for days at work. And then I decided to give the rest of their songs a listen, which I haven’t done in a while. I don’t even know why but I have had a renewed appreciation of Over My Head that time. I even said something on Twitter about its lyrics hitting home for me this time than it ever did before. Not so long after that, I have had a realization, conclusion and change of heart all at once. I told myself that if ever Sandance will be able to bring The Fray in here, (I am very much biased to Sandance Festivals, more of it on my next post!), I’ll most definitely break the concert fasting and make all my ends meet in order to watch them live! I have only one left on my list that was worth breaking the concert fast before that, it was Coldplay. Now it’s increased to Coldplay, Maroon 5 and The Fray.

I guess I’m lucky they’re on tour. They were Philippines-bound until it was canceled due to a storm and Sandance doesn’t open for another season until after Ramadan. So when the Sandance krewe started asking via Twitter who would we want to headline the Oct 12 gig, I practically begged them, via tweets at least! I wasn’t thinking it was a possibility! There’s a pattern with the bands they were getting to headline the concerts and I’m not so sure The Fray fits the bill, only because they’re American which is not really meant to be a racist comment but more of an observation. It was The Script and Snow Patrol before them so we thought maybe they were a bit more inclined to them British Boies so wishing for them is basically a waste of time. BUT LO AND BEHOLD! What did I say about musical genies? They’re out there! If only a fangirl will wish hard and careful enough, she will most definitely get what she wished for! If you had seen my face when I refreshed the Sandance timeline on Twitter when the countdown’s up and finally the line up was revealed, you’d find it ridiculous and borderline exaggerated! I was literally shaking and shouting and in daze at the same time! And since the original line-up included Example too, I was over the sun, the moon, the Earth!

The Fray did not disappoint! Well, there was nothing they can ever do to disappoint a fangirl’s fragile anticipation-filled heart, save maybe missing out on the song she’d been DYING to hear LIVE but they did not! Even my Musical Setlist Wish was granted! I only ever wanted to hear Rainy Zurich live... and boy do I always get what I want for real! It even came in a very unexpected yet favorable package! *cough JOE KING cough* I wish I have the guts to share with you the live video but I am very much annoyed with my screaming I can only imagine how you’d feel towards it! I’d slap my face and kick my butt if I can but it’s done! The video’s ruined, thanks to me! But I tell you what - I have never felt more jealous of an inanimate object in my life! That night, that moment, I kind of wished I were his mic stand + mic combined, if not the guitar strapped around his body. I know it sounds so wrong, highly inappropriate but blame Joe King, and I am not even joking! (See what I did there? HA!) HAHAHA! FANGIRLING AT ITS BEST. He did say, "You look beautiful tonight. It was so good to be there", OR I may have made that up inside my head because I never heard of it, I was too busy screaming!!! Sometimes I am too much of a crazy fangirl for my own good.

Like how it was with Snow Patrol, I know The Fray as a band and not as an individual so I was merely there for the music, I already planned on crying over Look After You and on screaming my angsty heart out during You Found Me. I had it all figured out until of course JOE KING appeared on stage in all his rocking romeo glory clad in a sleeveless v-neck tee and skinnys. And I quote, the thing about your heart’s desire is that you won’t know it’s your heart’s desire until it turns up before you,” ladies and gentleman, my Joe King sentiments exactly. Suffice to say I was pretty much permanently distracted by his presence all throughout the night (and even the nights after that). It’s pretty challenging to have a concert out in the open, what more in an open beach venue. I am no musician but I know it requires more vocal prowess since the speakers can only do so much but The Fray pulled it off! They sound even more amazing and compelling LIVE - those electric vibes, aaaaahhh!!! I loved all of Isaac’s adlibs thru songs that aren’t their own before he jumped right into theirs. I loved how spontaneous and brave he was! Nobody ever walked around the sand to join the crowd before, not Danny, not Gary but Isaac did! And surely nobody ever climbed the railings up to the top to see the full view of the crowd, and that was after climbing the top of his own keyboard on stage whilst he introduced the band. Adrenaline overload, what a live concert of your favorite band can do to you.

They sang most of their hits and some more from the new album Scars and Stories. It was so hard not to lose yourself in every song they played because it felt so familiar and intimate. I have been listening to Over My Head since my uni days so it’s almost like a natural thing to do to jump and bang my head while we were at it during the concert. At some points, I’d even calm myself down because I’m running out of air and my mouth’s drying up but whenever one of my many favorite lines and/or a certain chorus hits, I’ll lose it all over again. And my screaming, do not get me started with my screaming. It’s the annoying kind. Forgive me video-takers for I have sinned, I have ruined all your live vids for you. Even before their set came to an end, I was already smiling heavily. They included every song I had hoped for. Couldn’t ask for more save maybe a meet and greet with the band’s resident guitarist? Kidding! We nearly got a hold of the other drum stick when Ben threw it to our side of the crowd but a more “determined” fangirl beat us to it. Had it been Joe’s guitar pick though… it’ll be an entirely different ending to this story!

