August 20, 2012

Cutoffs and Platforms

Eid Mubarak greetings to all of you who are celebrating! May all your sacrifices be rewarded and my the desires of your heart be granted. I hope you're enjoying the celebrations with your loved ones!

This is yet another almost outfit of the day. Almost being the keyword because I had to change last minute as we weren't sure about the implementation of the UAE Dress Code quite yet. If violated, you will be charged by a whopping 2000AED plus one month imprisonment, at least that's what I have been told, and I wouldn't want to risk that -- who would? Anyone in here who can shed some light on this? I'm totally clueless!

I opted for a laid back look since we were just off to have a breakfast date after a month of not being able to. I felt like it was appropriate to literally break the fast on the first morning of Eid Al Fatr so I asked the fam out for an Ikea breakfast! The linen shirt is from Zara, acquired during the DSS for only 25AED! By now, you all probably know about my statement tee obsession and this one is no exception. So I ask of you, do you? If not, kind of works too! I love the length and the ruggedness of this pair of denim cutoffs! It's not too tight, not too lousy nor too short, it's just the perfect fit, at least by my standards! I also need not to pull down the pockets because it shows by default which adds a certain ooomph! And finally, the platforms! It was a hand-me-down and so when I have recently seen photos all over the internet resembling the same style, I already wrapped my thoughts around this pair to complete my look. And since it's still basically summer out there, I cannot bear the thought of wearing my hair down, so I top it all off with a messy bun and surprisingly, it fits!

This will pass for my go-to outfit every time IF ONLY I'm not here in the sandpit. HAHA! I know you get my drift. But hey, not complaining! Although seriously Dubai, go easy on us about the dress code. C'mon now! 

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