October 18, 2012

A Shirt Dress Of Some Sort.

One of my endless takes on the color-blocking-trend. probably the only trend I'm aware of and even cared to follow. Only because it works for me! It's so practical and easy to put up. Bold colors, bold pieces together et voila!

They say tough girls wear pink... I am in love with this particular shade of hot pink. It's a shirt dress from Mango and the material is just soft and cottony! It's ridiculously short when worn as a dress alone though IF you're mall-bound so this is how I ended up wearing it. Paired with black pants which serves as the neutral ground since I wore a pair of hot green flats from H&M to complete the color blocked look. It's my favorite shade of green too. The grass green, if you get I mean.

If you will also notice, I realized I have this thing for parking lots, empty parking lots. I keep yelling at my littlest sister to take photos of me while walking and have the empty parking lot as my background and thankfully she gave in, hence the awkward lip twitch on the second photo. This is the Mall of the Emirates' open parking spaces, by the way. Hooray for natural lightning, boo for my camera settings! HA!

So what do you think? Go easy on me. I'm half-kidding about the tough girls wear pink bit. xx

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