August 10, 2012

My Collar Me Maybe Nails.

I personally call it Collar Me Maybe! As another sun-soaked season is about to come to an end, I thought I'd grab its remaining days to try out the trends that came with it -- one of which is the nail art trend! I posted about my Bourjois Paris Blogger Afternoon Tea Party experience a couple of weeks back and I finally had the chance to try out their new collection! I had to grow my nails first as I have unusually tiny knuckles and my nail surface area won't be enough for any art by default. Never thought I'd live to see the day I'd post something about my nails. I am one of those girls who's got man hands so having them featured isn't exactly appealing to me but these nail arts made me change my mind! It can get pretty addictive and one good way of channeling my limited artsy self. I picked out this amongst the other designs, which I will be sharing in the future as I want to personally try each of them first, as it tickles my fancy for some unknown reason.

I was hesitant to go all the way as I do not trust my fidgety hands enough to succeed but it was surprisingly easy! I have to say the Bourjois double-ended nail art brush did help and made everything else so easy! I also had the help of an arm rest whilst applying especially when it's the right hand's turn, I'm right-handed so there. I applied 2 coats of the base, a pale shade of Abricot ouate and went all crazy with the designing using the Vert chlorohylle, a perfect shade of green to accentuate the details aka collar and buttons! The result is so pretty I couldn't get my eyes off them. I swear I took a lot of photos, can't get enough ha! And since I got a comment from a friend asking how I managed to do it on my own, thought I'd share...

Are you a fan of nail arts too? What do you think about this design?

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