October 18, 2012

Le Birthday Dress

I am not the type of person to own a birthday dress but this year, I actually did! (See? I told you, everything changes in September, ha!) I got this black mullet dress from Mango during their Eid sales! It's a steal for 59AED! I can't remember the original tag price but it was up to 70% off so you do the math. I have had it for a month or so and immediately decided on it to be 'le birthday dress' also known as do-not-wear-until-the-8th-of-September dress. In true Joys Camille fashion, I wore it the day before because that's when we went out to celebrate my unbirthday.

It's so comfortable to wear! It's like instant elegance! I guess it's a given because it's obviously a little black dress and we all know what magic a LBD can do to a girl's confidence and overall aura. Instant boost. Just add water and boom, you feel classy and suddenly Audrey Hepburn-y in a flash. Normally, with a classic piece like a LBD, it all boils down to accessorizing/excessorizing. I decided to keep it on the low-key since it's daytime by wearing a pair of stud earrings and a gold plated necklace instead of pearls and a bold statement necklace combination. Which I'd probably wear in a future night-out with girlfriends, dropping the loafers and slipping on to a pair of black pumps.

What do you think about my take on the LBD? How will you wear yours?

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