So I guess it’s more than safe to say and declare the truth about my theories on musical genies, they do exist! Making fangirls happy by granting them their musical wishes one rub at a time and I would personally like to think they’re hiding inside the Palm Atlantis Palace. How fitting that I have now been granted my third musical wish since I have arrived here in the sandpit. First rub, The Script over a year ago, Nov 18. Second rub, Snow Patrol early this year, Mar. 9 and third rub, the latest and I’m desperately hoping not the last, The Fray, Oct 12. I am incredibly blessed to have been able to go to their concerts and I will be forever grateful to everything that has made it all possible. It’s crazy when I think about it sometimes because I live for nights like these! I mean, who would’ve thought I can still practice my fangirling skills here and less the hassle even! Dubai indeed is a comforter zone, in more ways than one.

To say this post is quite a mouthful is an understatement, it's a word vomit to the nth fangirl level! After all, like I always say, I am a fangirl first - everything else just comes second to that. So tell me, have you made your musical wish yet? As for me, I will never ever listen to Rainy Zurich the same way ever again. Joe King's live version will be my default, forever and ever and ever.

November 18, 2012

The Conscious Collection

 H&M sheer top // Splash skirt // Steve Madden wedges // Splash purse // H&M necklace

Like I said, I'm making the most of the awkward weather the Emirates is having so I'm maximizing the effort of wearing skirts when I can. I picked up this skirt from Splash and instantly thought of all the possible outfits I can make with it! I'm still in the process of building my closet and discovering what really works for me but I guess this outfit basically says a lot of the unknown. I have also been on the lookout for this kind of top - sheer and printed and lousy! I think it's a bit oversized, my sister bought it for me and I jumped into the safest side of getting the larger size, better safe than sorry eh, but you can always make it work. My favorite part has got to be the shoes! I got it from Steve Madden and I thought of it as something I can and will wear out and about! I'm more of a platforms/wedges kind of girl, you've probably figured it out by now and you know what they say, if the shoe fits... It's the last piece!!!

I can never make my hair work for me so pardon the rather messy and bulky look, I'm on the search of making it look and feel healthier. So if you have any recommendation and suggestions, I'd love to hear from you, especially those who had theirs ombrefied, if you know what I mean. I was also wearing the Kate Moss for Rimmel 101 on my lips here, I had saved up enough makeup money so I bought some stuff from Rimmel and will post about them soon!

It's a start of another week and we're about to enter November's other half, can you believe that? What are you up to this week? I'm looking forward to a birthday celebration of one of the most important persons in my life! Other than that, like usual, I'm up to no good. Until then! xxx

November 14, 2012

Your Inner Cheerleader

H&M knit sweater // H&M skirt // Zara wedges // H&M purse

Ironically, my inspiration for this outfit came after coming across a tweet from @theloversdiction that goes: dispirited, adj.: The moment when you feel all your inner cheerleaders putting down their pompoms and walking off the field. Such a negative thought but hey! Mine didn't put down their pompoms and walked off the field. They even brought an extra pack of confetti and bottle of champagne to go cheering bring it on as loud as possible!

This is basically how I see myself dressing up the whole season long - knits and skirts! As one of the things I love about winter is that I can wear all the knits inside my closet and it will be justified because brr, it's getting cold in here. Though the weather right now out here in the sandpit is still in transition, read: awkward. I have been ranting about this awkward weather since September and it still hasn't turn out into full blown winter yet. So here I am making the most of my time wearing a skirt sans the tights or stockings.

I wore this to church with the famille last Friday. Like I said before, I always try to dress up when going to church. It's the only day of the week you have a date with The One so you might as well look smashing - He deserves that much from you! Anyways... since I'll be clashing the plains with the prints, I decided to keep it put together by making sure I match the plains (top and wedges) with the prints (skirt and purse) with coordination. The knitwear is a favorite! It goes so well with everything and fits just right on my body. The bloomer effect of the skirt made me feel like my inner cheerleader is out and about again! The wedges though, very comfortable to walk around and don't you just love the instant slimming effect it gives thy legs? It's a girl thing we'd all agree on for sure! I finished it off with the purse I got from the recent H&M sale and I instantly knew it will work well with this look. And I actually liked how this one turned out!

What do you think? Where do you usually get your doses of inspiration on dressing up for the day?

Marvel x Benefit The POREfessional Spygal

I am no Spyderwoman. Well, technically, there's no such thing so how can I possibly be one, right? And when one says "spy", my mind's stuck with Chuck, the sixfooterish nerd who works at Buy More and wears um, Chucks. I caught him in one episode saying that he's not much of a spy. He cannot turn his emotions on and off like a robot. Here I thought only his royal hotness Damn Salvatore can help me with the emotional switching. Until I met her royal blondness, Sarah Walker. Apparently, it is humanly, even womanly, possible. Apologies for the obvious massive TV series references. I watch too much telly, guilty.

I wonder how it feels like to have chartered territories and occupational hazards with loads of compromising situations. See that's why I can never be a Spyderwoman - I have always been a Wonderwoman. Always wondering, never finding out. But I think it's time for me to grab a new suit? The search for the best seamstress in town is on!

And then, as if on cue, someone came to visit me at my doorstep one fine Saturday morning.

