November 01, 2012

Pour Me a Cuppa Joe.

Ideally, I would never say never to a cuppa Joe. In the morning, during lunch, 3P snack, after office drinks, I’d say yes to a cuppa in a heartbeat. So when a Joe comes in a much, much more ideal package than in a cuppa, like for example, dressed in an immaculate white v-neck sleeveless tee, black skinnys, brushed-up do with caramel brown eyes and with a guitar strapped around his toned body, I’d not only say yes in a heartbeat, it’s YESYESYES with every broken heartbeats too!

When Joseph King, also known as Joe King of The Fray, walked in from the left side of the Sandance In Concert stage, I literally saw my dream came true right before my eyes. You know the slow motion, auto-focus, optional zoom, faded voices in the background scenario? It was that for me. A permanent distraction and unparalleled reality. So it was basically death when he started singing to Rainy Zurich – in all his Rocking Romeo in a white v-neck tee glory. I swear, in that moment, Joe King and I, we were infinite.

I drank him in. In every way possible. I was ungrateful for my innocence. I did not know who he was when I came to watch them in concert. I know them as The Fray, I know the songs, the words, the sounds by heart but I did not know them as an individual. I most definitely did not know him as Joe King, let alone Joseph, so I kind of lost it altogether when I finally did that night. I have reason to believe he sang Rainy Zurich for me and I'm sticking with my story. And so in his words that are now mine too, I quote: To my dear Joe King, You are what I never knew I needed. From the girl in a town that holds a lonely road. J xx 

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