Disappearing pores since July 2010. How catchy and very fitting! And now it comes with a new face and identity! Meet SPYGAL - the new fast acting and smooth-moving action hero! She quickly minimizes the appearance of pores, dual action to prime and tuch-up during the day, helps make stay put, oil-free, lightweight and with translucent coverage, contains Vit E derivative known to protect skin from free radicals. She looks pretty classy too with her new action figure!

But wait! There's more! My inner geek made an appropriate fangirl squee when I saw an actual comics by Marvel featuring our newest face action hero! Definitely one for keeps! You too can experience being on a mission with Spygal, click here for more Spygal Files.

So if I can't be Spyderwoman and since I have had enough of being Woderwoman, I wouldn't mind being a Spygal! Thanks to the Marvel x Benefit Cosmetics collaboration for making The POREfessional SPYGAL a mission possible for every woman out there - and that is making the world porefect - one face at a time.

*As this is just a repackaging of The Porefessional, you can view my review about the product here.

November 05, 2012

When You're In Doubt, Wear It Out.

You know how it goes... When in doubt, wear it out. Which it? THE BASICS.

As much as I love dressing up, there will be days when I just cannot be bothered. Days when you look at your closet and not find anything interesting to wear. Days when you just want to get it over with but of course, you can't. Because, Coco Chanel. "I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny."

So when I am having days like these, I always resort to wearing the classic combination of The Basics. You won't need much. Actually, you'll only need three and I am positive you have them lying around your room as we speak. A crisp white polo shirt, a pair of oversized pearl earrings and your favorite shade of red lipstick. I personally think this is as pretty as possible one woman can get - even pretty with a punch for that matter. They wouldn't even think you actually had nothing to wear in the first place. Also, I bet destiny will find it easier to find me with my red lips on, don't you think so too?

November 01, 2012

Pour Me a Cuppa Joe.

Ideally, I would never say never to a cuppa Joe. In the morning, during lunch, 3P snack, after office drinks, I’d say yes to a cuppa in a heartbeat. So when a Joe comes in a much, much more ideal package than in a cuppa, like for example, dressed in an immaculate white v-neck sleeveless tee, black skinnys, brushed-up do with caramel brown eyes and with a guitar strapped around his toned body, I’d not only say yes in a heartbeat, it’s YESYESYES with every broken heartbeats too!

When Joseph King, also known as Joe King of The Fray, walked in from the left side of the Sandance In Concert stage, I literally saw my dream came true right before my eyes. You know the slow motion, auto-focus, optional zoom, faded voices in the background scenario? It was that for me. A permanent distraction and unparalleled reality. So it was basically death when he started singing to Rainy Zurich – in all his Rocking Romeo in a white v-neck tee glory. I swear, in that moment, Joe King and I, we were infinite.

I drank him in. In every way possible. I was ungrateful for my innocence. I did not know who he was when I came to watch them in concert. I know them as The Fray, I know the songs, the words, the sounds by heart but I did not know them as an individual. I most definitely did not know him as Joe King, let alone Joseph, so I kind of lost it altogether when I finally did that night. I have reason to believe he sang Rainy Zurich for me and I'm sticking with my story. And so in his words that are now mine too, I quote: To my dear Joe King, You are what I never knew I needed. From the girl in a town that holds a lonely road. J xx 

What I Wore To Sandance 3.0

It probably won’t surprise you anymore if I go on and tell you I had more than one outfit change during the night. I will never understand why I can’t seem to settle with just one look for the entire event. You know the drill: PreSandance - At Sandance - Post Sandance.

The Beach Glamourosa. I decided on wearing a black glittered Cleopatra-inspired cocktail dress from Plains and Plains and red strappy sandals from Zara for the main event. I was aiming for the beach glam look and might have taken it too seriously with the black and the glitter bits, not to mention the red stappy sandals too. What’s more glam than red and black combo right? The cover up is just a throw over since I can’t risk exposing any more skin than usual until I reach the venue. The contrast between the fabrics were surprisingly edgy I actually liked it, don’t you think so too?

The Casual Chica. But then I always seem to forget that when in Sandance, or amidst the Sandancers at least, the less clothes you have on, the better! It can get pretty hot inside the crowd core, which is where we’re at, so I had to make do and adapt with the situation. I pulled my dress up, tucked it midway, my shorts as my undergarment came in handy, I had to expose my legs or I’ll die from suffocation… et voila, second look of the night. A statement top that’ll make you stand out from the crowd to go with your good ole shorts and you’re good as new!

The Rebellious Bella.  And then after some more singing and dancing and a bit of drinking, the dress ended up soaked in liquid of all sorts – sweat, drinks of my neighbors’ and I so I had to ditch it too and decided on wearing just the undergarments I have had on – the bandeau and the shorts with the denim cover up which perfectly works and fits the occasion just as much, if not at all perfectly. And since there’s no other place in here you can pull of a rebel look like this, save for the beach, you might as well!

How I ended up on top of this cube for a photo op, I have no idea. Must be the Heineken eh? HA! That's how good the night has been for me! Wrapped up three looks in one night? I am most definitely one fickle-minded woman, thank you very much.
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